(2018-09-14) Friendly Wager
With a race coming up, a wager is made in the pits. (Intro scene!)

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With a race coming up and a storm brewing, the air around Becca was practically charged with electricity from the excitement. Just leaving her car, she pats the top as she hooks one leg then the other out the window of the drivers side. "Woo! Feel that rush!" Her helmet is removed and placed back inside and she shakes out her hair, a mile wide grin on her face. "I've got this one. Old Betty here is large and in charge." She's bragging, of course, but the car really was in peak shape! Her crew looked a little proud of themselves and she walks over to prop a hip against a fellow racers car. "How's yours handling?"

The other fellow doesn't so much have a crew. Its his car, and sometimes others help out maybe. It so happens the hood was up and they were looking at something. The main in the drivers suit is pointing at the block. "Maybe clean the piston heads, when I was really barreling, the wheel shimmied, maybe its gunked up?" The other guy is older with a beard and nods, starting to get more under the hood, over the engine. As she arrives, hip to his cars frame, he pulls his head out to come around a little. "Well enough to take you, if we have a race after this storm." Depending on the amount of rain and getting the track all in order. he shrugs though, "Sounds like your car's in order over there, can't wait for the challenge?" He smirks just a little, finding a rag to wipe grease from his hands.

Always up for a challenge, especially if she's favored to win, Becca casts a skeptical eye over his car. Perhaps she'd seen the shimmy when he'd been out there. "Oh I think that shimmy was when I blew by you." The smile flashes a reappearance and she crosses her arms over her chest, still wearing her suit. "I think you're ready for the challenge though. I look forward to it." There's a brief moment as she looks out over the dirt track and she lifts a shoulder. "I think the track should fare well enough. But I think I'll qualify in a better position than you. I'm game to find out."

"Yep," he nods, with a challenging grin, "When you broke the sonic barrier there, I felt it." Then a little chuckle, he moves to put his entire backside on the frame of his car. "Don't know when to quit? You're talking me into it, I'm game to find out. Might as well cut to the chase though." He looks over towards the tracks, "We know I'll qualify better, just let me know what I'm winning in the challenge before we roll out there, so I know what I have to look forward to." He doesn't cross arms, intest they hitch at loops for a bule to his suit, of which he doesn't have one, most don't probably.

"Oh I have no doubt you'll qualify, you're too good of a mechanic and driver not to. I'm just better." A flash of teeth with her over confident grin. "I'll tell you what, since we're both pretty confident, one has to treat the other to dinner, along with their crew." Becca had a lot of money to throw around and a considerable crew. Tire man, mechanic, certainly the radio man who kept constant contact with her during the race. Maybe another one or two. Or three. "We got a deal?" Her hand is offered over and she arches her brows, looking confident and certain.

"I might let you win then, for some good steaks," he is joking, "Cause if I win, my treat is Wok this Way, at best." Not really, he has more money then that. The man chews on it then unhitches a hand from his betl, offering it over to take hers. "I'll accept it, makes the challenge more exciting." He leans forward to get off that butt lean into his car, undoing both hands to stand free as it where. "And no, I won't let you win, too much pride at stake in a challenge like this. Loser picks the date, winner foots the bill. No holds bared." Though it was qualifier, usually wasn't tight for bumping and such.

"I'd take the win, but I like to earn it." Becca lifts a hand and runs her fingers through her hair, loosening it a little from her helmet hair. When he offers his hand, she shakes with the same hand. "Loser picks the date, winner foots the bill. I'm going to drag Joey in on this one too. What do you think?" Her smile makes the amusement glitter in her eyes before her brows arch. "No holds barred. You got it."

"I don't know if he'd take the bet," he grins. A little chuckle, "Make some cracks at his Ford, that might get him a little edged to actually be emotional and take teh challenge. Otherwise, you always got the race with me. I mean, I get it, two others better chances of beating at least one of us, but might be hard to get him." He shrugs though, he only knows the man from the track here. "No holds barred .. on the track, don't send ugly Chuck over here to cut one of my lines now." He's teasing, about cutting the lines, ugly Chuck may just be ugly.

"Probably not. I think he's just always avoided me, even way back since school. I guess I was always too much trouble for the likes of him." Becca laughs, straightening from leaning that hip on his car. "Looks like I better get to cracking if I'm going to show you up more than usual." With a casual saunter that swings her hips in her rather shapeless fire suit, she glances back over her shoulder towards him, "I like my steak medium well and I like a T-bone." Another grin and she goes back towards her car.

"Your too much trouble for anyone," he shakes his head, and nods. "Exactly, ain't got all day, get 'er done woman." He of course does watch that saunter, despite the suit, he can well imagine the rest making it bend this way and that. "And I like my rice … uh, .. steamed." Not a good come back, he chuckles, even at himself, then turns to get back to helping with his own engine.

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