(2018-09-14) Bird With a View
A few locals and new residents alike gather in Java Junction

All the gossip around town is about the incoming storm. This means that the day before it hits the town is packed with people making last minute preparations. Abby has already made it through the long line and had claimed the end of one of the long counters, with just a few spare chairs near her. She'd nursing her coffee and watching with tired eyes as people pile inside, an occasional glance to the window and streets outside.

Indeed the storm was on everyone's mind, including those over at the police department. One was Ashlea and to avoid the usual crew at the Corner Cafe, she'd agreed to meet up at the coffee house instead. Arriving first, she walks to the counter and checks out the chalk menu before placing an order. "Caramel mocha latte and a cinnamon roll." Because cops love donuts, right? She moves to the end of the counter and waits for the order to be filled and turns to look at the other patrons, offering a nod to Abby and any others there.

AMong those arriving, or piling in, is Joseph. Not generally a regular, something has him itching for a drink. Maybe his new found enjoyment of cold brewed coffee, which he never knew was a thing .. until recently. He's there in a mechanics jump suit, unzipped with the arms tied behind him, just the rugged bottoms and a t-shirt with a little creese, as if he'd been working working and only bothered to make a partial attempt at not looking like he came out from under a car. He walks in, seeing the others piling. Sort of harrumphs and turns to someone watching the pilers in with tired eyes who is most likely Abby. "Bah, the lines moving or they slow today?" As if completely uncertain he wants to wait if it is long, not seeing the current coffe order'er/customer.

"It's moving," Abby replies to Joesph, making a teetering motion with one hand. "Stalls out if someone asks for something crazy." As more pile wander in off the street, she becomes conscious at the amount of space she's taking up at the end of the counter. Her messenger back is pulled in closer as she effectively minimizes. Ashlea giving a nod to her is noticed and she smiles at her, giving a polite 'hello there' tip of her own.

The line was moving, if somewhat slow as Ashlea awaits her order to be delivered. Checking the time on her clock, she glances expectantly towards the door when it opens. Surprise registers on her features when it's Joseph there, having not expected him. When he falls into conversation, she just nods as not to interrupt before realizing he hadn't seen her as of yet. Her order is ready then and she collects it then looks back towards the door expectantly again, muttering about people being late. Walking over, she slides into a seat at a table adjacent to Abby's since it's empty. "That storm is promising to be something to remember. The clouds look to be building up already. I wonder if it'll hit early." Just a random observation.

He sees Ashlea, as she goes near the person he'd commented to, "Hey you." A hint of a corner smile on his mouth, but the line moves forward and so does he. Getting said cold brew, nothing added to keep line moving himself. He comments towards the two, "I wouldn't be surprised if wee had some today." It makes sense, and his mind wasn't there, as he reaches for his drink to join over in that vicinity, "Which reminds me, I need to tarp the engine in the yard." Note to self moment. He takes his drink and moves to grab a space near Abby as well, before its all gone.

"Yeah, people have been hitting the stores all week." The way Abby says it, it sounds like she's not a part of the shopping crowd. "I'm on call the entire weekend just in case it gets really wild." It's not a prospect that she's looking forward to from the frown that tugged on her mouth. She sips from the coffee, watching the exchange between Ashlea and Joseph curiously before asking, "Are you bunkering down for it?k

"I bought a gallon of milk, two loaves of bread and a case of water. The water is still in the back of my truck. I should be set. I mean, I got cheese too. I think Katherine taught me how to make a grilled cheese. I'm going to try it at least, at some point." Tearing off a piece of the cinnamon roll, she takes a bite, "Don't forget to cover the engine in your hard, Joseph." The reminder given with a half grin before looking at Abby. "I join you on the on call line. Katherine will have sandwiches made for any on call through it."

"I have a few cases up in the garage crawl space," side comments Joseph about storage. He leans forward a little to look towards Abby, "Be safe. Even if the weather doesn't, I imagine some folks will get wild in its place." Act crazy, do stupid things, who knows. "I'm counting on staying home," a side eye to Ashlea, "Or inside at least." He's good with that, taking a drink of cold brew and liking it still to this day, his second day trying it. "If Katherine needs help running the food to whoever's doing the on call stuff, I could swing that before I hole up." He nods slowly, the drink is good, he slowly puts it on the counter again, holding it in both hands.

"I think I have some water and bread…" Abby trails off a little dubiously as she looks out the window. "I've been trapped at work so much, when I do get out I mostly just want to sleep." She tucks some hair behind her ears, "Who are you on call with? I'll be at the hospital. It'll be cafeteria food for us unless Katherine delivers." At Joesph's words of advice, Abby nods. "I have some plans early Saturday, but I don't think it's supposed to pick up until later." Famous last words! 'Until later'.

"I understand about work. It's all I've been doing lately and it looks like no time off in the future either. Not in the foreseeable future." Since Ashlea had started working at the department five or so months ago she'd never worked as much as she is now. "I work for the police department. Just waiting to meet with a detective with forensics," she glances towards the door and still her meeting person isn't here. "So much work, so little time." A nod towards the outside weather, "Sky looks darker than usual out there this time of day, but I'm no local, maybe it's nothing."

"Just looks like a storm, at least its not snowing yet," Joseph offers over to Ashlea as he turns to look at a window. As if that would help him determine how serious the storm will be. Darkening, its normal to him. "I don't know if she's ready for the entire hospital, I can't speak for her, but if she has something to spare, I'll try to swing it on by." Then he turns, and offers, "I'm Joseph .. or Joey, from the garage over on Willow, nearly a straight shot to the med center." Nodding, like that's enough to recognize him, at least as potential home cooked food deliver for the extra on-call set for this weekend. "It'll be good after the storm, folks calm down as the weather gets colder." Said like a local, but usually with enough info to say they don't really know, as its probably mostly the same workloads sporadically throughout the year, regardless of weather - or more as tourists pour in.

"That sounds rough," Abby says to Ashlea sympathetically. "I'm Abby Thatcher by the way, I work in the medical center. ER." She taps her finger against an ID tag that hangs around her neck. 'Doctor Abigail Thatcher'. "Yeah, that's true. I don't have my snow tires on my car yet. Nice to meet both of you." She quickly shakes her head, "No one has to deliver us anything, I wouldn't want us to be an inconvenience. We have the cafeteria. In case of emergency, we could start tipping over vending machines." Joking! Probably.

"I'm definitely not ready for the snow. Not yet." Ashlea groans a little at the prospect. The cinnamon roll is picked at and she sips at the latte, "It's nice to meet you, Doctor. I'm Detective Ashlea Anderson. I live across the street from our friendly mechanic here." A nod towards Joseph as well as a crooked smile. "As far as neighbors go, he's good at cookouts and block parties. But he's better at fixing cars." There's laughter in her expression as she looks back to Abby, "Tipping over the vending machines. Hey, never underestimate a hungry woman. Or the way to our heart."

Looking casuaally at the tapped ID, Joseph gives a brief head nod, "Doc." Making it a more formal greeting there. "Morris," he kicks in his last name, takes a dirnk from his coffee, and nods again to affirm what Ashlea said, along with his areas of neighborly goodness.. A smirk that is at least part a grin touches his lips at the vending machines. "If storm gets too bad, that's not a bad option, I'm sure we'll lose a few machines over in the Willows. Just don't pass up Katherine's food, I'm sure the cafeteria does just find, but Katherine really has that home cooked meal vibe. The tomato soup is extra warm or something, not sure what it is, just good food."

In regards to the vending machines, Abby smiles slyly and remarks, "I'm stronger than I look." On the counter, her phone starts to vibrate she gives the screen a squint and then sighs. "I wish I could stay longer, but it looks like my shift is going to start early." Her smile turns rueful and she slips out of her seat, gaethering her messenger bag, phone and other things. "Good luck with the storm, I hope I don't see you until it's over. If you know what I mean." And off she goes out the door!

Abby has left.

"Her lasagna is pretty awesome." Ashlea picks some more at the cinnamon roll. A grin given over towards Abby. "I think doctors are close to super heroes. All that schooling and work." A shake of her head. "It's nice meeting you." Watching her go then looking back at Joseph. The smile fades a touch and she just looks tired. "I tell you lately, Morris, that I have missed you?"

Giving a head nod in place of a wave, Joseph says to the parting, "Later." Then a little grin again, getting the bend of humor, as he turns back to Ashlea. Coming back, "I was thinking the same, and ain't gonna let up soon for you with these storms." His head tilts side to side as if deciding, then, "What's your afternoon schedule looking like here?" Given, he lifts the drink but only to sniff it, as if to see if it smells as strong and good as it tastes, then swilring it idly a moment.

Declan has arrived.

"If the detective from forensics ever gets here we're going over the latest case. It was awful. Not sure I can come across too many more scenes like that in my current condition without giving it away. I almost couldn't stomach the stench." Remembering it, Ashlea pushes away the cinnamon roll and holds on to the coffee instead. "If he doesn't show, I guess it means the results aren't in yet. I'm just waiting for that before I can return to the trailer park and look around for anything and also follow the trail out to the woods. Waiting on Sergeant Franklin for that one also." The two are sitting at adjacent tables and sipping on coffee. There's a huge storm coming that's been the talk of the town.

Joseph listens as she talks, nodding, not bothered by the idea that she's talking about something that sounds gruesome. She's using good words at least, and he shakes his head near the end. "Yeah, just because of the condition," he ponders, because he can't imagine her being a detective without having seen a few things. Then he drops it, as she pushes that cinnamon roll away, his eyes lingering there half a moment on that roll. "I'm good with that, we wait to see if he shows. I can wait her a little. If it starts to spit or rain too much, I need to run to the shop and cover that engine though." Not that she'd need that reminder. "He was in here the other day, talking to Katherine about letting strangers into her house. If you don't eat that cinnamon roll, I imagine he'd take it up if he came looking for you here."

Declan strides in from outside, taking a quick look around before heading towards the not-terribly-long line to wait for his chance to put in an order. Once it's finally his turn, he manages to request and pay for a cold turkey sandwich and some iced tea, which he picks up shortly afterward at the other end of the bar. When he makes his order, his accent gives him away as somewhere from New England with a slight non-rhoticity that probably places him around Boston. Then it's time to hunt for a table in this popular venue. He carries his tray off to a table, just so happening to select one that is near Joseph and Ashlea's table.

The cinnamon roll..? Ashlea looks down at it almost absently before picking the plate up and offering it over. "You are more than welcome to it. Franklin is the Sergeant, I've got a meeting with another detective. Franklin is later in the day. I'll wait around here for a little while at least. If he doesn't show? I'm taking the afternoon off." The reminder of the storm has her looking towards to door to see outside. It's then that Declan arrives and she looks up as he approaches their table. "Hello," a nod given with a smile. Looking back at Joseph, she smirks. "Strangers in her house? It's a bed and breakfast. That's sort of what those things are for. Is there a screening or something that can be done in advance?"

Occasionally Joseph looks around, but mostly at his table mate. "I'll gladly take it," he reaches for the plate and pulls the roll on over. Getting a fork even from what's been put on the table. "While I hope you get what you need for your work, I'll put in a bid for afternoon off." Smirk, fork into cinnamon roll, then a bite. He'll look up too towards Declan. Its busy with folks coming last minute before storm, for caffeine needs, he scooches, "If you need a seat, you're welcome to it." Speaking of Strangers that is. A shrug, "Well, some Cassius fellow, and a Stephen as a house guest, like beyond normal visitor I think. I doubt they can screen, and if she started it, might drive customers away. Sounds like she'll be booked this weekend."

Declan glances over and gives Ashlea a nod of greeting in return. "Hey there." He looks between her and Joseph. "Sorry, my ears are burning and I can't help it. Probably because I'm a stranger in Katherine's house. Well, not right now, I mean… you know. I'm checking out soon, anyway." After taking the proferred seat, he lifts his turkey sandwich to his mouth and takes a hefty, hungry bite out of it.

Seeming glad that Joseph had opted for the cinnamon roll, Ashlea settles in with her latte. "You own it if it's there to claim then." She can't help the smile that accompanies the promise. "And you bet tomorrow and the rest of the weekend, I'll be staying in as much as I can until I get called out." At the addition of Declan, she gives him a curious look. "Why would anyone want to move out of there? She serves the best food. If I hadn't already gotten a house I'd consider moving in there for that reason alone." After waiting a beat, she introduces herself. "Detective Ashlea Anderson. I suppose I'm about as new to these parts are you are?"

"Yep, with good reason," says Joseph to Declan regarding ears burning. A slow nod as room is made. "I don't think you count as a guest, it was just a specific guest in particular. That and some random vagrant that may become her handy man. Now that I can see needing a background check." Tossed at as the thought came to him. "Checking out to stay permanent, or heading back somewhere?" A pause, introductions around, he keeps up, "Joseph .. eh, Morris. And I agree, if you could stay their longer and keep getting those home cooked meals, its win win in my book. And once you hit six months under your belt, I think that's resident enough. You've seen the town by then." Maybe its bigger than he's letting on.

Declan flashes a smile at Ashlea and tilts his head a bit from side to side. "Kate's a great host, but I'm getting my own business and apartment set up, and it would be unfair to just squat in her B&B and not let anyone else enjoy the place while I'm occupying a spot. As tempting as that is." After nodding to her and Joseph, he adds, "Oh, I'm Declan Greene. And yeah, I'm new around here. I'm the owner, proprietor, manager, secretary, and pilot of Tip-Top Heli Tours, opening soon."

"Oh I don't know. I've been here about five months now and I've not got to experience as much of it as I'd like to. Usually I'm on the job though, so it's nothing leisurely. I do know some of the best food places though, since I'm nothing of a cook myself." Ashlea finishes her caramel latte and just puts the cup aside. "Ohh a business doing Helicopter tours? I think it would be great to see the city from the air. Maybe it's something I should do? What do you think, Joseph? Would you try it?"

"That's a good way to put it," smirks Joseph about moving out, a kind way at least and one he wouldn't have come up with himself. Taking another bite, he scrunches his lips with thought a moment, then swallows. "Its a good idea, especially if you can lift up some of the snowboard kids to virgin snows on the peaks. I'd like to see the city from above. Just curious actually." Like he might not be the helicopter tour sort for vacation, but its his home and its really a curiousity. "Maybe the city and a look from above over the Hamrock Hills?" A glance to Ashlea to see if she agrees, then to Declan, "How soon you think you'll be open for business?"

"In a few days, I imagine," Declan says. "The helicopter's just about ready to go, so all that's left is to rest and relax a bit, since setting everything up took quite a lot out of me." He looks between the pair and says, "There'll be a low grand opening rate for people who want to take the tour, and I'll be offering other services too, like getting people and supplies around and stuff like that. It's a wide open space around here, God knows people could use help like that." He rolls a shoulder out and says, "Anyway, you're free to come by when everything's open. I'll put out a spot on the radio and everything."

Rising, Ashlea returns her cup just to get it out of the way before returning and settling in, checking the time again, another look to the door. Looks like she's still going to wait. "I think it would be fun to go on several tours. Maybe you could get with someone from the City Hall or Chamber of Commerce and pair up with an aerial photographer. Get pictures of the city in each of the seasons for their website. You could make money and maybe get some advertising on their website while they get the pictures. It'd be nice to see the pictures too." Ashlea's MO, trying to pair businesses together for other things for mutual benefits. "The only way I'm going up is during the low grand opening rate. I'd like to take the tour. I think we both would?" A look to Joseph at that.

"I bet they could," agrees Joseph, cutting out another part of cinnamon roll. "Use the help. We'll swing by when you are open," he concurs with Ashlea again it seems. "If you can get more business like that, would be good. I think the last aerial photos they put on fliers are from the 70s. But I'll definitely listen to the radio for more opening info." Considering, he pokes that new cut piece with a fork. "Not one to plug business, but if you need car work, you're welcome to visit down on Willow Lane. Can't miss the garage." It has his name at least. "But yeah, low grand opening sounds good for us. A lot of locals probably, a good buy in before you get tourist rates up." And tourist rates is completely understood, locals will pay higher as rates go up, but have to get the suckers too.

Declan bobs a nod at Ashlea. "Yeah, you're totally welcome to do that. And that sounds like a neat idea, about the pictures. I'd have to investigate that a bit more." He shifts his attention to Joseph and asks, "If you or anyone you know ever worked on a chopper before, and they're looking for extra work, I'd definitely be interested. The chopper's in good condition now, but it's important they get constant maintenance. And I'd rather work with someone local over someone that has to come in from a city. - Something to think about, anyway."

"That long ago? I hadn't seen any pictures as of yet, but I haven't looked either." Ashlea smiles. "Thanks," she tells Declan. Curious, she arches a brow towards Joseph, not sure if he knows that sort of work or not and interested in finding out herself if he did. She checks the time again but this time shoots out a text message, hitting send with a little more force than necessary.

"I mean I could be wrong, could be 80s," Joseph says, not sure, just that they're old. Or faded, he may have seen some in city hall or somewhere. "If you get some time with one of the Radio Stations or something, to plug your low grand opening with some air time, you might be able to ask around. No ranches now have a helicopter, but I know they've been used to track ranging cattle before. Someone might know something on how to fix one up. I know a car, I could guess a lot with the engine, but the hydralics to transfer torque to the blades, I'd hate to be off on something like that. A dangerous mistake."

Declan nods a few times at Joseph. "Too true, too true. Well, I did meet a rancher my first day here that said she has a helipad, but no chopper on it, and yeah, she mentioned something about using a helicopter to deliver supplies to distant parts of the ranch and stuff like that. Interesting stuff, in any case." Declan sits back comfortably and takes a sip of his iced tea. "Well, I'm not too worried about it, anyway. There'll be plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand, profitable or otherwise." He glances between Ashlea and Joseph and says, "And if you know anyone who might be interested in a tour along with you two, feel free to bring them along. The chopper seats four passengers."

"Katherine." Ashlea immediately inputs as to the four passengers, "And what about your daughter Joseph? Have you heard anything yet? Maybe Katherine's little sister." Both are considered at least. She checks her phone for a response and yet there's nothing yet. "I'm debating just taking the remainder of the day off."

"I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities," to help, to partner up, to find other business. Joseph is good there. "I'd have to get her down here, she's up closer to Denver, a few hours drive on a good day." A shrug though, "If Katherine knows someone, she could invite them along too. More business for Declan here, can't argue inviting others." His coffee is all but finished. "I think that's a good start, take it off. You'll be busy with this weather, regardless if it hits or not. I"m sure some crazy will do something crazy. A few years back some dorm kids tried jumping off the second floor with sheets on bed frames cause they thought it would work like a parachute."

Declan just shakes his head at that story of Joseph's. "Well, okay then." He takes a sip of his drink and says, "Katherine would be fun to have along, yeah. She did express interest in it, so I'm sure she'd be up for it. I'm willing to take anyone who thinks they'll appreciate the sights and can keep their hands inside the chopper at all times."

"Sounds good. I need to go check in at the office and then take the day off if I can. I can't sit here waiting all day, I've got some more prep work to do before that storm hits. That's what I get for buying a fixer upper." Ashlea gets to her feet again. "A pleasure meeting you," she tells Declan. "I'll see you from across the street, Joey." A grin and she heads for the door. "See you later!"

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