(2018-09-13) Paging Doctor Thatcher
Abby tries to assist Katherine when she finds Oxy on her little sister, Lynn.

Powell-Braxton Medical Center

Wide sliding doors open into an atrium that is several stories tall. There is a medical consierage station here as well as signs to direct patients to common areas. The clinics and Emergency Room are on this floor while other public rooms are accessed by the elevators near the back. The main floor is polished marble for easy flow of traffic through the area. Near the front of the atrium is an intenral water feature, that looks like a small water fall and river, perhaps to keep youth occupied in this area of the medical center. Several sculpturs of birds are suspended here, done in bronze and representing local wild life.

Katherine walks into the medical center, and the usually laid back woman has an incensed look on her features. One hand is wrapped around the bicep of a struggling girl, her hair chopped very short with several bright colors shaped into a mini mohawk. "Last chance, Lynn. You're going to tell me what you took earlier or we'll talk to a doctor. I'm serious, this isn't funny. It's serious." The teenager glares daggers at Katherine and her voice raises. "You're not my mother! You're my sister. I can do what I want!"

Muscles in Katherine's jaw jumps as she walks to the concierge station. "Hey, yeah. My little sister here had some pills in her room. I'm not sure what they were, she won't tell me, but she's been taking them." Her face flushes and she lets out a shaky breath. "So I need her checked over, make sure she's okay, and see…I just…" She gazes at the woman at the station, her bottom lip trembling. "I just need some assistance, please."

Abby isn't usually up by the concierge station just hanging around or working it, but tonight she's trying to help someone with a problem they're having on the computer. Katherine's entrance is notable and when she comes in with the struggling girl, she slowly lifts her eyes to watch them approach. Her 'brows go up incrementally as the interaction between the two continues and the nurse at the station is looking tense. She apparently hasn't had enough coffee yet tonight to deal with this. Abby stretches out and offers a reassuring smile to the rainbow haired girl, "…Well, why don't we start with getting your information and vitals taken by the nurse. And me and your sister can have a talk about what's going on?"

Lynn glares at the nurse, and she huffs out a breath, rolling her eyes as she skulks off with the nurse. "Can you sue your family members?" She asks, loudly as she follows the nurse into another room. Katherine winces at Lynn's words and she takes a deep breath, looking very much like a woman who is fraying at both ends. "Thanks." She says, turning to look at Abby. "Katherine Stone." She holds out a hand for Abby to shake and glances to the door her sister went through. "I can't believe this is happening."

"Sure you can! If you never want to have any family that likes you ever again…" The nurse can be heard replying to the girl in a deadpan as they disappear into the room, closing the door. She hasn't had enough coffee and she's too old for this crap. Abby tips her head in the direction of a quiet waiting area with some seats that affords at least a little privacy. "I'm Doctor Thatcher. Do you want a cup of coffee? Tea maybe? Take a deep breath. I know this upsetting, but right now she's safe. Would you able to describe the pills to me or maybe you have them with you?"

Katherine pulls the pills from her purse, handing them over to Abby. "I had coffee a little earlier, and if I have any more caffine, I will fly out of my seams." She swallows and gestures towards the bottle she handed over. "There is a name on there that I'm not familiar with, so Lynn or one of her friends stole those." She runs her fingers through her bangs and shakes her head. "It's nice to meet you, Doctor Thatcher, I just wish it was under better circumstances." She glances towards the room where her sister is, her brow furrowed.

"Water?" Abby tries, lifting one eyebrow in a semi-humorous fashion before accepting the bottle of pills. Her eyes scan over the bottle, "Oxy. They probably belong to someone's parents or grandparents. The last name doesn't look familiar at all?" She gives the bottle a little shake. "Well, people don't usually come down here because they're having a good idea. What's the situation like with your sister? Are her parents around, are you her legal guardian?"

Katherine takes a deep breath, her hands shaking. "W-w-water. Yes." She turns to gaze at Abby, her expression haunted. "My parents and a few of my siblings were in a car accident last year. They're gone, and I'm her legal guardian. I was for another sister as well, but she turned eighteen last year and moved away to college." She gestures toward the room where Lynn is, her voice wavering as she tries not to get too emotional. "Ever since the accident, she's been acting out. She's gone through a big change. Grades have dropped." She stares at her hands that are on her knees. "I've been working with the guidance counselor, but..I…" She gestures to the bottle, helpless. "I didn't expect this."

Thankfully, there's a water cooler present in the room. Abby moves over there and fills up a paper cup with water before returning to Katherine and taking a seat next to her. "Do you mind if I hold onto these? I can get them disposed of." If she's not challenged, she'll pop the bottle of Oxy into her pocket. "I don't want you to think that this isn't serious, because it is. But a lot of kids experiment with drugs, especially if they've undergone that kind of trauma. Has she been to see a grief counselor? I can put you in touch with some names. Some group therapies maybe, that you guys could go to together?" She takes in a deep breath, her expression lined with concern as they talk. "I think you could both use some help."

Katherine takes the water, nodding her thanks before she takes a drink. "Yes, please, get rid of them. I guess I'm going to have to be the bad guy ..again.. and search her room for anything else she might have." She gazes at Abby, nodding along with her words. "We have a therapist we've been seeing since the accident. We go once a week alone, and once every two weeks to a group." She glances towards the other room. "Lynn doesn't want to participate most times, in the group, when she does speak up it's to say that I'm too hard on her." She takes another drink, the muscles in her jaw jumping again. "This is..the worst of my stress right now. A friend was going to help me with it after the storm. I should probably call him."

Walking straight down that hallway is Doctor Obadiah Constantine. He puts his hands into his pockets as he spots Katherine talking to Doctor Thatcher. He walks up to them and he leans against the wall. As if there to provide Help if need be. "I apologize for what you're going through." If thel adies gave him a look, he rubs his forehead gently. "S-sorry, couldn't quite help but overhear. She'll be alright." He smiles softly then. "Trauma can cause individuals to act rashly. Think less of themselves, or throw any sort of caution to the wind. Pain changes people to their cores." He did a study on that once upon a time before the rather…odd doctor extends a hand. "Doctor Obadiah Constantine. It's nice to meet you miss…?" he attempts to greet the stressed Katherine.

"How does she think you're being too hard on her?" Abby wonders, glancing backwards in the direction where the nurse has gone off with Lynn. She folds her hands over onto her lap. "Have you noticed any strange behavior that would indicate she's using on a regular basis? The oxy is a concern because it can be so addictive." She lapses into silence once again, listening intently. "I think falling back on your support network would be a healthy thing to do. I'm glad to hear that you're both in therapy. Is she involved in any after school clubs or activities that might keep her busy and not in a position where she was using?" When Obadiah strolls up into their conversation, she furrows her eyebrows up and glances in his direction before continuing, "We have a volunteer program here for teens that can lead into part-time positions in the hospital after high school."

"I ask her to come in at dark, to do her homework, to help out with chores." Katherine aims a wry look at Abby, gazing down at her linked hands on her lap. "She acts nothing like she had before my parents died. She was a straight A student, now she's failing. It was my first clue that things were going on. She spends all her time in her room, has new friends, rough friends." She runs a hand over her face, wiping briefly at her eyes. "She used to be in student council, and on the softball team, but she's quit both. She doesn't want to do them anymore." She glances distractedly at Obadiah, nodding at his hand, keeping hers folded tightly in her lap. "Katherine Stone." Her knuckles are white, her linked hands might be the only thing holding her together. "What happens now? Do you guys have to call the police? Can I take her home, what..I'm..not sure what happens now."

The town is already bustling in its preparations for the approaching hazardous weather and one of the front runners in that effort is Julian Walker, the regions only park warden. He's been at it all day preparing for the worst of things and, still in uniform, received a text from Katherine that has brought him to the hospital. He's been here on a number of occasions, attending to injured hikers he's rescued from the the mountain or canyon and the like. So his face would not be a foreign one to this atmosphere. This time though, the level of professionalism in his expression is strained, replaced with a more invested, emotional look of concern. It doesn't take him long to navigate himself to the wing they're most likely holding Lynn in and a couple questions has him approaching Katherine, boots clunking, utility belt ringing with his thick keyring bouncing against his still holstered firearm. When he is still several paces away, he quickly composes himself and clears his throat. "How's the firecracker doing, Kitty?" His smile is strained, as is his attempt at levity.

"Personally…" Abby sighs and brushes a piece of hair away from her eyes. "I doubt she's going to admit to taking these pills and I'm really loathe to call the police on a high school kid for something that's probably just happened for the first time." She links her fingers together in her lap. "She needs things to do after school other than hang out with friends. I think this kind of acting out and fighting is normal to an extent, but you want to nip the drug experimentation in the ass before it really slides out of control. For some people it's a phase, but she's at risk. Can you schedule an emergency appointment with her therapist? They should be able to direct you to some resources that would be appropriate for her situation." When Julian approaches, Abby smiles at him politely.

Obadiah takes the hint, and he pulls his hand back to himself, keeping it in his pocket as his eyes watch the conversation at hand. "A pleasure." He's silent then as the question of the hour arises. "Well…" THANKFULLY Abby takes over the answer, before the eyes of Obadiah look almost startledly to Julian as he arrives. He doesn't answer for 'Kitty' but he does offer the fellow a nod. attention returning to Abby and Kate, not even daring to speak at the moment.

Katherine nods at Abby, her head bobbing a few times. "Okay, yeah. I uhm.. " She tilts her head, her eyes narrowing. "I can't…force her to do things, so ..I have to figure that out. The volunteer thing here might be best?" She hears Julian, looking up at him with grateful eyes, even if she still looks lost. "I..well she's supremely pissed off at me Julian, and she had Oxycontin." She gestures to the room where Lynn is still with the nurse, every so often a protest can be heard from within. "I feel like I'm failing at treading water, she's my sister. Yelling at her doesn't seem to be working. Trying to …talk to her like a normal human isn't making a dent either. I just.. I don't even know what to do right now." She brushes her hair away from her face. "If I find more stuff in her bedroom, Doctor Abby, what should I do?" She glances briefly at Obadiah and then back to Abby, looking like a person in shock.

Julian glances up at Abby, though his primary focus is on the understandably shaken Katherine Stone. The doctor may or may not actually recognize Julian, at least indirectly. He's one of those first responder types that sticks around for the all-clear before he goes back to his duties after bringing in a patient. Julian takes a deep breath and exhaling slowly as he absorbs the four-one-one on the situation. "Just breathe. Tackle one thing at a time. No use in worrying about tomorrow when today is still a mess." The ranger glances at Obadiah, giving him a once over and tilting his head. "Who're you?" His eyes shift from the man to Katherine, then to Abby. "I'm Julian Walker, a family friend. Can you tell me, is she going to be held over night for observation?" He glances at Katherine, lips pursed, he starts to say something but another yell from the teenage girl can be heard through the door. "Well, I take it she didn't OD, no sign of respiratory distress." He manages a wry smile, another attempt at levity to try and relax the situation a little.

"She is a little old to frog march around," Abby replies ruefully to Katherine, frowning as loud voices come out of the room on occasion. "I expect Nurse Lorraine is giving her a hard time. She's tough." There's the faintest ghost of a smile before she turns back around again. "This is going to be hard. She could be pushing back against you because you're something safe, she knows you won't leave. Get an emergency appointment in with your therapist about the pills. Watch her, check her room. She loses privacy because she hid the drugs and may have been taking them. If you think she's using, have your therapist refer you to someone who specializes in drug intervention." When Julian makes his introductions, she nods her head towards him. "Doctor Thatcher. I need to go see her myself, but she didn't seem like she needed to be held over night for medical reasons. We don't keep people here overnight just because they're holding something they shouldn't be."

Obadiah remains silent. Buuut then Julian asks who he is. "Doctor Obadiah Constantine. I'm a neurosurgeon and neurologist." He extends a hand to him. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Walker." Well, at least they have a plan in motion. A glance is given to Abby. "Try to use words wisely. Teenagers can often be quite rebellious, no matter who speaks to them." He advises, not like it's actually needed. But..oh well. Eyes slowly move to Katherine, as if worried about her emotional well-being at the moment. Buuut he decides to keep his mouth shut, leaning against the wall.

Katherine glances at the room and then blinks a few times, nodding. She pulls out her phone and taps in a number, holding the phone to her ear. "Anne? Yeah, I found drugs in Lynn's room. I think we need to come see you tomorrow. I'm worried." Faintly, a voice at the other end can be heard and Kate nods. "Yeah. Okay, three? You think so? Will do, see you then." She slides the phone back into her shoulder bag and frowns. "Therapist said to keep her home tomorrow, we'll see her around three." She seems to wake up, blinking up at Julian. "I have to check her room. She's going to hate me. She already does." Her brow furrows as she shifts on her chair, awkwardly. "Fuck…" There is a brief look paid to Obadiah when he speaks, then she gazes back down at her hands.

Julian accepts the neurosurgeon's hand, exchanging a strong-gripped handshake then glancing quizzically at Dr. Thatcher. "Neurosurgeon? Is Lynn hurt worse than you're letting on or something?" He starts to say something else, rocking slightly back on his heels as he regards the two medical professionals. "Kinda like bringing a nuke to a gunfight, eh?" But he lets it go, eyebrow raised as he briefly studies Obadiah before turning back to Katherine, studying her quietly. "Well, all we can do is wait for now until they release her to us. Did you drive up here or Uber? I've got my jeep outside."

Abby sits quietly through the phone conversation with the therapist, her hands still folded over into her lap. That expression of concern remains etched onto her face. "Good. You can ask her if Lynn would benefit from being in a structured volunteer program. We have the kids assist in different wings around the hospital, try to give them a sense of purpose. I'll give you my number…" And here she pulls a notepad out of her pocket and scribbles some digits out, folding it over and handing it across the seat to Katherine. "Call or text me and let me know. If you need to talk about absolutely anything else, please don't hesitate." At Julian's question, she slides her gaze right onto Obadiah before replying, "No, she doesn't need a neurosurgeon. Doctor Constantine is lurking."

Obadiah speaks to Abby as if to correct her "WAS lurking. I can't stay." he puls out a pager, and he looks it over. "Duty calls." He kneels in front of Katherine. "You can do this. Joy comes in the morning…and the morning always comes." He stands up then, before he starts to walk towards the hospital rooms. "God bless you all. and stay safe." and off goes the doctor…strange fellow.

Katherine takes the paper from Abby, gazing at it for a few moments before she tucks it away. "Thanks, hopefully she gets scared and straightens up." Glancing toward the room where Lynn is, and the raised voice makes her wince. "Probably not." She mutters under her breath. She toys with the paper as Obadiah kneels in front of her, his words heard, and acknowledged with a nod. "Thank you, doctor." She is distracted as Julian asks a question and she looks at him. "Uber. I didn't think I should drive, I was seeing crimson." She tucks the number away and swallows. "I can do this." She says, more to herself than anyone else.

Abby pays no mind to Obadiah's rapid departure from the area, possibly because she's focused on things that are mildly more concerning to her. When Lynn's voice gets raised again, she sighs, "Ms. Stone, I'm going to leave you here with Mr. Walker to figure out how you're going to get home. Maybe fortify yourself a bit? I'll go in and see your sister. And we can have a nice long talk that buys you some additional time. If anything, she'll be so done with me she'll be itching to get home." She offers her a smile and then hauls herself to her feet.

Kate nibbles on her bottom lip. "She's a bit mouthy, and if she gets too rude, you feel free to give it right back to her." She takes a deep breath, hands coming up to slap at her cheeks. "Fortify. Yes. I can do that." She gets to her feet, moving to get another drink of water. Rubbing her hand over her face again. "I just..cannot believe this." She finishes her water, crushing the paper cup and tossing it in the trash.

"I'll be okay, she won't be my first grumpy patient of the night," Abby smiles reassuringly at Katherine before she begins heading in the direction of the room. "I won't even take it personally." She lifts her hand in a silent sort of farewell just as she pops open the door to join the nurse. "Hello, I'm Doctor Thatcher. I'll be your attending tonight, why don't you tell me…" And then the door swings closed again.

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