(2018-09-11) Crowded Tables
Julian, Cassius, Katherine and Kyrie eat at Wok This Way

Perhaps it's the lack of window o maybe it's just that kind of night in Calaveras, but whatever the reason, Wok This Way is unusually crowded tonight. Patrons make their way back and forth from the buffet, piling plates high with their favorite house specials and the staff are buzzing about trying to keep the general's chicken and the broccoli and beef trays from running empty. Table space is at a premium tonight, so it may be a matter of waiting it out or making a new friend if you want to be served.

Fortunate enough to have found a booth, Kyrie has set up shop, a plate of appetizers sitting beside her and a tall glass of iced tea standing at the ready. Lost in some thoughts, she makes notes on a paper pad as she mostly ignores her dinner. Her tongue presses between her teeth in concentration as she scribbles down a few more notes.

Katherine steps in and makes her way to the counter, paying for her meal as she chats with the proprietor. After a few moments she walks toward the buffet, picking up a plate and piling it with walnut chicken and rice. She turns to find an empty table, and spotting none she walks toward one of the only tables without a few people in the seats. Aiming a smile at Kyrie, she nods toward an empty chair. "Mind some company? It's super busy in here tonight."

Sure, it's late, but that seems to be the going trend for Julian's work lately. If it's not clumsy amateur hikers, it's lost tourists or flash fire hazards. The weary-looking ranger, still in uniform, enters the normally not quite so crowded restaraunt for a quick bite on his way home. He's greeted by a relatively packed dining area, which has him looking even more exhausted with the possibility of finding nowhere to sit. Taking a deep breath and glancing around from table to table, he makes a bee line for pay station, waiting for his turn in line to fork over cash for the buffet.

Walking out of the back room speaking to apparently one of hte chefs about something, or someone is Cassius. Dressed in a leather jacket, blue jeans, and a grey longsleeve shirt, he seems to chuckle a bit to the fellow, speaking in perfect Chinese to the man he speaks to.

«Man, it's been ages since high school. I didn't know you came all the way over here to settle down. How's Mrs. Chang, Jimmy? She well?» Regardless, he doesn't appear to notice Kate or Kyrie or Julian. But the way Cass is laughing and the fellow he speaks to is laughing, there's nothing really exciting going on.

Nevertheless, Cass pats the man on the shoulder. «It was good to see ya Jimmy. Stay safe.» and the two part ways, but not before Cass is given some lo mein. hsi favorite. Noow he notices Julian. He decides to make a friend. "Hey. Long day?"

Kyrie bobs her head gently as she works, timing out some rhythm in her head, and giving a moment of pause before she Katherine's words register and the first words in her mind make their way to her lips and she says, "Oh fuck," with a start as she moves to consolidate her space at the table. "Um, sorry. I don't mean to be an asshole." She quickly closes her notebook as if embarrassed by the contents as she searches for her verbal footing and a bright smile, "I mean, yes, actually. Please? Some company would be great. I, um, I've had a week."

Katherine laughs and slips into a chair, letting out a sigh as she sets her plate on the table. "Take more than some harsh language for someone to be an asshole, at least in my opinion." She eyes Kyrie as she unwraps her silverware, eyes on the recently closed notebook. "I honestly wouldn't bother you if it wasn't crushed in here. I feel like tourist season started early this year or something, this buffet is usually nice and quiet." She tucks her fork into her food and takes a drink from her soda. "I wasn't interrupting something horribly important, was I?" She asks, a sympathetic look on her face.

Julian, through muscle memory, reaches for a hat that is no longer there, as if to remove it as he enters the establishment. On realizing it's not there, he sighs heavily and turns just in time to meet Cassius. There's a brief reflex of sizing the man up, but the reminder that he is no longer on duty has Julian leaning back on his heels and offering up a friendly smile and shake of his head. "You have no idea. Sometimes I wonder if anyone even bothers reading the giant yellow and red warning signs around the canyon." The man is briefly distracted as he pulls out his wallet to pay for the buffet. As his gaze sweeps over the establishment to settle back on Cassius, there's a brief moment where he locks onto the booth where Katherine and Kyrie are seated. A flash of something crosses his expression. Recognition, perhaps? It's gone quickly as he politely focuses on Cassius.

A tilt of Cassius's head as Julian seems to comment upon his frustrations. He can put two and two together. "Are you a park ranger or some such?" he asks without meaning to impede. "You're right though, I really wouldn't. Though from my experience in life, I imagine people ignore warning signs pretty consistently." Though he folows his gaze when he sees Katherine and Kyrie, his eyes pausing on the former. Suddenly, he looks nervous, before he looks back to Julian. "Why don't we say hi?" He smiles to the guy. "Cassius Merlyn. Nice to meet you Mr…?"

Kyrie shakes here head sending a tumult of curls dancing around her features, "Nah, nothing important. Sometimes when I'm trying to work something out, it's easier for me to put in on paper. A little dead tree therapy. I'm not sure why, but there's something about putting a pen on physical paper that is so tactile. It makes the words seem more tangible, like you could just pluck them up and pull on them and twist them all around until they make sense." Without missing a beat, the young woman rolls her eyes at her own words, "And, that is probably more than you bargained for when you sat down. Should we start again?" she laughs gently and resets with her best impression of poised formality as she looks at Katherine, "Hi. My name is Kyrie, and I am a totally normal and well-adjusted human being. It's nice to meet you."

Katherine stirs her food, nodding at Kyrie. "It's why I still have journals, to be honest. I had stopped keeping them after I got out of high school, and then I saw Bridget Jones' Diary." She makes a face, laughing softly before she takes a bite. Once she's swallowed, she sets her fork down. "So I have a bookcase full of journals now." Laughing aloud at her rewind and redo, she cants her head slightly to the side and aims a brilliant smile at Kyrie. "Nice to meet you Kyrie. I'm Katherine Stone, owner of the B&B up in Oak Ridge. I'm not normal, so..feel free to be weird with me."

Julian clears his throat, straightening and presenting a bit less frustration and a bit more professionalism. "Sorry, I'm not usually this forthcoming." On closer inspection, Julian's uniform is not just that of the standard forest ranger, rather, he appears to be the regional Warden, complete with his own fancy badge. On his belt is a number of utility objects as well as a SIG Sauer with an older style wooden handgrip (a pistol that fires large caliber rounds). Cassius seems to pick up on the ranger's brief glance in the direction of the two women in the booth and now the man isput on the spot. Julian takes the suggestion in stride though with a gesture at the rest of the restaraunt, "Well, it'd solve the lack of real estate issue, Cassius." Pause. He extends his hand, "Julian Walker. Calaveras Warden of the North." Was that a Game of Thrones reference? The humorous smile seems to say as much, though it'd run right over the head of anyone not also familiar with the popular series.

Cassius seems to smile a bit. "I wouldn't worry about it." almost instinctively, old skills allow Cassius to take note of the firearm and it's model. Not bad. He can see the need for large rounds. Either way, he extends his hand to shake Julian's, giving it a firm shake. "….is that a Game of…nevermind." he chuckles before he looks to Katherine and Kyrie, "Come on, I see you looking. Let's go say hello." offering to walk with Julian on over there. "Hey Kate." his gaze lingers briefly before he looks to Kyrie. "Ma'am." after all, he didn't know Kyrie! His eyes shift to both ladies. "Mind if we join you ladies?"

The edges of Kyrie's mouth curl pressing dimples into her cheeks as she replies, "Whew, that's a relief because that was about the extent of my normal." She finds her tea and steals a sip before continuing, "A B&B? That sounds kind of fun You must meet all kinds of interesting people. Of course, the downside is they probably expect you to be up sometime before noon which is a total deal-breaker for me. How long have you been running the place?" As the two men approach, Kyrie motions to the table inviting them to sit as she says, "Grab a spot. I think we're doing communal dining today. It's a more authentic experience. In L.A., there is this great hole in the wall pho place that …" Her mind catches up with her mouth and Kyrie falls back to something she just heard, "Ma'am? Did you just call me ma'am? Oh my god. Am I turning into my mother?"

"I think everyone has their quirks. Mine, lately, is going to places I said I'd never. Like Johnny Slim's. Seriously, that place is scary." Katherine responds, snickering softly as the men approach the table. She aims a smile at them both, narrowing her eyes at Julian for a moment before Kyrie's question distracts her. She glances back at her and blinks once before she nods. "About a year, and you meet a lot of really nifty people, it's fun. I'm usually up with the sun, so I don't mind being the early bird." She scoots her chair a bit to make room, digging into her food as she eyes the newcomers. After a moment she lets out a laugh and points her fork at Julian. "Julian, I'll be fucked. How long have you been back in town?" She looks like she might stand up and give him a hug, but she stays in her seat, smiling in his direction instead.

Julian chuckles too and, for a moment, the stress of work seems to melt away. The comraderie of laughter will do that to a guy. He allows Cassius to take point, following on his back step as they approach the booth with the two women. As they get closer though, Julian's head tilts just a little bit more and his eyes squint. Then he straightens and an easy smile breaks the confusion swirling around his features, washing them away in an instant. "Little Kitty-Leigh. Not so little anymore." He speaks with the familiarity and sureness of someone who has probably been calling the brunette by that moniker for many, many years. Without any further hesitation he plops down in the empty place at the booth next to Katherine, if only to reach over and offer up a half-hug as the seating situation allows. He leans forward, offering his hand over to Kyrie, "Julian Walker. I appreciate the space sharing." He turns then, looking Katherine up and down and shaking his head. "Awhile now, honestly. After mom passed away, I came home to settle everything. I just don't come into town much, not lately. Not with the fires and everything else."

Cass looks to Kyrie with a smile as Julian and Katherine seem to recognize one another, outstretching his hand. "Cassius Merlyn. Nice to meet you." He then pulls up a chair to enjoy the company of those around him. "Kitty-Leigh huh?" Cass looks to Kate with a bit of a smile. It's not a bad name, before he looks between Julian and Kate. "Take it you two have a bit of a history huh?" he asks curiously as he looked between them. Regardless, he looks to Kyrie. "The lo mein here is delicious, by the way. best thing on the buffet line." of course, his opnion is extremely biased.

Kyrie inclines her head as she sizes up the gentlemen joining the table. She brushes reaches out and quickly clasps Julian's offered hand, pushing some renegade curls back from her face as she introduces herself, "I'm Kyrie Morgan, night DJ over at KROQ, friend of those who are about to rock, and bane of the FCC. Consumer of iced tea and fried won-ton." She holds up her glass in a mock tribute and pushes her appetizers to the center of the table in case anyone else wants to give them a try. A studied gaze surveys Katherine and Julian as her smile remains fixed, "That's so Calaveras. It's like everyone knows everyone else or is related…or both. Which I guess would be expected if they were related, but that's besides the point. How much history are we talking here?" She gestures between the apparent old acquaintances.

"Nobody has called me that in…ages." Katherine isn't keen to show her age, but she does lean in to give Julian a hug. "Came home to settle everything, you staying?" She asks, rubbing a hand up his arm as he mentions his mother. "I'm glad to see you, and I better see more of you. That's all I have to say about that." She nods at Cassius. "An old nickname, only the truly evil remind me of it when they see me." She quirks a brow at Julian, smirking a bit. She blinks at Kyrie when she introduces herself to Julian. "I listen to that station all the time, especially when I'm knitting after everyone has settled down at the B&B." She blinks as she glances from Cassius then back to the DJ. "We're not related, we went to high school together. He's an old pal." She turns toward Julian, sticking her tongue out at him. "One who lost touch, poof. He was just gone."

Julian is already following along with Kyrie, even going so far as to finish her sentence with her: "-friend of those who are about to rock, and bane of the FCC-" all the while nodding his head. "No shit. The boys and I listen to you on the long patrols." He comments, turning to regard Cassius with a knowing look and waving his hand dismissively. "History? Oh, I've got all kinds of stories." He turns and glances secretively at Katherine, still not quite over the fact that he's running into her again. The question from Katherine has him nodding solemnly, "Yeah, I picked up Old Man Hasher's job awhile back. I s'pose I would have probably ran into you sooner if it weren't for the all the fires lately up in the San Juan. I've got a cabin up there, so this time it's been pretty close to home." Glancing at the other two at the table, Julian clears his throat and gives Katherine a playful shove with his shoulder. "How about I come by that place of yours for breakfast on my way out to the canyon this week so we can properly catch up? No use tellin' a bunch of stories that I'm sure these two wouldn't care a lick about." The raspberry from the brunette next to him is met with a helpless shrug, "The war, Kitty…" He trails off, not too enthusiastic about going into details on that. "So, I'm starvin'. How about the rest of you?"

Cassius perhaps smiles just a little bit at Kyrie before he looks over to Julian. Seems like she's got someone who listens to her station! He chuckles. "I don't think everyone is related, but it looks like everyone knows a little bit of everyone. Small town." he shrugs. "Spend long enough here and I can see it." Eyes shift to Katherine as she informs him of the nickname. "aaahhh." he winks at her playfully. "I'll keep it in mind." before his eyes shift back to Julian. When he speaks of the war, Cassius goes silent. Reminiscent of his time as a soldier and even further as a hitman before he comes back to reality. "Oof, not me. I actually just came to say hi to Jimmy. One of the chefs back there. I went to high school with him so when I saw him, I decided to come in and say hi. reconnect." he shrugs. "Probably not going to stay long, but I'm always happy to come by and say hello at the very least."

"No shit? Really?" Kyrie replies incredulously, "That's really awesome to hear that you guys are listening. When you're behind the mic, you never know if you're just talking to empty space. It takes some getting used to. I've started to think of it as a little act of faith each night. I flip the switch and just have to trust that it matters to someone somewhere." She looks over between Julian and Katherine again and says, "Oh, don't hold back any painfully awkward stories on my account. I live for getting the dirt on fascinating people. So many people put up such a front, but when you get past the surface, get to all the messy underneath, that's when it gets real. Speaking of which," she turns to Cassius and observes, "it seems everyone else has put their cards on the table. What is it you do for a living, Mr. Wizard? When you aren't stalking innocent chefs at the Chinese buffet?"

Katherine points her fork toward Kyrie now, an amused look on her face. "You play good music, and you're funny. I would bet that a lot more people in town listen than you might think." She takes a bite of her foot, glancing at Julian when Kyrie does. "I don't think we have any painfully awkward stories. Julian here is a gentleman." She aims a sympathetic look at him when he mentions the war, but puts it away when he mentions being hungry. "Go up there and get a plate, raid the buffet, we'll save your seat. I'm sure Kyrie wants to grill you more, because you're clearly the fascinating one here." She turns to watch Cassius when Kyrie starts to dig at him. She helpfully spoons fried rice and chicken into her mouth so she can listen instead of interrupt.

"It's Calaveras, Cassius. Everyone knows everyone." He pushes himself up from the booth, sparing Kyrie a smile and nod. "You kiddin'? It matters." The last part is laid down with more weight than the rest of his words, following it up with an appreciative, boyish smile that pushes away the crows feet in the corner of his green eyes. "Excuse me a moment." As he's turning away, he briefly shoots Katherine a secretive wink, "Oh, I'd say we've had one or two awkward moments." But he lets it ride and meanders away to the buffet to start picking out his food. There's certainly an element of youth to the man, though his eyes promise many, many life experiences that bely that youth.

Cassius looks to Kyrie as she seems to ask about painfully awkward details that Cass isn't quite sure he wants to hear. Either way, his eyes look to Kyrie as she asks what he does for a living. He seems to have a small moment of silence with a tilt of his head included. "Stalking? What?" he shakes his head. "No, no, no…not stalking. I literally just saw him behind the counter and went to say hi…" he chuckles, knowing he's just being dug before he speaks. "I'm a Professor over at the University." he smiles then. "Physics." His eyes then shift to Julian as he seems to decide to go and have a moment to pick out his food. He speaks nothing of it, but gives a nod before the man leaves. His eyes shifting back to Katherine, a shrug of his shoulders and a warm smile for her before he looks to Kyrie. "You really do play some good stuff. I listen to your stuff sometimes."

The young DJ positively glows at all the compliments, "Wow, I mean, yeah, of course," Kyrie says, "That's why they brought me onboard. Someone had to breath in some life and get the Croc jumping again. And, to be fair, it's not like I have a lot of marketable skills. Being able to ramble on endlessly and having no filter between your brain and mouth only helps in a really narrow band of jobs." She laughs at herself and continues, "Not like being a professor of physics. I wouldn't even know where to start with that. I mean, sure, I've thought about maybe taking some classes at the college. But, I spent most of high school plotting my escape from that place, so the idea of signing up for more of that, voluntarily, I'm not so sure." She looks to Katherine and asks, "If you could take a class in anything, Kit-Kat, what would it be?"

Katherine has cleaned her plate, and she doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get seconds, watching Kyrie with a slightly amused smile on her face. "Well I enjoy your music tastes, and the hilarity that I sometimes catch when I don't get sucked into the music, and my work." She glances at Cassius, her head tilted slightly as a thoughtful look settles on her features. "You're not staying to eat? This is the best time to get food here, seems to come out of the kitchen super quick." She takes a drink from her glass, chuckles and when a question is directed her way, she startles for a moment and then wrinkles her nose. "I'd take a dancing class. I'm clumsy and the whole thing makes me nervous. Can't even really do it alone where nobody can see me." She sets down her glass and raises an eyebrow at Kyrie. "You have any tips on how to dance and not absolutely destroy your poor partner?"

Julian finally makes his way back with an obnoxiously stacked plate of food in tow. Why make several trips when you can get everything you need all at once? Frog legs, the mystery meat on a stick (probably chicken), a couple hard boiled eggs, amongst various other things is set down in front of him as he slides back into the booth next to Katherine. He glances sidelong at her with a triumphantly boyish smile, the smile of a sixteen year old boy she grew up with rather than the man he is now. "Oh, Kitty? She's got the grace of a sherman tank on the dance floor. I doubt that much has changed." He spares her a glance, gauging her reaction with an impish sparkle in those green eyes of his. His drink of choice is a stack of ice all the way to the brim of the glass with the plueral space filled up with what appears to be coke.

Cass has nothing to drink and nothing to eat, and he doesn't seem to be unhappy with his decision. A small smile on his face as Kyrie states her words. "Yeah…lotta math." he chuckles. "But, nothin' wrong with that." A shrug before Kate is talking about taking dance clances. He doesn't mess with hr about her dancing skills, though he nods lightly. "I'm not very hungry right now. So…eh." he shrugs, a smile for her. Though talk about her dancing does bring a smile to his face as he just locks eyes with her. Though Julian's words do cause him to remember her clumsiness, he speaks nothing of it. "When she's just in the music, she's actually a very good dancer."

"Find a partner who's light enough on their feet to get out from under yours?" Kyrie quips to Katherine and then nods enthusiastically to Cassius's words, "Dr. Wizard is totally right, Kit-Kat. I've found the best way is to just listen to the music and let it do the thinking for you. Turn off that big, beautiful thing between your ears and just be in the moment. All your fears? All your insecurities? Just let all the shit go. Is someone else watching? Fuck 'em. It's your body and you can do what you want with it. Get free and loose and just do what feels good." Kyrie's hands sweep through the air to emphasize her points, "And once you figure out how to lose yourself, that's when you can start picking up the techniques and learning the moves. It's kind of the opposite of what you'd think, but you have to give up control first to build it up after. Otherwise, it's just so mechanical and stilted, like a puppet hopping around on strings."

Katherine narrows her eyes at Julian, huffing out a breath. "Listen, that time I knocked you over? That was an accident." She insists, shaking her head as she gazes toward Kyrie. "Good advice, and I'll try again and hope that nothing gets broken or stepped on during the attempt." She winces as she gazes toward Cassius, gesturing toward him as a smile appears on her lips. "I stepped on him the other night, it was pretty bad." She leans over and plucks a crab rangoon from Julian's plate, biting into it. "So it looks like I'm going to turn on your station the next time your on, try to turn off my brain, and give dancing another shot." She looks thoughtful for a moment, laughing softly. "I'll need a volunteer to come help me with the damage that I do to the B&B the next day. Someone handy." She finishes off the appetizer and wipes her fingers on her napkin.

"That was -Homecoming- and we had a game the next day, I ended up playing with a sprained ankle!" But Julian takes the whole thing in stride and it seems like the two childhood friends have picked up right where they left off, with Julian already meticulously plucking out the hand food on his plate that he suspects Katherine would like - and sure enough, she's already snaking his crab rangoon! He peers at her with a mock-serious look then chuckles, throwing his arm up between his plate and her grasping fingers as he proceeds to chow down on his frog legs. The mention of a volunteer has Julian already shaking his head. "Oh, no way Kitty. Not this guy. You ain't ropin' this cowboy into your forray into dancing again." As if to accentuate his point, he scoots a few inches away from her, shooting her a purse-lipped look that quickly breaks out into an infectious smile. He takes a moment to appreciate his surroundings, leaning back in the booth, stretching an arm out, then offering Cassius, Kyrie, and finally Katherine a look and smile. "Thanks for letting me eat with you guys. I guess it's easy to forget that a little socialization is good for the soul when you live up in a cabin on the San Juan."

Cassius seems to look at Kyrie amusedly as she gives Kate her advice. Hey, it was good advice. just have fun when it?s time to dance. "Good advice." His eyes go to Kate as she seems interested in trying this dancing thing again and..it seems Cass is either fearless, brave, or stupid. "I'll dance with you again if you'll have me. It was fun last time we went dancing, even if we were stumbling everywhere." a warm and gentle smile before those eyes shift to Julian. "Rough man. Rough. and no worries. It's always good to meet someone new and just reset. Thanks for joining us, man. more the merrier."

Kyrie's smile skews as a glint of mischief lurks in her eyes, "Dancing alone is an alright start, I guess. But, the best way to learn is dive right in," she holds out a hand to Katherine, "Give me your phone. I'll put in my number and you can call or text and we'll hit up one of the local drinking holes, tear it up, and break some hearts. And, if we create a mess, you can just blame it all on me. See, no risk." She then turns her attention to Cassius and Julian and says, "And, if I've learned anything about Colorado men, is that they love to take a girl out for a twirl on the floor. I'll totally judge you if I see you out propping up a wall instead of making some pretty woman's night." And it seems Cassius is already stepping up. Smugly satisfied, Kyrie folds her arms and then glances down at her phone. "Shit. I'm late. Again. I have to run, but it's been really cool. Juju," she says to Julian, "Stop hiding in the valley. I want to see your face more often."

Katherine hands over her phone with a laugh, her eyes shifting to Julian for a moment. "Listen, you asked me to Homecoming, and you knew what you were getting into. I have tripped over you, knocked you over and bumped you off of swing sets since we were old enough to run around together." She rolls her eyes and gazes back toward Kyrie as she hands her phone back. "It was nice to meet you, and we'll get together soon I hope." She slips her phone into the back pocket, and points toward something at the buffet, reaching over to snag some chicken from Julian's plate. She smiles at Cassius and lets out a soft chuckle. "She told me to turn off my brain and try to dance, that's going to be an alone project. If I break something, you've just volunteered to fix it though. Congrats." She takes a bite of her pilfered chicken and lets out a contented sigh.

JuJu. Julian quirks an eyebrow. Well, that's a new one. He takes it with a smile though, and for a moment he's dialed into Kyrie as she goes on about Colorado men. He puts his drink to his lips just to prevent the rumble of laughter building in his chest. But the sparkle in those emeralds of his says it all. "The walls don't need my help holding up the roof." Cassius' welcoming vibe is rubbing off on Julian, who seems to be much more relaxed and less strung out since he first arrived. "Alright, alright. I'll make it a point to stop by the KROQ (he pronounces it "Croc" rather than its acronym) so I can put a face to the voice more often then." Katherine's admission about their history has Julian just shaking his head, though he easily falls for her gesture out at the buffet and glances curiously - just to look back and discover that the brunette has pilfered one of his teryaki chicken kabobs. "You keep this up and you're gonna owe me a meal, Kitty Leigh." He remarks between mouthfuls of frog leg. As Kyrie rises from the table, reflexively, Julian does too out of respect. "It honestly was good to finally meet you, Miss Morgan. I'll have a story to tell the boys at work tomorrow."

Cassius seems to frown lightly before he just shrugs. Oh well, no dancing for him. but at least he gets to help Kate out, so….guess it's worth it. He does stand up if only to show respect to Kyrie as she leaves. "It was nice meeting you. Good luck with your station." he smiles with a bow of his head Before he sits back down. Though honestly? it was good to see Julian just relax and feel at home. It was…good to just be around people who arn't trying to kill you for a change. Regardless, Cass seems reminded about something. "Oh, Kate, before I forget I need to talk to you later. at home. it's important…if I may." Always respectful no matter who he speaks to. Though his eyes find Julian once again. "You mentioned the war. Take it you served?" he then realizes his question. "Sorry…that was probably a too personal question." But despite Cassius's youth, a lifetime of battle exists behind those eyes. he understands.

Kyrie tilts her head at Julian's formality and then dips into a playful curtsey, "Well, Mr. Julian," she begins in the hammiest southern belle accent imaginable, "The pleasure was greatly reciprocated. You may certainly call upon me at a future date. If you gentleman will be so kind as to excuse me, I will leave you and the lovely Miss Kitty to finish your meal." She accentuates her gag with a wink and a wave of her fingers before she pirouettes and heads for the door. For someone who is frequently late, she seems to move with a noticeably relaxed gait as she heads off into the night.

Katherine chews on the chicken, paying Julian no mind as she finishes the kabob. "I already owe you a meal, I'll cook you one." She shrugs a shoulder, gesturing in the vague direction of the Bed and Breakfast. "I'm serving breakfast and lunch now, you could stop by for either of them." She leans in a bit, picking up her bag from the floor, nodding at Cassius. "Sure, after I leave here, I'm going to go home and get things ready for tomorrow morning." She looks thoughtful for a moment before she raises both eyebrows. "Or, if you want, I can give you the money you spent for the buffet?" She says towards Julian, grinning slightly. "Since I ate a bit of it."

Julian watches Kyrie make her exit, quite amused with the whole exchange and shakes his head. He settles back into his seat next to Katherine, reaching over without hesitating and flicking at her bangs in a boyishly playful gesture. "Don't think I didn't see that." He glances meaningfully at his plate which is sorely lacking more food, but the stern expression easily melts. "Breakfast will work. I'm looking forward to you showing off for me." He adds, unable to stop smiling as he regards the girl. Suddenly, it almost feels like they're kids again with the way she keeps trying to snake his food off his plate. He even nudges his shoulder into hers in much the same way they used to. Those flirty little exchanges that are equal parts light hearted and meaningful. The expression on his face falters, however, when Cassius presses about the war. Julian's eyes glaze over slightly and he stares at his glass for a moment until finally he shrugs indifferently. "It happened. Now it's over and I'm back home." His attention re-focuses and he offers Cassius a dismissive wave, "Don't worry about it." The wave of his hand also brings his wrist in line with his eyes and he glances down at his watch. "It's getting late and I still have a haul back up the San Juan." He pauses, glancing at Katherine and managing a smile. "It was good to see you again Kitty-Leigh. Cassius."

Cassius gives an appreciative look to Kate at her easy acceptance of his request,, though his eyes shift between Kate and Julian, a small breath escaping his features. Though as he sees Julian turn extremely serious, hey, it was a question…but, perhaps there are some things, whether you relate or not, that you just shouldn't ask about. As Julian stands up, so does Cassius. "It was good meeting you, Julian. Hope to see you around." A smile touches his lips before he sits back down, looking to Kate. "Would you like help setting everything up for tomorrow?"

"You couldn't eat all of that anyway." Katherine mutters under her breath, grinning in his direction when he nudges and bumps into her. "Breakfast. I'll make plenty of bacon, since that used to be your favorite." She leans in to give Julian a kiss on the cheek, sweet and kind, before she starts to push at him so she can get up and away from the table. She nearly upends herself, laughing but she manages to stand up straight without a disaster. "Safe travels home, Julian, and if I don't see you soon, I'm sending someone out to find you." She points in his direction, her eyes narrowing slightly. She turns to Cassius as she slings her purse over her shoulder. "Did you walk or drive here? I walked, and I'm going to hike up the hill to home. Meet you there?" She shakes her head back and forth, smiling easily. "It's fine, setting up for breakfast takes all of ten minutes."

"Still is." Julian quips quickly, leaning in to accept the quick peck and then climbing to his feet. As he's walking away, he briefly glances back, shooting Katherine the same mock-peer/stare that she's sending him and once, again, that feeling of nostalgia washes over him. He tips his non-existent hat in their direction then turns around again and heads for the exit.

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