(2018-09-09) Pleasant(?) Reunions
Professor Cassius Merlyn and Officer Franklin Payne meet again after five years. They make a deal.

It was just one of those days.

Cassius had arrived back in Calaveras maybe about a week ago? He had already joined University Staff as a physics professor and he's now just put a down payment on a home in Cedar Pines. Well, a home that was just fully bought! He can now move out of that bed and breakfast and save his cash better. He had just started walking along the sidewalk, heading to the dealer to finalize the purchase.

But…it's a bit of a gaunt, and Cass didn't want to waste gas so he's just walking. He could be spotted by anyone…

Especially a burly cop he had a nasty fight with just five years previous.


Frank is just having one of those days. Recently the local peace has been rather fragile, so he's been extra vigilante looking out for potential trouble. His squad car is parked down the street, and the big guy is nursing a coffee in a foam cup, keeping an eye out through his mirrorshades. He's looking for suspicious characters, rough-looking characters and strangers, not this guy.

Oh yes, Frank recognizes the guy from five years ago. In fact, he does a double-take, even peeling off his mirrorshades to make sure he's seeing correctly. "Shit." He rumbles to himself when he confirms his suspicions; the foam cup is stuffed into the cupholder, and Frank takes a moment to look up and down the street. Locals. tourists. The cop doesn't want this to turn into a frigging shootout right now!

So instead of rushing out to tackle Cassius with guns blazing, Frank puts his glasses back on, and patiently waits until the man is approaching his position. Then unhurriedly, he opens the door and steps out on to the sidewalk, intercepting the man but keeping a distance between them. "I gotta say," He announces. "You're the last person I expected to see, just waltzing down the street."


So…it's REALLY good that Frank didn't come out guns blazing. Last time that happened it didn't end too well for him. But, Cassius pauses when he sees the large cop. Shit. He makes no facial reaction, but he does sigh. Another part of the past come back to haunt him. But he eventually puts his hands in his coat pockets. Clearly nothing was in them. Even a seasoned cop like Franklin could see that.

"Officer Payne, I believe it was." Cassius clearly remembers him. Did his research in case he needed to make another hit. But thankfully, he got out of the game. "Feelings mutual." he pauses. "But…headed to the dealer. I bought a home in Cedar Pines." a silence then as he looks around.

Well, there's no snipers, so this wasn't planned…which means nobody is after him because they are smart. Good. Don't bring a warrior out of peace.

"Sorry about last time." he states simply. though it was clear regret was in his eyes. Though he didn't look like he was apologizing because he might be arrested. More like apologizing because Frank and him had to kick the shit out of each other.


The big cop gives Cassius the once over. Twice over. Thrice over. The guy is a hit-man who murdered people in a public spot; Frank isn't going to be careless around him. The man's pockets are visually checked. No weapons evident, that's good. Hands resting on his hips, Frank gives Cassius an upnod, but keeps his voice quiet so no one other than the two of them can hear.

"You know there's still a warrant out for your arrest here." He tells the ex-hit-man. "What do you mean, buying a home? Don't tell me you're here for retirement, after so many years." His voice is stern, but there is something to be said about the fact that despite his words, Frank hasn't made any attempt to perform said arrest. Curious.


Cassius seems to take notice that Franklin hasn't even attempted to arrest him yet. Odd. Either way, Cass just looks Frank in the eyes. "Franklin, I'm out." He tells the man. "It's been…almost 2 years now. I've put away the guns. the killing. All of it. It's behind me." He states then. "and yeah, I'm here to retire. To live a life I don't deserve. To live a good life." He knows there's a warrant with his name on it somewhere.

"Some part of me thinks you believe me…could explain why you haven't tried arresting me or shooting me yet." He states then, still quiet enoug hthat only the two of them can hear. He takes a breath then. "Five years ago, I made a choice. Shoot you in the head and leave no evidence, or leave knowing my job was done. I chose the latter." revealing that he had the choice and the oppurtunity to end Franklin…but didn't.

"I'm done with that life, Officer."


The frown on Frank's face is clear indication of his inner conflict, as he continues to regard Cassius closely. There is no response from him for long moments, and eventually he looks this way and that, making sure no one is nearby to overhear. Oh wait, a pair of old ladies are just trudging past, and Frank politely nods to them. "Ma'am." Patiently waiting for them to pass, the cop then turns back to Cassius.

"Let's make something clear here." He rumbles. "I didn't try to arrest you or shoot you, not because I believe or don't believe your story about 'retirement'. You committed murder; you're still guilty." Beat. "But five years ago, you chose not to shoot me when you could've. I thought about that a lot over the years. I always wondered why, but of course that's because you are a professional. And as far as I know, you shot a bunch of dirtbags, people who would've let a real bad guy walk away from prison." He frowns deeper and shakes his head. "None of that means you're an innocent man, but in a way, I feel I owe you one."


Cassius watches the old women walk across and he gives a nod. "You have a good day, ma'am. Ma'am." he says to both elderly women, even helping one of them climb across a step-up in a sidewalk before his attention returns to Franklin. Not wanting to fight at all, he simply shuts up and listens.

He seams to take a breath then, as if he was prepared for Franklin to make the attempt…..but then it doesn't happen. But then he's told that Frank feels he owes Cass one for not putting him down when they fought, even though he had the perfect chance. He offers Franklin a light nod. "Because you were innocent." he states then. he sighs. "So then…where does that leave us?"


"I'm not the only one who saw you that day." Frank tells Cassius bluntly. "I'm going to pretend I don't recognize you, but if someone else identifies you, it's on you, not me." A hand is lifted and a finger pointed vaguely in Cassius' direction. "I'll be watching you though. If you're genuinely looking to retire and turn over a new leaf, you watch yourself in Calaveras. Cuz if you're here to cause trouble, I won't look again next time. Consider that my payment for my debt."


Cassius looks to Frank, nodding a few times. Honestly, he'd be surprised if other cops even recognized him. But! Cassius gives Frank an appreciative smile and a small nod of his head. "Thanks. Really, it means the world." He smiles to him then. Didn't want any trouble. He already buried a LOT of bodies of the bad guys. He didn't want to hurt a good guy…hell, he didn't even want to hurt anybody. But, he smiles to him. "Thanks Officer." he looks around then. "How about I buy you lunch sometime. Help make up for it." He smiles then. Extending that olive branch a little further.


Frank gives Cassius an odd look, complete with a pronounced brow-arch. Abruptly, he breaks into an incredulous laugh, hands on hips and shaking his head as he looks back and forth. "A hitman whom I shot at and tried to kill me, is going to have lunch with me five years later." He stops and wags a finger at Cassius. "That is pretty comically absurd. Don't worry, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other." He promises, and adds before turning to head back to his squad car: "Good luck with your house."


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