(2018-09-09) Just a shoot out, things are fine here.
Ordinary errands are interrupted when someone decides to go on a shooting spree down the strip.

Emerson Drug

Stepping inside is like stepping back in time. The pharmacy is in the very, very back with the pharmacist on a raised dais, his tall counters between. There are three stalls for one to walk up to and speak with a pharmacist or an assistant. The employees wear white lab coats with their name embroidered on the left chest.

To the immediate left of the entrance is an area for over the counter medicines with an elderly lady manning the register there. To the immediate right is an old fashioned soda fountain mixing up shakes, malts and other things such as, Shirley temples, ginger ale, cream soda, root beer on tap. Light snacks such as cheese fries, nachos and other finger foods are also for sale. The counter between customer and soda shop worker serves as a table for the customer with low fixed stool type chairs covered in gold flecked vinyl/plastic.

A pharmacy! It's the sort of place that everyone in town has to go to eventually, so it's not altogether odd to run into the same faces. Quite a few of the local Calaveras residents are in the drug store today, some hanging around the soda fountain and satisfying their sweet tooth. Abby is there, but not quite among them as she's wandered to the back to get in line for the actual pharmacist. She's rocking on her heels, watching the person in front of her as they figure out some insurance information. Outside the weather is starting to really cool down, the air is chill and a fine mist coats everything. It's the kind of weather that's just sort of gross. It's also really terrible for your hair, if you're concerned about that sort of thing.

Who's got two thumbs and comes to the pharmacy for cheese fries? Well, not this guy apparently. The bell above the door chimes as Luke steps into the pharmacy, a rueful glance given to the counter where the soda fountain sits. He puffs air into his cheeks and exhales it in a huff, slouching as he walks past the counter calling his name, and straight into the line for the pharmacist, pulling out a folded piece of paper from his pocket. He checks the information, frowning to himself, and then looks down the line, happening to stare straight into the back of Abby's head. "And so we meet in yet another line," he intones in a dramatically deep voice. "Will this, too, be a line that lasts forever? We shall find out, on this episode of - Days of Our Lines."

Is it morning? The afternoon? Either way, it's daylight which means it is way too early for Kyrie to be wandering about. A pair of dark sunglasses and a scrunchy do their best to contain her enthusiasm at being out at this hour. However, a ray of hope brightens her bleak mood as she enters the pharmacy and spots a friend from a few nights back. A none-too-innocent grin slides across her lips as she slips up next to the woman and says in greeting, "Hey Abbs-olutely Fabulous. What are getting today? Something fun for later? I hear they keep the best stuff behind the counter." She gives Luke a quick wink in greeting.

The sudden presence of not one but two people talking to her is enough to startle Abby, she was doing an excellent job of zoning out as she stared into the head of the person in front of her. There's a small, muffled squeak before she covers her mouth and it only kind of draws the attention of the most immediate surrounding customers. Clearing her throat to regain her composure, she looks back over her shoulder (and up) at Luke, smirking. "I think this one is going to move at a normal pace. Maybe not fast, but not forever and a day." Next for attention is Kyrie and she laughs outright at the questions. "No, just picking something up for my mom. Slightly less exciting."

The squeak from Abby brings out a laugh from Luke, though he does his best to muffle the sound into a cough. Still, his eyes spark, and he gives Abby an amused glance. "Sorry if I startled you," he says to her, before his attention swings over to Kyrie. She gets a broad grin. "Hey-hey, LA," he greets, emphasis on the rhyming cant, looking between the two women. "Have you googled this one yet, Abby?" he points a thumb to Kyrie. "She's made some absolutely killer music. The Justin Bieber thing makes me question your taste though, Kyrie," he squints at her critically. "I'm gonna call it a lapse in judgment?" He chuckles in a good-natured manner, likely teasing her. Probably. Then his attention flashes back to the line. "Hopefully you're right, unless that person at the end pulls out her coupon book.."

At Abby's laughter, Kyrie smiles even brighter. Mission accomplished. "Yeah?" she says with empathy pulling out a crumpled and folded sheet of paper from her pocket, "I'm on errand duty too. Gramps wants me to pick up a few things before I head out to his place for Sunday dinner. I guess he likes to live on the wild side sending someone like me to pick up his meds. But, hey, he didn't say I couldn't throw in a few extras. Any suggestions?" She reaches up and adjusts her glasses before responding to Luke, "Don't believe everything you read on TMZ, Doolittle. Half that stuff is just made up by publicists. To be honest, I don't even remember meeting Biebs. Was there video? I mean it could have happened… "

Yes, yes. Laugh it up! Abby snorts softly at Luke as he tries to keep it together. "I haven't! Justin Bieber? Now I'm definitely going to. Worked with him?" She's happy to get in on this little snippet of celebrity gossip while they're all trapped in line together. "Sometimes when I see video clips of him, he looks pretty spaced out. Is he just high all the time?" She's not specifically asking Kyrie that last one, though she does hazard a quick glance her way at the end. "A few extras? Oh, you should try the generic chewable vitamins that they sell here. They're really good." Her expression is genuinely earnest on that one, it seems like she has to be serious. Must be!

Everything is pretty normal inside and outside. No one is whipping out any coupon books, thankfully. But there is the loud screeching of tires against the pavement from down the road, like someone just rounded a corner much too quickly.

"I'm picking up meds for mom," Luke chimes in, showing off his prescription as though it were official documentation to join the 'errands club'. "And I'm absolutely sure that he's high 24/7. I'd be high all the time if I was him, too, to get away from the shame of that horrible music I made. Although that one song is kind of catchy, the one where everybody's twerking in the video?" He rolls his shoulders into a slow shrug, his lips curving into a mild smirk as he exchanges a few glances between Abby and Kyrie. "I second the vitamins, actually. Do they have the gummy kind in stock? They're shaped like little fruits, -very- tasty." He was about to say something else when the screeching of tires outside catches his attention, Luke straightening up to flash a glance out the window with a small frown. "Sounds like somebody's driving like an idiot out there," he grumbles.

"Oh my God, Abbs. Vitamins? We really have to work on your idea of a good time," Kyrie shakes her head in mock scolding as Luke joins in, "C'mon guys. There's like a whole section of novelty cards over there and a racks and racks of junk food. I can't tell you how many nights have been saved by a renegade bag of M&M's. Or," she taps a finger to the edge of her lips, "We could get spicier. They sell, like, stuff for couples right? You know what I mean? What if we …" Kyrie's line of mischief is suddenly derailed by the scream of the tires, "Really?" she exclaims, "How insecure must that guy be to drive like that? Jackass."

"Vitamins are really important if you want to stay healthy while consuming massive amounts of junk food!" Though it's true, she could use her 'good time' calibrator adjusted. As Luke goes on to describe what his life would be like as Justin Bieber, Abby starts to laugh, "I like that song. A lot of them are pretty catchy, he's not rich for no reason at all." She sighs and glances back at the guy in front of her who seems to have settled up his insurance issue and is now moving along. Which means that Abby is moving along, presenting the script to the pharmacist and engaging in small talk. Yes, her dad is doing okay. Her mom is holding on there too. Yep, the weather outside is kind of gross today. The screeching tires brings her attention briefly over her shoulder, but she can't see the lunatic driver so she just goes back to settling up.

It's daytime and slightly cool out, with an obnoxious mist that's clinging to everything and everyone. There's a line at the pharmacy and bunch of townies hanging out by the soda fountain. Outside, some maniac is careening down the streets in their car. From a distance, there's a sound of 'POP, POP, POP'. It could be the car backfiring, but it's enough to get the old people leaning forward in their seats to get a peak outside.

The sounds outside have distracted Luke to a point where he's only vaguely aware that Kyrie's teasing and Abby's moved down in line. The sudden POP POP POP! has clearly disturbed him, and there's an unsettling feeling that takes over the man - stiff shoulders, tensed jaw, and he shifts on sneakered feet to the side to peer around Kyrie and towards the window. "Hm? Yeah, you should buy some of that numbing lube or something, I bet your grandpa would love it," he says vaguely to Kyrie, looking back over his shoulder to Abby. "Hold my place," he mumbles to Kyrie, and then steps out of the line so that he can get a better look out the window and see what in the hell is going on out there.

Ethan had been just outside, under the eaves of the building, trying to do what he's always doing before he comes into a room: finish a cigarette. But he gives up on that notion, flicks the cigarette into a shallow puddle, and steps in like a second after all that pop-pop-popping, jingling the bell over the door and following an elderly man with a walker, who can be heard cursing in oldmanspeak about goddamn kids. Luke is pretty much immediately visible, on account of trying to get a good look at the goings on, and it's to him that he pantomimes a telephone. "Somebody should probably call the sheriff."

In Kyrie's mind, the first sign of trouble is that everyone has stopped paying attention to her. It's only then that a more rational thought enters her consciousness and she says, "Oh shit. Is that?…oh man … this is not good." She takes an instinctive step backwards and says to anyone nearby, "Maybe everyone should get back away from the widows or something? Geeze, is there some kind of active shooter protocol we're supposed to know?" She looks back and forth as if waiting for some kind of authority figure to take charge. Sure, "the man" is a hassle when you're trying to have a good time, but when there is gunfire? Well, she probably wouldn't be too bothered by a police officer walking in right about now.

Abby is still making small talk with the pharmacist who seems to be explaining the entire lifestory of his grandson (he's going to be a dentist, did you guys know that?!) while she nods along politely. Yes, yes, that's very nice. "How long is that going to take?" The pop popping noise has her glancing back again, frowning when she notices people moving to the window and Ethan suggesting someone call the sheriff.

It's around the time that telephone charades are going down that the car gets closer to their section of the street. It's not like the movies, where chaos erupts from seemingly out of nowhere. There's plenty of warning, but the fact is, virtually no one in the room recognizes it's coming. Except maybe Luke, Kyrie (Ethan?) and a few others. The pop-pop is not the backfiring of a car's engine, instead, it's the sound of a gun. From down the road comes glass shattering and then the delayed sound of people screaming.

And finally, in Emerson Drug, the big window out to the street shatters in a waterfall of glass that comes spraying into the room. It's dramatic and a flashy and they're definitely going to have to throw out those cheese fries. Damn those petty criminals.

<FS3> Luke rolls Alertness: Good Success. (3 1 8 7 3 3)

Luke flashes a glance to Ethan and the phone-cherades; he's made it about three steps to the window before something just felt off. And then there was the screeching of the tires round another corner, and Luke's stumbling backwards. "Shit shit shit," he starts to mumble, and then - "EVERYBODY GET AWAY FROM THE WINDOW, NOW!" the words burst out of him in a firm, sharp bark of an order, a warning that comes a few seconds before gun-fire rains down to shatter the glass window. Luke manages to shove Kyrie with an outstretched arm towards one of the solid shelving units since she was closest to him, before he twists and practically barrels into Abby, tackling her right to the floor. Which in any other situation would look completely suspicious.

"Fuck!" Kyrie screams out as the glass shatters, any hope of eloquence or witty banter splintering as fast as the broken glass cascading across the floor. Luke's shove catches her off-guard and she tumbles into the shelves, knocking several packages of over-the-counter drugs onto the floor. Her hands draw up to cover her head and she falls down, curling into an almost fetal position as she tries to protect herself. It is only when the cacophony of widow shards exploding subsides that she is able to find a voice. "Get down," she says to those near her, although her words lacks any kind of strength or authority and she asks as much of herself as anyone else, "Is everyone alright? Is anybody hit?"

Both Ethan and the old man take a spray of glass when the window they're right next to shatters, and it's hard to say if either of them scream (or, like, groan in a totally manly way), 'cause damn near everybody is screaming in that exact moment. He more curls into a crouch than anything, taking the old man down by the arm with him as a rain of shards tinkles to the floor around him. The old man's not looking good, gray-faced when he plops down into the broken glass, and Ethan successfully cuts the shit out of his hands in trying to duck below the horizon of the building. Several people, with good presence of mind, are already on their phones, and - somewhere in town - the 9-1-1 switchboard lights right up.

Abby still thinks that the noise is all a car with a bad engine, right up until the moment that someone tackles her. "Sure, yeah. I have my mom's card on me." She tells the pharmacist, handing it over to the now distracted man. She's just starting to twist around when Luke pretty much takes her out. The only thing that stops her from trying to throw an elbow into his face is that a second later the window explodes and the noise from the outside rips into the inside. There's screaming from every direction and she spends several seconds, which aren't that long but they feel //very/ long, with her hands over her head. When it becomes clear that there isn't going to be a second spray of bullets in the immediate future (the car tires screech their way down the road), she starts to move again and joins the chorus of, "Is everyone okay?"

Luke spends the next seeral seconds with one arm over his head and his frame twisted over Abby's like some kind of make-shift shield, until the tires screech away outside and all that's left is the screaming. It's another second before he pulls away, looking glassy-eyed but moving on momentum and adrenline alone, looking Abby over to make sure she didn't catch a stray bullet or a stray piece of glass, before he pulls her to her feet as he rises to his own. He's already pulling out his phone, blindly thumbing 9-1-1 as he crunches oever broken glass to where Kyrie's sprawled over in a mess of pharmaceuticals and shelving units. "Are you okay?" he grips up her arm to help her up, then squints across to Ethan, ducked in the front of the building. "Ethan," he barks; he's no emotion, all business, "Are you hurt?"

"Mister Jenkins is having a heart attack!" proclaims one of the people at the soda fountain, and it does appear that Mr. Jenkins is in no small amount of distress - though whether it's a full-on heart attack or just standard old guy palpitations remains to be seen.

Next to him, Ethan scrabbles to his knees, wincing at glass grinding through jeans, and calls back, "I mean, I've been better," toward Luke. "But this old guy is not looking good." Hissing against the cuts in his hands and the pain in his knees, he shakes the (now unconscious) old guy a couple times.

Kyrie shakes her head slowly as if trying to wake herself from a bad dream. And then there's Luke's voice which pulls her out of her fugue and she replies, "I…I don't know. I don't think I got shot. Am I bleeding?" As she is pulled to her feet she winces and mumbles a string of obscenities under her breath as she pulls her foot off the grown and leans on the overturned shelf. "I think I fucked up my ankle," she says but her attention is immediately drawn to Jenkins and Ethan, "Dammit. Is anyone here a doctor?" It stands to reason. This /IS/ a pharmacy, "Somebody help him. Please."

<FS3> Abby rolls Mind + First Aid: Great Success. (8 7 3 5 3 8 8 6)

What a great place to have an emergency! The drug store is full of a variety of first aid items and thankfully no one has to resort to looting, since the pharmacist himself joins the mass hysteria and starts helping people out and encouraging anyone with the ability to use a pair of tweezers to join in. Abby is back on her feet again (thanks Luke) and starts to crunch over the glass in Ethan's direction. But since he doesn't look like he's having a heart attack or bleeding to death, she's going to mostly ignore him unless he says something to her. "Mister Jenkins? Hey, can you look at me?" She asks, kneeling down in front of him. It turns out that despite not knowing what a gun shot sounds like or being able to navigate physical spaces without knocking shit over, she actually did make it through med school. And so all of her focus goes into assessing this Jenkins guy.

"No, no. You're fine. You need to sit," Luke fusses over Kyrie for half a second, helping her out of the glass and the broken shelves to a place where she can sit down, before his attention flashes back to Jenkins and Ethan. "Just sit," he says again, before he stumbles his way through the mess to make his way to Ethan and the old man, grabbing a pack of bandages on his way. "You got this?" he says to Abby as she assesses the old man, and crouches down by Ethan. He's no ER doctor, but he's got gauze and Ethan's bleeding, so he starts getting to work.

In the distance, sirens can be heard, which suggests help is on the way.

<FS3> Luke rolls Mind + First Aid: Good Success. (2 6 8 2 7 2 3)

With Luke's assistance, Kyrie hobbles over to one of the stools and settles in. High-heeled boots may be perfect for the glam-rock fashionista, but they are a hazard when it comes to dodging bullets and taking falls. "Yeah," she replies to Luke, "I'll be fine. Just… you know." Her voice trails off as she struggles to get her bearings, her hand holding on to the rail alongside the counter for reassurance of some kind of stability. She bites her lower lip anxiously as she watches the assorted medical emergencies with Jenkins and Ethan.

Ethan defers to the professionals immediately, scooting off to one side, interested but smart enough to stay out of the damn way. Almost absently, he picks one or two pieces of glass out of his palms, telling Luke, "I'm all right, man. But - sonofabitch, my fucking cameras." He's up abruptly, pushing toward the blown-out door, which is now hopelessly clotted with onlookers.

Mr. Jenkins, meanwhile, mutters incoherently at Abby. The pharmacist shouts over the lingering din, "He's here for his nitro prescription! Here, here," and (with some scattered help from an assistant) locates a bottle of pills that he lobs toward Abby.

"At least you're not unconscious…" Abby mutters to herself about Mr. Jenkins while he begins to mutter incoherently at her. When the pharmacist lobs the bottle of pills at her, she absolutely misses the catch. Look, softball was a long time ago! But it doesn't land too far away and after picking it up from the wreckage on the floor, she glances the label over. That bottle gets popped open and she's feeding Mr. Jenkins his nitroglycerin pills. "He needs to get to the hospital. Is 911 on the way?" She asks, watching him intently to make sure he doesn't just full on start dying on the floor.

But since this was a room full of people, there were probably about twenty calls into the local station. It's not long before they hear the sign of the ambulance speeding down the road. The siren a more welcome sound than a few minutes ago, along with the wail of police cars.

"You're covered in glass and bleeding and you're worried about your fuckin' cameras, man?" Luke shakes his head incredulously, managing to slap on a ribbon of gauze around Ethan's hand before the man gets up to walk towards the blown out door. There's another flash of a glance to Abby, but since she seems to have everything under control? He pushes up off the floor, brushing glass off his pants, assessing the room for anyone else that needs immediate attention. But Mr. Jenkins is the only one that seems to be at the risk of dying, and so it's with a scrunched up face that he retreats back to Kyrie, looking suddenly exhausted, probably from all the adrenline puttering out. The sirens were a welcome sound, so he slumps beside her, and hunches over, running his hands through his hair. "Shit," he mumbles under his breath.

"Shit. Mega shit," Kyrie replies in sympathy with Luke as she watches Abby work her magic and save lives. "You know, when Gramps said that I'd be better off moving to Calaveras because I could use the rest and it was a quiet little town, I guess he sort of forgot to mention the drive by shootings." She forces a smile because the situation is really freaking her out. Unfortunately, she can't keep up the attempt at levity and asks, "Is the old guy going to be o.k.? He has to be, right?"
GAME: Save complete.

Ethan defends his priorities unapologetically. "It's forty bucks to go to urgent care, that equipment cost - " Some amount he never gets to, 'cause he wads up the helpful gauze in his hands, pushing through the crowd of people that both don't want to be here and can't bring themselves to leave, making it to the parking lot right when the 5-0 come screaming onto the scene. Fortunately, he's white, so they don't just shoot him on sight, but there's definitely some shouting going on outside while the boys in blue ascertain that the actual bad guy fled the scene.

Good old Mr. Jenkins gets the pill down his throat, gagging some, but it's probable that he's not about to expire right then and there. Still, he clings with one old clawhand to Abby's wrist, squeezing it appreciatively. His breathing is labored, but he is breathing, and help is on the way~!

The scene now explodes into a different sort of chaos with cops and EMTs and people milling around. The screams of fear have died down and now everything is just shouting as a few try to mitigate the rambling mess of people and flashing lights. Somewhere in this, the ambulance rolls up to the front of the pharmacy and a stretcher is hauled out for Mr. Jenkins. "Doctor Thatcher?" The EMTs only look kind of surprised to see someone they know there and after a quick exchange between them and Abby, it becomes clear that she's going to be traveling with them back to the hospital. There isn't really time for any 'bye, see you laters!'. And she doesn't pick up the prescription, pretty terrible afternoon.

"It never used to be like this," Luke says to Kyrie with a scrunch to his brow, shaking his head. He casts a look back to Jenkins and Abby, his lips curling into a frown. "I think he's gonna be fine," he says with some certainty and a lot of forced optimism. "Abby's with him, and she's a good doctor, and the ambulance is on it's way.." And just like that, the cops and EMTs start pouring in to assess the scene, and it's most certain that some of them are going to be asked to make a statement. So Luke pushes himself up to his feet, flagging down one of the EMTs not working on Mr. Jenkins. "She needs somebody to look at her ankle, it's probably sprained," he says of Kyrie, furrowing his brow. "I'm gonna go talk to the police. I'll call you later, make sure you're ok," he says to Kyrie, and then fades into the background!

Kyrie nods to Luke, "Yeah, alright. Once the docs and cops say I can go, I'm going to catch an Uber out to Grampa's place." She watches Abby get caught up in the wave of responders and sighs lightly, a mix of admiration and envy touching on her expression. She takes another look around the chaotic scene and presses her lips together. Not the Sunday she was planning. Not at all.

Ethan is outside, trying to talk the police into not impounding his mom's car, which has the back window blown out. This goes on for a while, till they finally threaten to arrest his stupid-ass, and he gives up. #fuckthapolice

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