(2018-09-09) Following Up at the ER
Chief McIntyre arrives at the ER to find out what happened at Emerson's.

Emergency Room

The front of the ER has double sliding doors that lead to a circle drive for ambulance drop off, as well as two sliding doors leading into the hospital proper for patients that may have come in themselves. There is a semi-circular check in station with professional ready to quickly triage incoming patients. There is a waiting area between both sets of doors that includes a TV monitor, couches and chairs for patients and even a play area for children with small toys and coloring books, most of which are used and/or broken. There is a vending area opposite the waiting area that includes an aquarium and several large plants. The fish inside are the glo-fish and black lighting is provided within.

The ER has been an explosion of activity tonight. Abby's day started when she showed up not in her car, but in the back of an ambulance as one of the ride ons. She was with an elderly man who'd had a heart attack in the wake of a drive by shooting at Emerson's Drug Store (and the other surrounding stores). It's been a few hours since then and the afternoon and evening haven't been any better. By this point, she's by the doors to the exit and catching her breath. It's time to fix her hair and trying to compose herself before she goes back into the fray of work, work, work.

The ER wasn't the only kind of explosion. As soon as the drive by of the Emerson's Drug store happened, along with the heart attack of the elderly man, AJ drove down to the hospital immediately while he sent four or five officers to the drug store to investigate the scene of the crime and to fight off any gunmen that were still there and/or see if they could tail the one doing the drive-by. it was better safe than sorry. Thus, AJ walks into the ER and manages to get throug henoug people to find Abby. "Oi, lass." AJ calls to Abby as he jogs up to her. "What the bloody hell happened?"

Abby is enjoying that cool night air (though it's misty as hell out, which is kind of annoying). When she hears the recognizable voice of Chief McIntyre, she twists around until she can catch sight of him. "It's been a busy day. We had a drive by at the drug store today, no one was hit but an older gentleman was pushed to the brink. He's stable though, resting inside. They shot out the big glass window, it was a scary mess." She frowns at the memory of it and crosses her arms over her chest. Her clothes are casual, no scrubs. Just the white lab coat thrown over whatever she was wearing when the shooting happened. "The rest is just… you know. The usual crap."

AJ walks up beside Abby, hands resting on the railing outside before he takes that light breath. "Damn. Were you able to see what the shooter or shooters looked like? any classic gang appearance?" he asks curiously. She was there at the incident apparently, so he asks, but he rubs his head. "Are you alright? didn't get hit anywhere?"

"No, I don't see anything at all actually. I was at the pharmacy window picking up a prescription for my parents," Abby shakes her head in the negative. "I did hear the car as it was approaching. The tires sort of screeched, like they took a corner too hard. Then I heard a loud popping noise, several times. I thought it was just the car backfiring, but then the noises happened again and the window shattered. I guess they hit the store next to us first." When he asks if she was hurt at all, she quickly shakes her head. "No, I'm fine. Thankfully a friend knocked me to the ground before anything could happen."

AJ appears to be taking mental notes, pulling out a piece of note paper and a pen and writing the information she tells him down. "Alright…" he puts everything back in it's proper pockets. A small sigh then. Though he appears to look extremely relieved when Abby says that she was fine. "Good thing you had a friend there to help you get down. I'm just happy you and the elderly fellow that you brought in is alright." he leans more fully against that railing, looking at Abby. "You can vent at me if you want lass…it's not an easy thing to brush off, being in the location of a hit and run." he offers his ears to her to vent to if she wishes.

"Yeah, me too. Though to be honest I still didn't realize it was a gun until the glas broke. I actually didn't understand for a second why someone was shoving me onto the ground, I thought about putting my elbow into his nose. But then it was just chaos and screaming." Abby shakes her head, not entirely thrilled with recounting all of that awful fallout. "No, it's fine. I'm fine. I've just been working since we brought him in, I never even picked up the prescription. I did pay for it though." Which means it's probably still there!

AJ smiles a bit. "Woulda been funny if you did." He tries to get her to smile a bit. "Well…are you still working on patients here? We can always go back to the pharmacy and get your prescription. I'll drive ya?" He asks her curiously. "But, I understand if you want to give it a day or two to let the scare rest." He didn't want to foce her to go out where there was just a shooting after all.

"I think if I hurt him, I would have been pretty mortified. Given the circumstances," Abby replies with a grimace, sweeping her hair up into a ponytail. "I'm going to be here all night. Showing up in the ambulance sort of… ran into the time that I normally would have been here anyway. So now I'm staying on for the rest of my shift. I'll go and pick up the prescription tomorrow, I need to get my car from the parking lot."

AJ simply nods a bit, knowing the feeling all to well. But then again, AJ was former Marines, so he's long past the horror and shock of being shot at. A small smile is given to Abby before he gives a shrug of his shoulders. "I see. Well, how about tomorrow you give me a call and I'll drive you over. Is that alright? If you want to as well…we could maybe see a movie or somethin'?" he smiles then. Anything to kinda help her recoil from this.

Abby adjusts a stethoscope around her neck, watching AJ as her blue eyes widen incrementally. "I'll call an Uber," she explains while politely shaking her head. "I don't think that I'm going to be in a mood for a movie after I pick up my prescription from the place that was just a shot at in a drive by. That's if they're even open, they might not be."

AJ nods. "If you say so." he shrugs lightly to both answers. "Was just offerin' to help ya get yer mind off of it lass. It can and is a traumatic experience. But since you got it, I'll just leave it be." he didn't seem upset, far from it, he just knew when she was probably better left alone about it. "Well…are you good? ya need anythin' aside from yer car and yer prescriptions?"

"I know what it can be, I was there," Abby smiles at him, her lips pressed into a line. She glances to the parking lot beyond the exit and then tips her head in the direction of the ER. "No, I'm quite alright. Thank you for asking. I should probably get back in there, I'm sure that they're looking for me or will be soon." Almost as if on cue, a nurse pops his head from around the corner, "Doctor Thatcher? Mr. Jenkins is awake and he wanted to ask you if you knew the name of the guy who was with him at the drug store? He wants to send him a thank you note." Aw, thank you notes! She smiles and quickly assures the nurse she'll be on her way over. "Ah, see. Anyway, thank you for stopping by Chief McIntyre. Good luck with the investigation, I'm sorry that I couldn't help more."

Well, at least AJ got a smile out of her, though before he can already maybe see if there was anything else he could do for the lovely lady they are interrupted by a nurse. "Yeah. Don't worry about it. Just happy you're alright lass." he walks past her, and perhaps attempts to give her hand a quick squeeze in passing before he makes his way out.

Abby is pretty quickly on the move, probably too quickly for any hand squeezing to happen. She flashes him a quick smile over her shoulder before she assumes her 'work face' and disappears down a hallway with the nurse chatting over the subject of Mr. Jenkins and how well he's doing already. Hurray, he's probably going to live!

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