(2018-09-05) Where Everybody Knows Your Name
And they're always glad you came!

The Boardroom Calaveras
Wed Sep 05, 2018 — Wed Sep 05 21:24:22 2018

An old-school layout puts a wooden bar in the center of this small, hole-in-the-wall establishment, lacking for things like "free wi-fi" and slick interior design. The whole place has fewer than ten small, round tables with mismatched chairs scattered across the wooden floor and one curved bar in the middle with five stools in front of it. This is not the place to come asking for specialty liquors, but it's a decent joint if you're looking for some place downtown, and the location means it turns a good bit of business on a weekend. The food menu is limited: wings, fries, chili dogs, hamburgers, typical bar-food coming out of a tiny kitchen through the back. But there are decent beers on tap, and you can get a middle-of-the-road cocktail for a not-unreasonable price. There's one, good-sized TV stuck to the wall next to the bar, inevitably tuned to sports, and every other spare space on the wall is occupied by a random assortment of decorations - advertisements for liquor or local businesses, a smattering of framed photographs of South American scenery, pennants for the Rockies and the Broncos, and a dartboard at the back. The smell of beer, peanuts, and patrons hangs in the air, often battling with whatever song someone convinces the old-school jukebox to pump out.

Abby - 5'6, wavy dark hair, blue eyes.
Ethan - 6'1" tall, brown hair, brown eyes, good-looking.
Kyrie - Petite, blonde woman with a vibrant demeanor and wry smile.
Luke - a tall and leanly muscled man with dark blonde hair
Exits: [O] Main and Route 10

The game's not on - rain delay - but the TV by the bar is tuned to the rain delay info, but the bar seems to have figured out how to cope despite this. After work is its prime-time, and there's a good press of people in here tonight: the bar itself is full, and most of the tables are taken, the small space filled with the sounds of voices and the low background music, the smells of fried barfood and beer and a waft of cigarette smoke from the people standing around outside. Ethan looks like he might plan on being one of the latter, as he's just now chatting with an older man by the door, an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a lighter in hand while they not-so-conveniently block the entrance with the tail-end of their conversation. "…gonna beat 'em anyway, so," and he shrugs as if helplessly.

"I … hate…everything about you … why do I…love you," mumble-sings a woman as she turns the corner and approaches the entrance to the Boardroom. Her blonde curls seem to bob to some unseen music which might seem odd as she is a bit too well dressed to be homeless, not to mention the well-used laptop strategically adorned with stickers promoting various rock bands tucked under her arm. As she reaches the entrance she reaches up and plucks out her earbuds, revealing the source of her internal concert.

Her eyes light on the man standing by the door and she finds a skewed smile as she asks, "So, is this place any good or is it kind of old and lame? You never know in this town, right?"

The man Ethan was talking to peels off, headed toward the bar over the TV when it looks like the announcer has some kind of update, and Ethan gets as far as flicking his lighter into action when a wild Kyrie appears. He does not walk right over the top of her, but it's dodgy for a sec before he side-steps, quick-pulling the cigarette out of his mouth and looking back to the not-too-terrible crowd filling the bar. "Not gonna lie, it's a little stale. But it beats Dave and Buster's, and you're already in, so - " He hand-wobbles, lighter tucked in his palm with a bent thumb.

"Um, excuse me? But I thought you were going to take care of this entrance business. You know, with it being blocked and all?" Abby quips as she pops up from the street, clearly looking to get indoors and scooting around Kyrie and Ethan. There's a brief flash of a smile before she's navigating the somewhat crowded bar and heading to the counter. "Hello, Mr Bartender. I'd like to see the grainy picture of my face next to the people who didnn't pay please?" She gestures to the man there, her tone light and amused. Whatever is going on, she seems to be chipper.

Coming in from down the block and apparently on foot, Luke happens to approach the entrance to the Boardroom not long after Abby does. He's out on a stroll, it seems - the Boardroom's just gotten his attention, a glance given to the blonde and the darker-haired man chatting near the door. "Hey," he tips his head to Kyrie and Ethan both, just an idle sort of greeting, before he shrugs his shoulders and ducks in through the door, nudging past a few people on his way to the bar. "What's on tap?" he says to the bartender once he's settled on a stool, and after he's gotten the man's attention, not catching Abby until after he's already seated. And then there's a squint in her direction, and a grin flashed her way. "Oh, hey there Abby," he lifts a hand to wave some fingers in her direction.

"You have a point. This place looks like it could use a kick in the ass to spice it up, you know?" Kyrie responds to Ethan, her smile sliding more to the left as a thought flickers in her head before finding voice in a start of realization at overhearing Abby's words, "Oh man," she says backtracking, "Do you think that old guy owns the place? Maybe I should go apologize. Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain and this place seems like it could be cool. Good scenery at least."
Kyrie doesn't seem too eager to head inside, seeming to be seeking conversation more than booze or fried food as she asks Ethan, "So, are you a regular or just out for a change of pace?"

"It's all one big work in progress, Miss…" Ethan fishes for a name, looking hard at Abby while he does so. "Thatcher. Baby steps." He gestures to the doorway, now only partially blocked by him and Kyrie, and winds up tucking the cigarette behind his ear for now, it'll have to wait. He also pockets the lighter, scootching back enough to let Luke pass (with a cock-eyed squint at the guy for reasons that as-yet go unexplained). But Kyrie's talking ot him, and he tunes back in a second later with a snicker at her latter question. "A little of both. But I'm preeeeetty sure that guy doesn't own the place."

Mr. Bartender preens a touch at his new title - as much as a beefy guy in his 50s who slings beer all day can preen - and answers Abby in his rumbly way, "Film's at the photomat as we speak, kiddo," laughing at his own joke (film and a photomat, in this day and age). For Luke, he rattles off a list of appropriate tap beers, mostly mass-consumption types but a few crafty sounding ones that probably don't suck, waiting around in the general vicinity afterward to pick up an order.

Abby gives Ethan the 'ok' gesture from across the bar, where she parks it on a stool. To Mr. Bartender: "Phew, I was really worried. I thought maybe I was going to have to break some more cases before I could get on your wall of fame… or was it shame?" Hand weighing gestures come next before she leans her elbow onto the bar and glances up at the tv, wrinkling her nose at the rain delay. The arrival of a familiar face has her lifting her chin and looking around until she spots Luke, flashing him an easy smile. She departs her original seat and relocates a bit closer to cut down on having to use her loud bar voice quite so much. "Oh hey, I'll take one of those last ones please."

Luke glances over his shoulder back towards the entrance as the bartender rattles off the beers on tap, his eyes narrowing as though he had only just come to a realization on something. But whatever that was appears to be only a fleeting thought, Abby's appearance in the stool beside his own distracting him enough to pull his attention back to the bar. "Make that two," he points a thumb at Abby to indicate that he'll drink what she's ordered, swiveling in his stool to face the doctor a little better. "Were you saying your picture should be up on the wall or something? Not that I was eavesdropping," he totally was, "Last I knew about this place, they only put the guys who don't pay up on the wall," he squints at her quizzically, before he flashes her a wide grin. "Or did the owner decide to class up the joint and put doctors up on the wall for the prestige of it?"

Kyrie lets out a relieved sigh when Ethan explains that the older patron isn't the owner, "Good to know. I was planning on grabbing a little something to eat before work but didn't figure my own foot would be on the menu." She follows Ethan's lead and steps a bit out of the doorway to allow others to pass, observing Abby and Luke with a warm smile as she fondly remarks, "It's like everyone knows everyone in this town…"
Another brief pause trails between her words as she makes her circuitous route back to Ethan's question and she finds the thread, "Except us, apparently. I'm Kyrie. And what should I call you, Mr. Tall-Dark-And-Needing-His-Nic-Fix?"

"Gonna start a whole new wall just for you, kiddo," goes the bartender, putting down cups while he talks. NB: He gives Luke a real cup, a glass one, like big boys get to use; but Abby gets her beer in a red plastic (unbreakable) one. He kinda fades into the TV from there, ready to refill or whatever, but THE GAME might be about to start.

"Pretty sure they're not gonna serve you if you stand in the doorway," is Ethan's pro-tip, put with a toss of his chin toward the bar, where the actual service happens. He even leads a step or two in that direction, adding with a chuckle, "I dunno, I kinda like the sound of that one. A little long, sure, but Nic-Fix has a ring to it. Ethan." Which is followed, with no obvious segue, by a sudden, "I knew that was you," now that he's standing next to Luke, a hand thrown out for a shake or a five or whatever (just to prove Kyrie's point).

Abby is laughing when she gets her red plastic cup and brings it to her lips, taking a healthy swallow before she replies to Luke. "Not exactly. I told you the other night, I went to a place and knocked over a case of beer? This was it. They were very nice about it." Apparently, if she decided to come back again for another round of good natured ribbing over the incident. Ethan and Kyrie are moving into the generaly vicinty and she peers in their direction, curious. Her free hand lifts in wave to the yet unintroduced woman.

Briony arrives from the Main and Route 10.
Briony has arrived.

"Ahh, yeah. So this was the place, huh?" Luke chuckles a little as he grasps his big boy's glass cup. "They lucked out, I think. I mean, sure, they lost a case of beer, but they gained a picture of you to add to the wall, apparently." There's a comical wag of his brows as he lifts his glass to take a hefty gulp, in the process of swallowing when his attention swings over to Ethan and Kyrie. And the second he sets eyes on the former, his mug is thunked back down on the bartop. "Well holy shit! Hey man," he hops off the bar, grabbing Ethan's arm to give it a firm shake, and even pulling him in to nudge shoulders in an incredibly manly sort of way. "When did you get back in town, Ethan?"

Bri is dressed down as she slips in; a pair of black leggings with bright red poppies on them and an over sized t-shirt with what appears to be an elephant head silhouette across the chest. Her caramel hair is pulled into a messy bun and she looks rather tired. Pink tennis shoe covered feet carry her toward the bar.

Kyrie squints her eyes briefly as if committing a name to memory takes actual work before relaxing and sliding along to the bar with Ethan, "You are wise beyond your years, Mr. Fix. Whatever would a poor damsel do without you?"
As they reach the bar, she leans back against it, once again voting for conversation over sustenance, and casually tosses her laptop onto a nearby stool. "A whole case?" she replies at Abby's confession, "Impressive. That's some pro-level diva work. Next time you'll need to smash a TV or some furniture…"
And Luke and Ethan know each other?!? Kyrie just shakes her head with profound bemusement, "Sometimes, I feel like I should be wearing a nametag around town." She turns to Abby and asks about the men, "Is this some kind of sports-ball reunion thing?"

It's not a hug; it's just like their torsos are in the same vicinity and attack each other once before repelling, and Ethan peels his hand back with a snap and a flair, very cool. "Damn, it's good to see you, man." Genuinely, with Ethan taking a step back afterward. "Like, less than a week ago. My mom told me you're in the Army?" It'll be impossible to properly catch up right now, and this fact dawns on him right after that question leaves his mouth, so he presses on - "Don't take money from this guy," to the bartender re: Luke. "And you wanted some food," Kyrie. "Fried stuff okay?" He's ready to disappear in the back to deal with that.

"This was the place," Abby confirms before snorting, very lady like. "Yes, I'm sure that's a real consolation." In a loud stage whispers she confides to Luke, "I don't think they're really going to put my picture up." She's taking another drink when Ethan and Luke begin to hug (or not hug, torso touch, sure) and pat each other in an incredible show of manly greeting. Definitely not in on what's happening there, she swivels her attention to Kyrie. "Hey, great idea. Or I could just fall through the glass window over there, come in right off the street. Bam!" She makes noises that are clearly meant to sound like glass crashing. Hey look, there's Briony, she waves to her before laughing at the sports-ball comment. "Maybe? I only met them this week." She gestures to the two guys. "I'm Abby Thatcher."

Briony catches the wave from Abby and makes her way in that direction— getting there in time to catch the introductions. "Doc." She says to Abby, before looking toward Kyrie and smiling at the other short woman, "Hey, Briony Bryceson." This is said also toward Luke who she potentially didn't introduce herself to the other night. Her eyes flicker in the direction of Ethan's back as he disappears to deal with Kyrie's food.

There's a laugh from Luke as he peels back from Ethan. "Yeah, only part time now though. Left active duty after I got back from Afghanistan, my reserve unit's down in Colorado Springs," he informs Ethan, wearing a broad grin as he leans back to Abby. "You know Ethan, Abby? We go all the way back to high school," he says as an aside to the woman, before he looks back to Ethan. "Been years though, man. You look good. You still taking photos?" It was around that time that Luke noticed the circle around them was growing all the bigger, a glance flickering to Kyrie and then Briony, the latter given a light wave. "Nice to see you again, Briony. I don't think we actually officially met the other night.. I'm Luke," he introduces, then lifts a brow over to Kyrie. "Are you new in town?" he asks her directly.

"Sure. Some fries. I'm eating healthy this week," Kyrie calls out as Ethan has gallantly decided to take charge of ordering food for her… unless…oh! That make sense. Mr. Nic-Fix is going to have to explain why he didn't say something sooner at a later date.
She turns to the women and Luke and introduces herself, "I'm Kyrie Morgan. I just started working over at the station and thought I'd stop in for a quick bite and to check out the place. To be honest, I really kind of wanted to get out and interact with some actual human beings. I've been going stir crazy lately. I'm amazed at how many people in town know each other. L.A. was nothing like that."
As she gets comfortable, Kyrie leans back further onto the bar and motions to the bartender out of habit, "I'll have a whis…um, a club soda. Thanks."

"We met when I knocked his beer on the floor," Abby states for Luke, very somberly before taking a long swallow from her red plastic cup. She leans slightly away as the influx of people brings bodies closer to her. "It does seem like everyone knows each other. I grew up here and I still don't feel like I know everyone," she comments to Kyrie with a little shrug. "Good on you getting out. Human interaction is good… most of the time." She watches a couple of people argue in a corner before refocusing.

"No shit? Afghanistan? That is a scary country, man," and Ethan continues to marvel over this while he talks to whoever works in the back, slaving over the fryer, about a plate of fries. He returns pretty quickly, in time to answer, "Miss Thatcher and I met the other day, when she decided to bust the place up." His version of events. Introductions seem to be going around, and he misses Luke's question about pictures to cross-talk, so he leans on the end of the bar, near the back-door, and let's those intros their course, tossing in appropriately, "Ethan," after a dubious squint toward Briony Bryceson. "Fries're coming," he promises Kyrie.

Briony finds herself a seat somewhere … hopefully somewhat close to Abby but not RIGHT UP on her, but she's the only person Bri really knows. She smiles toward Kyrie and says, "I just moved here a couple of months ago. The only people I know are some cops, Abby, and some other people who are /almost/ as awkward as me." She flashes Ethan smile though it falters slightly when she catches that dubious squint, her eyebrows winging upward. "Did I say something wrong?" She asks of the bartender? Owner?

Briony adds, a smile for Luke, wiggling her fingers, "Nice to officially meet. Hopefully tonight won't be so awkward."

"It was somethin'," Luke says in response to Ethan, rolling his right shoulder up and back in a hint of a shrug. He looks back to Abby when she explains, his eyes bright in spite of her somberness. "Hey, it's an interesting introduction at least," he remarks to her, leaning over to grab his drink off the bar. He remains standing, though he leans his hip into the stool he's abandoned, making half a claim on it just in case. "I'm beginning to think everybody makes their way back here at some point in their life. If they leave at all," he says as an aside, before looking to Kyrie, a brow lifting in curiousity. "What brought you out here from LA?" he asks, before he looks to Briony and flashes her a broad grin. "Ah, it wasn't all that bad. The awkwardness. It led to something good," he shrugs.

"I've met people more awkward than you this week," Abby replies to Briony kind of across the shoulder before snorting. Her red plastic cup is drained before she wiggles her fingers at the bartender for her second round. The game is back on and while people are making introductions and stuff, she kind of zones out on that for a little while. Until someone scores and she cheers with the rest of the bar. Which might be a little much for the group of people she's around, there's some throat clearing. "Sorry." Are there peanuts on this bar? She's eating some peanuts.

Kyrie shrugs off her coat and tosses it over her laptop and replies to Briony and Abby, "Awkward? I'll believe it when I see it. I mean, Ms. Diva here," she says incling her head towards Abby, "is tearing up the bar and getting away with It with a flash of those pearly whites and bat of her eyes," she teases, "That's some rock star showing. Own it."
At Luke's question, Kyrie reaches back to find that drink she ordered. A little social lubrication would be nice. The club soda makes her feel like she should be sitting at the kiddie table. She purses her lips for a moment before taking a deep breath and pasting on a grin for the former soldier, "L.A… was crazy. Don't get me wrong it was a blast, but a few years there can be a lifetime. I went out as a starry-eyed kid with the typical stupid dreams - fame, fortune, immortality." She brushes back her hair from her face and continues, "Didn't work out. So, I came here to stay with some family and I got the new gig at the station. It's not what I planned, but whatever. Own that shit, right?" she says repeating her own advice.

"I was in Kabul for, like, a minute," Ethan tells Luke, pantomiming a camera (complete with a clicky-noise) as an explanation. "I cannot even imagine…" He trails off, shaking his head and looking awed. There's a quick head-shake for Briony's question, and he smiles and brushes it away unexplained while he straightens from his bar-lean. "I gotta go smoke, and then do some work, but you guys have a round on the house. Briony, Kyrie, welcome to the Boardroom, nice to meet you both, we can talk about how much LA sucks some time. Miss Thatcher, try to keep the damage to a minimum tonight. Luke - call my folks' house, that's where I'm staying, we'll catch up." Did he miss anyone? 'Cause ohwell if he did. He's got to make with the cigarette, cue a bee-line for the door.

"You were up in Kabul taking pictures? Shit," Luke clicks his tongue, giving his head a shake over to Ethan. "Bet you got some killer shots. We had a photographer with us for a bit in Bagram, but he was taking pictures of the good stuff. Recruitment material," he rolls his eyes, "I think I stared in a few with the dogs." But then he lifts his hand as Ethan starts making his rounds to say goodbye. "I'll catch up with you soon, Ethan," he calls over to the man, and then blinks at the cheer that rises up behind him, and he looks back to Abby with a wide grin, watching her for a moment before he looks up to the TV. "You a fan?" he points a thumb to the television, tipping his head curiously. Then, to Kyrie, he nods a little. "I've only been to LA once and that was on a trip, but it was a crazy time. Couldn't imagine living there, expensive as hell."

Briony shifts a little in her seat, and is about to say something to the others when her phone goes off. There's a little shake of her head and she says, "Damnit" She tugs her phone out, and slides her thumb across the screen, "Hey, grandpa"

A pause is given and a wince, "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute. Don't do anythin— no no, don't turn on the stove, I'll pick up dinner on the way- no no- it's okay!" She's already sliding away from her seat, waving a general goodbye to those gathered, "—No, I'll get your favorite, okay? A filet of fish from mickies, and a strawberry shake? Yeah."

There's a certain drooping of her shoulders, and a hanging of her head as she slips her phone back into her pocket and heads for the doors on the heels of Ethan.

"Ms. Diva?" Abby repeats, pausing in the act of stealing another handful of peanuts from the bowl. "I'll have you know that destruction of property was a total accident and I offered to pay for it." There's a bit of finger waving for emphasis, but it's more good natured and humorous than attitude-y. She knows she broke the stuff. She pops a peanut into her mouth and waves Ethan and Briony off, a little huff of laughter for the man's remark. "Me? A fan? Yeah, absolutely. I try not to miss any of the games." She's just going to move someone's drink here before she knocks it over with the over usage of limbs.

Kyrie laughs at Luke's assessment of the City of Angels, "You're not lying. But, it has its benefits. The music, the art, the personalities …it's fabulous. Plus, you can hit up the mountains in the morning and be on the beach for a bonfire by nightfall. When things are clicking, it's all kind of wonderful, sun-soaked blur." There is more than a hint of nostalgia in her voice before she catches herself, "But Calaveras has potential too. I mean, there's mountains, and I haven't seen snow in years. I'm kind of looking forward to that. Maybe I'll make a snow man to test the city's public decency ordinances." She makes a show of pondering her options before asking Abby and Luke, "What game? I'm totally lost when it comes to sports. Back in school, the games were just kind of an excuse to sneak behind the bleachers and, um, do homework." The last two words are framed with verbal air quotes.

"That's cool. You play in any fantasy leagues during the season?" Luke asks Abby, leaning over to steal some peanuts out of her bowl with a sly grin. He pops a couple into his mouth, chewing as he lifts a brow in the doctor's direction. "The clinic's doing one this year, fifty dollar buy-in. I don't think the others'll mind an outsider if you want to play," he was teasing her about the 'outsider' point, if his grin is any indication. "Just means more money in the pot." He shrugs his shoulders after, exchanging a glance back to Kyrie as she talks, a low chuckle escaping when she mentions indecent snowmen. "Calaveras is.. home," he shrugs. "There's a draw about this place that's different from any place else I've ever been. But I could see the appeal of LA, at least for a little bit."

"I haven't been that far out west," Abby admits between peanuts. "My family stuck around Calaveras unless we went on vacation, then there was college and med school and just no time for anything else. Now I'm back here again. Full circle, I suppose. Maybe it's time to take a road trip." That last comment is a made a bit introspectively before knocks back some more of her beer. "Um, yeah. There's going to be one in the ER, but I'll buy in at your clinic." She beams at Luke, "My team is going to kick your ass." There's some cock self-assurance there before looks down into the once again empty cup, considering but deciding against another refill. She laughs brightly to Kyrie, "I played a lot different sports in school. I didn't spend nearly enough time behind the bleachers doing homework."

"Well, you can always make up for lost time. Be a life-long learner," Kyrie quips to Abby with a grin, "I heard a rumor that the university and a high school have bleachers."
As her fries arrive, Kyrie pushes them to the center before taking one for herself and explains between bites, "I actually grew up over in the 'Springs, but as soon as I could, I hit the road for bright lights and big dreams. Colorado just seemed so small at the time."
She looks to Luke and declares, "I think you win the exotic travel game. Afghanistan?" She was totally listening in on the early conversation and hasn't an ounce of shame about it, "How did you end up there? I mean, enlisting and all. I get that they send you where you're needed."

"If you're going to make your way out to California, go down to San Diego. It's beautiful, and the weather's gorgeous. I'm taking my mom down there when her chemo's over, it's gonna be our celebratory road trip. She wants to go see the zoo out there," Luke mentions to Abby with a wide grin there tacked on the end, his glass lifted to his lips so that he can wash down the peanut dust with a few gulps of beer. And then there's a laugh at her challenge, his eyes bright as he looks down at Abby, brows lofted in challenge. "Oh yeah? It's on then. You're going down, Abby Thatcher," he playfully threatens, a deep laugh punctuating his words. He knocks down the rest of his beer before setting his empty glass down on the table. "I didn't do much sports in high school. Played a little baseball, but that was about it." He looks back to Kyrie afterward. "Colorado Springs? I do my one weekend a month down there," he mentions, then shrugs his shoulders at her question. "The Army put me through vet school. I was over there patching up the dogs, and did a couple of humanitarian efforts in the villages."

"Do they?" Abby returns playfully to Kyrie over her remark about the high school and university having bleachers. She begins to laugh and grabs her next handful of peanuts. She's just on the verge of answering more, probably on the subject of whether or not she's going to lose at a fantasy sports league (no way) when her phone starts going off. She pulls it up and says hello and then frowns and then frowns some more. "No, no. I'm on my way over right now." She pulls out her wallet and hurriedly pays her tab. "Nice to meet you, Kyrie. Good luck at the new job. Luke, Saturday?" There's a thumbs up and then a thumbs down for yes or no before she's beating tracks out of the bar.

"Damn, Dr. Doolittle. You win both the travel and best person awards tonight," Kyrie says with a mix of playfulness and admiration before realizing the time, "Shit. I'm late. If you hear dead air, it' totally not my fault. Don't call the station." She grabs her jacket but leaves the fries, "I'll track you down sometime, Diva," she says to Abby, "To talk about continuing education options. Just try not to tear down the place without me, alright?" She winks and says to Luke, "It was cool meeting you. Hopefully I'll see you around. Feel free to bring a doggo next time. I love playing with dogs as long as someone else has to clean up the mess." She spins and heads out in a half-jog, hoping to minimize her tardiness.
Left behind a stool is a forgotten laptop festooned in rock band stickers.

"Damn, -both- the travel and best person awards? Shit, it's my lucky night," Luke laughs, the sound deep and rumbly, though it's quick to fade as both women find their reasons to leave. There's a smile to Abby, giving her a thumb's up. "Saturday it is," he calls out to her before she leaves, and then he looks back to Kyrie. "It was totally cool meeting you, too. I usually bring him down to the park on the weekends? The dog I mean. I'll probably be there around lunch on Sunday," he shrugs. "If you're not on air." And then she's out, leaving Luke to his lonesome.
Luke doesn't notice the laptop until it's too late and Kyrie's already out the door. "Well, shit," he mutters, before scooping the laptop into his hands, admiring the stickers for a second before he tucks it under his arm. "Guess it'll be sooner than Sunday, then," he says to himself, before he steps out onto the street, laptop in hand.

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