(2018-09-05) Reunion Central
A fight nearly erupts, which brings together various former school mates

While its a warm day, recalling the lingering of summer, the overcast sky foretells the fall to come. No rain has fallin, but the air has cooled just a hint as light and dark gray clouds swirl overhead. Danny is present, on a day off it seems, walking south along Main Street here, near Station House, but not looking to go in to visit those shops there.

To the south, a truck turns the corner, coming from west Willow, turning across traffic and heading north. Its a normal turn and all, but it seems to trigger a northbound vehicle stopped a the light there. The sound of tires peeling off a little come from that intersection, a utility van for a local plumber is the culprit and it get's behind the white truck. Good news, the light at Main and Route 10 is changing, they will be forced to stop there at least, or so one hopes.

Candace is walking as well, though there's a man in black jeans and a tight black turtleneck following her. One hand is wrapped around an umbrella, and the other is holding a bunch of bags. She is followed from the north by the man, that same distantly sad expression on her face. She looks a little pale. Perhaps sickly? Her hands rest at her side, lacking the usual back and forth sway and swing most tyend to show. The two don't speak, but it seems a comfortable enough silence.

Another trip to town from her ranch out at the Granja Basin, Holly honks her horn once before pulling in and parking her beat up Ford piclup truck. "Hey Danny!" Having seen him walking down the sidewalk, she hails him a moment. Just in time too, it seems, as things start developing in the street. She hesitates inside her truck a moment, arms resting on the door before she pops the door open and slides out to her booted feet. Instead of watching Danny, she watches the uncharacteristic vehicle chase in the middle of downtown Calaveras.

Danny turns toward the horn, then lifts a hand, "Hey .. Holly." Not to recall her name, but fishing for something else to say maybe, he lands on her name only. He does start walking towards where she is parked. Enough to see what happens next at least.

The initial truck slows to a stop, the plumber van sped up and is forced to slam on breaks. No collision intended, it skids to a light crunch of metal on metal. The sort that numbers might be exchanged. No injury fender-bender. That isn't the end of it though, the plumber gets out, "Damn you Steve! Get the fuck out now." The plumber door opens, the driver is the one shouting, he makes for the truck. The door is starting to open there, "Now now James, I can …" Do something, James pulls Steve out though once he gets up to the truck at the lights, "I said keep your hands off her." Looks like this could develop into a worse situation.

Candace has yet to see Holly and Danny directly.. What she does notice, however, is two men arguing with each other loudly and directly. This is not even remotely her business, and if she had a job, this certainly isn't it. She looks down at her hands, now, artificial fingers flexing in that all-too-stiff, smooth manner of theirs. Nope. She should probably go nowhere near this. She looks over her shoulder and murmurs in that high-pitched, beach-bunny voice of hers,"Rodrigo, be ready to call the cops." And then she's approaching down the sidewalk towards where the two are beginning the disagreement,"Hey, guys… Why don't we get you two inside. Maybe have a beer, talk about it? Calm things down?" Not like she can physically separate them, so… talk them down? She is so not equipped for this. Rodrigo, her companion is meanwhile getting the phone out and dialing, though he does speak up in his burly voice,"Ma'am, maybe you should come over here?"

While the hesitation between the greeting and her name is noticed, it's not focused on. Instead, Holly is watching as the scene unfolds, like some random gawker. When the two get out and an argument ensues, she realizes it was over a woman. One they mutually liked? A daughter of one? It wasn't clear, but it seemed to be being handled by someone. Casual steps bring her even with Danny. "This is better than those crazy talk shows on television."

Danny does turn to Holly as she comments about the unfolding incident. "Reason two to leave the big city? Things like this are more comman, and you're more likely to know what its actually about?" He slight grins. He doesn't think to call anyone either, but turns at the voice trying to calm the situation. A belated hand lifts in her direction, "Maybe you shouldn't." Left hanging, probably interefere, but she's already moving along the sidewalk towards the incident. He defers to Holly on that even, being non-local to say the least.

"She came to me," says Steve, holding up one hand off handedly even. James tries to silence him. A thud is heard, one hand in a slight fist cuffs Steve, giving a little split to his lip. "She's 19, you were at her fifth birthday," and another cuff. A few people gather it seems. Its not quite beating so much as a few punches thrown, but Steve is only trying to defend not return them.

Danny looks to Holly, "Should someone step in." Who knows, maybe someone usually does but only after a little more happens. Rogrigo should have no trouble getting dispatch and informing the Police what is transpiring.

<FS3> Candace rolls Leadership: Success. (5 2 3 5 2 6 1 8 3)

Rodrigo is speaking to the police at this point, filling them in. She's probably going to have to go to a doctor after this, but Candace holds up one of her prosthetics extends it to tap on one of Steve's shoulders. She REALLY doesn't want to break one of these things. They're not exactly off-the-shelf, nor are they easy to calibrate. Breaking in a new one is irritating. "Guys, hey. Look… My friend over there's already recording this, and calling the cops. They're going to be here in a few. OR, we could head to a bar before they get here, and we could drink until you guys work it out." The look she shoots Danny at this point is sort of helpless. The sort someone shoots when they've already committed, but have no idea WHY they did it.

"Oh geez, That's pretty bad,: Green eyes flicker over the fighting pair once more as Danny and her finally move to stand side by side. "I think I'd rather have lunch than watch this soap opera. I don't suppose I could tempt you away with the promise of a meal. We can walk over to the Corner Cafe. (I think) Or drive down and meet?" While the woman talks to them, she glances back to see if she was going to be able to calm down the pair. "You coming with us for lunch?" Calling out to the woman to help rescue her from the argument, and just generally being neighborly.

Danny stays the moment, that look of helplessness in the moment has him paused, though the call by Holly to just go and ignore the men seems viable too. "Sure, but one sec," as if to make sure no one else is going to be hurt.

The voice of Candace does reach them, despite James' moment of torrid rage at Steve. It breaks his thought flow enough to hear about the cops being called. "Damnit all, Steve," he stops throwing punches. Steve nods though, "Yeah, just hear me out, you don't need more on your record." As if to further the idea of the cops being more trouble than they're worth, even over this incidence which he's not denied he was in the wrong. "Beer's at Slims?" Steve offers holding up his hand. James still has a hold of Steve's shirt, "Yeah, maybe, you ain't off the hook." His fist hand turns more into a pointer, pointing a shameful finger at Steve.

Danny backs up a little at least, looks like they've stopped. He turns to see if Candace may join for that lunch to get out of the situation, "You drive, I'll buy."

Rodrigo gets a nod of her head, who moves forward to find a few bills which he shoves in the direction of the men, before grabbing Candace's elbow and gently tugging her away. She looks to Holly and Danny gratefully, a relieved smile on her face. "Totally. Tell you what… /I'll/ buy." And as she gets closer, she's murmuring to the two of them. "Oh god, I was so afraid I was going to catch a stray punch." Her male companion snorts, and offers,"They would've had a lot more problems than getting pulled in for assault if they did that." Candace shoots a dirty look. "So what're the names of my heroes?"

As Danny turns towards Candace then mentions someone driving and him paying, Holly is confused a moment whether he means her or Candace, since he was looking at Candace when he says it. Then the taller woman is offering to pay and Holly just looks a little bemused. "You are far braver than I was. Admirable what you did there, de-escalating that." A glance to the fighting duo as they seem to be calming down, then back to Candace. "I'm Holly, a local here."

Nodding, Danny turns from the disagreement in the street, which seems to be them getting to their cars now. Sad news for them, they probably know it, police station is just around the corner, if they don't go faster, they'll be in news, assuming police were called. Good news, Danny doesn't care so much, it looks like no one is hurt enough to need attention at least. "I'm good with that, just don't know where to go." He admits as much and then concurs with Holly, "Yeah, I wasn't sure about getting in the middle of that, I'd vote you're more the hero." Implicating Candace. I'm Danny, becoming a local, but a long ways to go, local newbie." He moves towards Holly's truck, to get in and take the middle, making room for both on either side.

"Candace. Or… Candy if you want." Her tone of voice doesn't suggest she much cares for the nickname. Regardless, the woman smiles a little bit. She keeps walking, her hands at a… somewhat awkward hang at her sides. Rodrigo lapses into silence, following a polite distance behind his employer. "I think it was more stupid than anything." She makes a fist with that oddly-moving arm of hers and knocks on the other arm with it. It makes a plastic knocking sound,"Don't know what I'd do if things got bad." She offers to Holly, after a hesitant moment,"I'm… actually from this town myself, too. I… doubt you'd remember me, though. I was a sandy little asshole back then, and I look a lot different now." She doesn't really elaborate further than that. "Nice to meeet you both, though. Properly. You'll fit in just fine, Danny."

Standing near her truck, Holly watches as Danny goes around to get in and slides over to the middle. While the taller woman makes her own introductions, she offers a nod. "Nice to meet you, Candace. Welcome back to Calaveras then. Not sure I remember you from before. I went away to college right after graduation though, to New York." Not really recognizing her, but she does offer. "Would you like a ride here in the truck, or you have a vehicle of your own?" Since Rodrigo had packages and stuff, it was an assumption on her part.

"Good, that's a start, not sure I want the full experience though," he sort of nods towards the incidence, Danny doesn't want that drama at least. Then again, no one probably asks for it either. "Holly mentioned the other day its sort of hard to get away from Calaveras, but it was in a good way. A good place to come back too." He takes the bench seat regardless of Candace joining them or following them. "Plenty of room," though Holly made the stretch to her own vehicle perhaps, Danny leaves it open. "And that college, sort of where we met, working on the catching up part." He says, cordial and ready for lunch, or to be away from the area, one of the two.

The girl bites her lower lip, and offers, after a moment,"Rodrigo, give me the phone. The GPS is on, right? Go pick up the car. I'll be alright with these two. I'll let you know when you should come pick me up." The man looks at Candace doubtfully,"If you're sure." Candace responds with,"Seriously. This girl is practically an old friend. We went to school together." Even if they didn't exactly run in the same circles. Candace, after a moment, takes her phone from Rodrigo. Her prosthetic is not very good with touch screens. Still, she uses it to begin tapping on the thing. Looking up facebook,"I'll… find you a picture. I ran off to LA after I graduated, but you were probably gone before that happened. It'll be nice to ride with someone besides Rodrigo and my driver. If you don't mind." She moves to take the open seat as she works with the phone, though with some embarassment, she has to ask,"Can I get a little help with the seatbelt? Range of motion in my wrists isn't great. Elbows are easier."

With everything settled between them and the rides, Holly waits until they are all inside the truck with the doors closed. She doesn't pull her own belt around her, in a pickup this old it's only a lap belt anyway, not a shoulder one. Its a short driver. But she nods to Candace and waits for Danny to help her with the belt, not willing to take off before everyone was safe. "I don't remember a Candace from school though, Or a Candy for that matter." She ponders it before offering Danny a smile. "We met in college fourteen years ago and haven't seen each other again until recently."

Nodding, Danny tries not to listen much as Candace speaks with Rodrigo, as much as can happen given the proximity and all. "Small world now," everyone present spent time in school with Holly. "We can all catch up a little," he continue, turning to the side Candace is on and definiitely turning to help when asked. "Pretty good still, never seen anything like that," not to say he would be up-to-date with such tech either, he just states the obvious. "College was probably a good time to meet, awkward high school out of the way." He continues the conversation, not lapping his belt either, since he's in the middle and doesn't want to jostle too much. "Or maybe college was Awkward for me. It was random, me coming back here. Wanted to come back to the states and a job opening here in Calaveras. Luck of the draw maybe."

While she's waiting for Danny to help her with the belt, the girl finds the High School facebook picture, and, perhaps conspicuously, maneuvers it so said picture is facing Holly, but NOT Danny. A moment for a good look, and then the girl is clicking the phone off, and setting it down. She thanks Danny, then, for the help,"Years later, it's still really irritating to ask people for help buckling up. These have given me a lot of my independence back, but… I'd much rather have the real things back. My husband, god rest his soul, MADE the company that makes these. Pioneered a lot of their tech and software. I'm still a little self-conscious, though. Thus the gloves that don't match. Wish I was one of those inspiring 'doesn't let the world slow her down tales', but…" She lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "I… came back here after Aarni died, just to be somewhere… familiar. I'm going to college now, myself, when I'm not helping out at Limbs for Survivors."

"Luck of the draw. Or karma kicking me in the ass for past mistakes." Holly smirks and takes a glance over at Danny then Candace. As the phone is shown over with the picture and Danny fastens the belt, a look of recognition crosses her features. "I would never have even imagined. You look so different! Just as tall though, I remember you being tall, even your Freshman year." With everyone in, she drives them a short distance to the Corner Cafe, a local landmark where the police hang out during their lunch and the fire department mingle there too for their meals. She makes short work of parking. "That sounds like a very good charity. I'm sorry about your husband."

Corner Cafe
Long known to be the hangout for the local police and fire department, anyone coming in that serves the community in such a position is offered a 10 percent discount and all beverages are free.

Most times the cafe is a bustle of activity with waitresses, in their mint green t-shirts advertising the name of the restaurant paired with either jeans, moving around at a brisk pace to welcome customers (who are all invited to find their own seat upon entry), to take orders, bring back beverages and then food and refills.

A long bar invites customers to sit and eat, as do a couple of booths and then larger tables with chairs around them for bigger groups. A small window with a heating lamp is the divider between the fountain area and the cook area and is where orders are placed for the waitresses to deliver once the cooks have finished cooking them.

The floors are a serviceable checked black and white tile while the walls are painted a neutral light tan color. Lighting is fluorescent and could likely use an upgrade, much like the entire cafe that has been here for ages.

"I've seen extensions for seat belts for, well, larger people," comments Danny as they drive, "Maybe his company could develop an attachment." To help. He offers it but tries not to focus on it, he doesn't know the difficulties in engineeering something like that. Its an afterthought and Danny sort of shuts his trap, trying not to be offensive. Not bothering to try and see the picture, he's taking their word for it and leaving it there. "That does sound like a good charity. Mind if I got a card or something. I'm not the rep for the Fire Department, but I'm sure they'd like to be in contact."
As they make it to the cafe, he grins, "Perfect, I need to try something other than a burger here, see what else is on the menu." He'll wait to get out and find a table of course, and while assuming Candace has the button on the belt, he hesitates for a look, which is all it would take for him to press it too. He finishes, "Luck of the Draw, no karma ass kickings here today." Its clear he's wrestling with more thoughts, but his smile remains as they make for the cafe.

Candace blushes brightly at Holly's comment. "Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment. I wish I were a little shorter honestly, but I've had nearly thirty years to get used to it." She shrugs helplessly. "Thanks. I miss him. A lot. He was sort of my… knight in shining armor, you know? Everything I have was thanks to him. It's why I always buckle up, you know? Cars are… multi-ton death machines. They've cost me a lot over the years." Surprising that she can bear to be in one, most days. "I'd be happy to send you some info. Rodrigo has the cards, though. It's hard for me to pick up thin paper without crumpling it. Eating and drinking is easy enough, though. As it is, I can only suggest. I'm no engineer myself." Thankfully, the girl manages the button just fine. She can even operate the door, though it's all a mix of too-smooth moment and awkward movements. "So how do you to know each other? You a couple? Former couple?" She seems curious, at least. "Or are you really just that old of a pair of friends?" She pokes for information. Mostly because she's a busybody.

"It's admirable how you use those hands. I don't know how you do it, but it seems like it would take a lot of determination to master them like you have. Little movements someone like me may take for granted you had to relearn, I imagine." Holly slides out and waits for the others to do so, the question from Candace about how they know each other. Her eyes lift to Danny's and her cheeks pinken slightly, but it takes her a moment to respond, giving nothing but honesty now, so she isn't short changing Danny in anything now.
"We met in college. I had to come home because my parents were in an accident leaving my father in a wheelchair. I went back for my graduation and finishing the last few months of college and that's when I met Danny. I hurried home the day after I graduated to take care of my family. Something like two months after that.. I realized I was pregnant." There's a careful glance to Danny then back to Candace. "So, Danny is the father of my son Ben, who is 13."

"You have that gut instinct, like with those guys a little bit ago, no one else stepped up," returns Danny towards Candace. Interacting with staff, he makes sure they get a booth by the window to watch the street, or just be by a window at least. He'll request a diet coke as they are seated even. "You can suggest, or focus on you schooling now and that charity. Do what you do to help by being you?" It makes sense as it coming out of his mind,but that little infliction is more curious if it made sense as it came out of his mouth. "Yeah, that's the take. I didn't know about family, just sort of, gone in a moment. And her son." He pauses, looks to the window, "Our son, that's the news now. I don't want to change anything for him, so, need to figure it out now before that." Before it gets awkward for that Ben character in it all.

The woman smiles. REALLY smiles. Candace's eyes crinkle up at the corner of her eyes, even. "Aaaawe. And here you are again. I'm so happy for you." The woman is visibly restraining herself from trying to huge the other woman. She even looks a little teary-eyed at the description of events. "Oh, you have a kid. Oh, that's so wonderful. And I bet you're an awesome mom, and you…" She looks at Danny,"… seem determined to be an amazing dad. That's… so cool." No doubt, she's thinking about her husband and lost changes. "Ugh. Meanwhile, I'm still managing to lead 'boring rich white lady stereotype' life. I bet he's smart. Ben, I mean. You were always smart, Holly." Candace orders herslef coke. Thankfully, her gloves have enough grip to drag a card out of her belongings to pay for the meal, setting it down on the table so it's easy to get later. "I hope you two work things out in a… pleasant manner together. I hope your reunion was a pleasant one?" It takes her a while, though, to comment on her gut instinct. Instead of exploring that, she comments after a long moment,"Before Aarni and I got married, I lived kind of a rough life. You had to learn to sooth people and egos… quickly… or learn how to bully them. I picked up the rest from Aarni. Watching him run a multi-billion-dollar company… taught me a lot. Not nearly enough. But a lot."

There's more to the story, such as Holly deliberately not telling Danny about his son when she found out she was pregnant. And only telling him when he had basically found out himself, but with Danny's reaction now, Holly refrains from further explanation. "I do have a.. I mean we do have a son and he is amazing. I think Danny would agree with that. I'm not so worried about disrupting his life, because he's asked and wanted to meet his father for years. I've been more worried about disrupting Danny's life." It's the only excuse she has.
Ordering herself a drink she settles in beside Danny on the booth seat. "I know you left here, my parents told me about it. I'm really glad you found your husband when you did. And it sounds like fun playing the rich white lady for awhile. Have you told your folks you are back in town?" A quiet look is given to Danny and she sort of nudges her shoulder against his.

Danny more nods along, its new to him, son and all. "I can attest, he's a good kid, motivated to just live his life, help his mom at the Ranch and being himself." A gring to Candace about him being an amazing father, a nod to agree with Holly. "Nah, my life is far from disrupted." He says, taking the excuse given and showing understanding while trying to see its something that needn't have been worried about. Like Holly, he doesn't address the Reunion so much, latching onto Candace and her story for the moment. "He sounds like a great guy," its understood he's passed, but Danny doesn't put him in the past so much either. Maybe his spirituality. "I imagine your folks are proud too." It was brought up, so he runs with it too. Then an afterthought, "Its pleasant so far." The reunion? When wait staff returns with drinks or to take order, he'll get a chicken sandwich this time, with onions and peppers, maybe a chicken-philly steak sandwich if they serve it that style.

The woman listens to Holly's descriptions. If Candace can omit her time doing sex work, then Holly's probably allowed to keep some of the details of her pregnancy and telling Danny to herself. "Things'll move where they need to. Just keep… being yourself." However, then Holly mentions her folks. Candace's face falls, and the cold words that respond to that question are at odds with the high-pitched, beach-bunny sound of her voice,"No, and I'm not going to. Daddy Royal, and Momma Luisa can go die in a fire. They're the reason I left home after graduation." She makes deep eye contact with Holly as she mentions her departure. "They told everyone that I went off to become an actor or a doctor or something." Well. She WAS going to dance around this. Especially since these people didn't come here to hear all her sob stories. Still, her mood seems sufficiently crashed that she no longer wishes to dance around the statement. "The last words my father said to me is that he didn't have any faggots in his family. The last time I heard from my mom was four Christmases ago when she texted me saying she wishes she had her son back." No venom. Just… flat. She drops the subject when the server returns with drinks, opting for Philly Cheese Steak, and waits for them to order,"So. Tell me about what you've both been up to?"

"Then we'll tell Ben when you are ready." It's the first Holly had mentioned that to Danny and she studies him a moment after dropping that. Another encouraging smile to him with more than a hit of sadness in her eyes before she looks back at Candace. At the complete turn around, the tone of voice and the words, she widens her eyes at the cruelty and abandonment of her parents. "I can't imagine someone being so unsupportive. Whatever Ben wants to be or do, I would support him. Love should come free, not at a cost." She offers an apologetic look. "I am glad you found love with your husband and have known love. Real love." She slides down in her seat. "While I've not had that sort of love, I've had the unwavering love of my parents." Like the others, she places an order, a reuben sandwich. "On wheat, not rye." Tossing that in there at the end.

"Okay," agrees Danny, about talking to Ben, just to tell when ready, not to just tell. He nods with Holly in response to Candace's reaction about family, "I'm sorry, that's not." Something, Danny can't place it, sort of gathering some missing pieces out of the words, maybe not right, the parents that is. "I'm glad you found a love, its out there." HE doesn't know when her husband passed, he doesn't suggest another love interest so soon either. Just sort of, he doesn't like it. He does look at Holly, like could have been that sort of love, but he says quiet until she orders as well along with Holly and question is returned. "After college, I flew commercial plans a little but it wasn't me. I saw a recruiment for learning to be an aerial firefighter, the rest is history I think." Or maybe he glossed over too much.

The woman listens for a moment or two, then with a smile, she says,"You two should come down to Birchwood sometime. I can have Kenta grill something up, we can lounge by the pool. You can bring Ben? Does he like to swim?" It's weird how her tone is so… cold when discussing her parents. "I was on my way to prison, likely, if I hadn't left my folks. All they saw was what I did. I am lucky that I got to meet Aarni though. No man or woman has ever treated me so well as he did. Made me feel so normal." Okay. NOW there's tears in her eyes, a little. Still, after rubbing her forearm across her eyes, she leans over to butt her elbow gently against Holly. "A firefighting PILOT. You landed a firefighting PILOT. Holy hell, girl. Wait… I've been waiting to use this function for EVER." She holds her arm up, and the hand folds slowly into a 'high-five' position. A wink is tossed at Danny. It's meant as good-natured ribbing.

The agreement from Danny is met with a quiet smile but the moment goes and she reaches for her root beer to drink, feeling his gaze on her when love is mentioned, but trying not to look back at him. She knew his college story and after it now, and she files that away to think about later. Candace is given a half smile, "Dinner sounds interesting. It's harvest season soon, but in a few weeks it should be better, the load should be lighter. I'm a little short handed on ranch hands right now, so it means pulling more labor on my own." Another drink of the soda before she looks between Danny and Candace, "I don't know that I landed him, but he is really nice to look at." And that is enough for a high-five, so she returns it with a smile. "Ben does love swimming but usually his option is a trip out to the creek on our property.

"That could be fun," says Danny, about visiting Candace, with Holly and Ben even. "Whatever Kenta might grill, sounds like a relaxing day. Maybe after this Horse Head fire is wrapped up." He is rotating shifts after all. As the focus turns to him for a little, he does sheepisly smile, folding some dimples at the sides of that smile with that much focus. He tries to be tight lipped to shake his head, "I'm right here." He returns to both of them. Then to deflect a little, "I think you both did each other well, you said you're not the sort to jump out for others, but you did that just today. You're doing you just fine." To Candace that is, then a look to Holly, "A creek, he already has the place built up for me to come see it, you're just sweetening the pot."

"Well… what do you need? I'm obviously going to be no help, but… I probably know where you could get some undocumented help, if you're not averse to hiring that way. I don't want to make any snap judgements." She sips her own coke, now, a circumspect expression on her face. "A lot of good people who could use some short term work, before they move north. What's your budget?" She doesn't say anything else on the matter, instead letting her mind turn to other matters. "If we set something on fire, think he'll take his shirt off?" This said as she high-fives. A toothy smile. "You guys will get that fire taken care of, I know it. Just be safe, okay? Seriously. I actually like you, even if I just met you. So I'd like you to, you know, be safe." Then Danny takes his turn at making Candace blush. Time to pick at noms. "The estate's pretty empty, so I spend as little time at home as possible. I'd love to have company. Lots of company. Trust me, though, Kenta's a master of the grill."

"I don't mind paying good hard workers. I'd prefer that actually. You get undocumented workers they can steal you blind and what are you gonna do? Report it to the police?" Holly gives a rueful smile. "The staff comes and goes, I'll have another influx. It's pretty much par for the course and all that." She glances over to Danny about taking his shirt off and she laughs, "One can only hope right?" Saved by the arrival of the food! The sandwiches are delivered, her own reuben and the others philly steak and chicken philly steak. Her own is already cut in half and came with a pickle spear and potato chips. She reaches for half the sandwich and starts digging in.

Still dimples again, Danny shakes his head. "I think that was had with swimming and water," perhaps about shirts off, "I'd have to put more on for the fire I fear." He knows, not the image in mind most likely, but the reality of him fighting a fire, from a plane. He takes his food, not commenting either way on work and documented or undocumented. Grinning to Holly a moment, pausing to turn over a silent thought then getting his sandwhich ready to eat. Which is just grabbing it two handed to shovel in. "Grill and swimming was a good start, you'll have company. May have a hard time removing company." Then he bites in to his chicken philly, his eyes partially close as he savors the flavor.

Candace raises an eyebrow now at that, but shrugs a little bit. "Your call. You know what you need. I know nothing about farm-stuff." Whatever that might be. She receives her own food with gusto. She has to use her silverware to make it workable, but she certainly has an appetite, especially for someone with her figure. "Hun, there's like.. dozens of rooms at the estate. I have a whole wing I've barely stepped. Not that interested in booting people out of a house that is THAT empty. The bigger the house, the emptier it feels without other people in." She watches, impressed, as Danny begins to shovel his food in.

"Of course you're welcome to use the creek with Ben anytime you want, Danny. Likely before the winter season though, really. For your own safety and comfort." Holly nods to Candace, "Grilling and a pool sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not even going to try the pool thing at the ranch, there's not enough hours in the day to bring in more work." What Candace says makes sense though and she murmurs her agreement about the bigger the house the emptier it is. "Since my folks went to Cali with my sister, Ben has been the best compay."

"I could only imagine, or try to," responds Danny, "A few rooms are enough for me, I'd be lost in a large house." As if the talk of empty sort of brushes him, he doesn't shudder but seems to get that look to his face, just a little. That comes out, after eating half his sandwich. He starts to eat again and an alarm goes off on his phone. He swallows, chases with some soda, then offers, "I have two hours to my next shift, just so I have enough time to finish anything." Whatever business he might have that is. That alarm is probably why he's eating fast now. "Food was great, nice to meet you. I'm in for visiting both places." The home in town and the ranch he means, "Just have to go get ready now." He finishes what he can, "Thanks again Candace, this is appreciated." The meal, he'll get up to go as needed.

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