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Backlogged to five years ago. Police Officer Franklin Payne answers the call to stop an assassination being performed by legendary hitman Cassius Merlyn.

Calaveras, Colorado. About five years ago.

Lawyer John Hammond was defending serial killer Marcus Yosen, a Russian-American man on death row after his arrest. Unfortunately, Mr. Hammond is taking fudning from the local crime mob, for Marcus is one of their best hitmen. While Marcus rots in a jail cell until his trial, John is at the local bar, drinking whilst being surrounded by about four guards and a mob representative, settling the final terms and conditions.

They made a mistake though: Cassius Merlyn was also on site.

Pistol in hand, black tuxedo with a red tie being worn, he enters the bar and actively shoots two of the bodyguards with two .50 caliver handguns, with the Lawyer being immediately shot in the knee.

People immediately start to panic as a shootout starts to happen. Only a moment after, Cassius entered hand to hand combat with the remaining two bodyguards of the Lawyer, killing them both in almost record time. Leaving only the injured lawyer and the mob representative alive…and Cassius closing in.

If only there was a nearby cop who could make it in time…


Calaveras is not a major city; a blatant assassination attempt doesn't go unnoticed for very long. In fact, there aren't even any police sirens to warn Cassius that Calaveras' finest are on their way! As it turns out, /Corporal/ Franklin Payne happens to be a block away, sitting in his squad car at the intersection and watching for drunks leaving the bar. Even before the disturbance is called in, he already spotted the panicked bar patrons fleeing, so immediately he knows something is up. Quickly calling it in to Dispatch, he gets out of the squad car, draws his sidearm, and rushes over. He waits a few moments at the door, until everyone who is trying to flee is out, before peeking around the door to see what's going on inside….

….People on the floor, dead or injured. The panicking lawyer is not unfamiliar to Frank - he has no love for the man, but he still has a job to do. Bring his gun up and leveled at the man with the pistol in hand, frank bellows aloud: "FREEZE! Drop your gun NOW!"


Cassius was approaching the lawyer he downed. The mob representative not even his target. But…gun raises, aimed at the man's head….before the tank that was Franklin Payne bursts into the bar and levels his pistol at Merlyn. The hitman gives a sigh, before he snap-turns, as if attempting to shoot Frank's gun out of his hand with a mastery of marksmanship. Or at least start laying down enough fire to get Frank to take cover so Cassius can finish the job.

But…this complicates things. How many more cops would be there? What kind of guns would they have? probably anywhere between standard glocks, to shotguns, to automatic weapons.

But…he never thought he wouldn't get out of this. He was ready to fight through as many men as needed in order to get the job done.


The impressively-sized cop has an equally impressively-sized Desert Eagle in his hands - any other pistol is going to look ridiculous and puny. And clearly, Frank isn't afraid of using it, either. Even as Cassius spins to face him, the big cop is already diving to one side —who would've thought a guy that size can move so quick? While he moves, Frank also squeezes off a couple of shots from the Eagle, each shot ringing out like a miniature cannon; at least he's aiming for the Hitman's limbs, and not his head or chest.

With a roll he gets himself back behind the bar, where he notices the bartender cowering there as well. "Stay down." Frank tells the bartender, before yelling aloud. "So you don't want to play ball, buddy?" Meanwhile, he keeps low and begins moving down the bar, clearly intent on flanking the gunman.


As soon as Cassius sees Frank fire and roll? He's already on the move, narrowly avoiding the cannon barrage of desert eagle bullets coming his way. But, figuring that the surprisingly massive cop would be behind the bar counter, he starts to try and counter-flank.

And by counter clank, it means in this case, jump over the bar counter.

Which he does! Attempting to make this a melee bout as he tries to jump over and kick Franklin hard enough to knock him out of his cover.

Problem is…Frank is a big guy. So Cassius tosses his whole body weight into the attempted kick.


Curses! The maneuver worked.. to some extent. Frank isn't expecting Cassius to close into melee range, and is clearly caught by surprise by his kick. As big as he is, even Frank can't brush off a full-strength kick like that, and he staggers back until his back slams into the wine cabinet, sending a few bottles crashing to the floor. Worse yet, his gun goes flying, and all Frank can manage is a quick glance to look for it… but with no time to retrieve it. Now on his ass, the big cop looks quickly up to gauge Cassius' next move - but doesn't wait for it. Nope! Taking advantage of his height and proportionally long reach, he kicks out and attempts to leg sweep Cassius, while he scrambles back to his feet.


Hell yeah it worked! Regardless, Cassius lands on his feet like a seasoned pro, fixing his cuffs after the act in a show of 'Game on' on display. Though the sweep is sudden and knocks him off his feet, landing back first off the bar counter, though he uses the momentum of the impact to lunge forward, attempting to strike the man in the throat with his palm to slowly start cutting down the tree as it were.


The big guy proves that he is no rent-a-cop extra either. He abruptly turns his upper torso and lifts his thick right arm to block the incoming strike, then coils the other way with a swing of his left fist. If it connects? Great! Even if it doesn't, he immediately follows up with a bull-rush, now that he is back on his feet. The intent is simple and clear; he wants to use his superior size to tackle and pin Cassius to subdue him.


Strike blocked and another strike blocked! Despite the large size of that massive arm, Cassius appears to be an extremely experienced fighter who has knowledge about the weak points of the human body. He puts his elbow right on the soft tissue of Franklin's own elbow (the spot between the bicep and forearm) to completely deny him the strike, though now he's backing up as those massive hands are trying to catch Cassius's face and other parts of his body.

But…perhaps experience may win here. After a big miss, Cassius is bobbing and weaving, aming fast knuckle-punches, very sharp manner of striking, and aiming for Franklin's sides after each dodge, attempting to wear the big guy out. One strike probably won't do much. But many strikes? that's a different story…


Frank takes a short punch on each side of his ribs, winding him briefly before he changes tactics abruptly. Why? Probably because he now realizes Cassius is an experienced hand-to-hand fighter and likely won't be subdued through strength alone. His arms drawn up in a defensive boxing stance, his gaze growing intense as it focuses on his foe. For a few moments he concentrates on blocking the strikes, and when he sees a lull Frank lashes out with a growl. Rapid punches between alternating fists aimed at Cassius' face and chest; whether any connects or not, he finishes with a sudden kick to the man's midriff. It's going to hurt if Cassius doesn't duck out in time — and if he can get away, his heavy boot actually smashes through the bar counter, setting off an explosion of wood and splinters!


Boxing time! Ohhhh shit. This is a big dude too. He'd knock out Mike Tyson in one shot. But! Cassius prepares his guard. He blocks the shot to his chest but he TAKES that solid right to the face, causing him to stumble right into that bar counter. But then he sees that foot comin' right at him, so he sidesteps! Allowing Frank to drive his foot straight through that bar in an epic explosion of wood chips. But he uses the momentum from the dodge, spinning around this monster of a man to try and give him a sharp elbow to the ear to rock his world! (puns!)

Though before he ever even threw the hit, he noticed that his target was bleeding out. Good. Let his wound take care of that for him.


No matter how big and tough, a blow like that to the ear will stagger anyone. Frank stumbles sideways a couple of steps, instinctively lifting both arms to block any further attacks, while he tries to stop the damn ringing in his ears. Behind him, the cowering bartender screams like a scared little girl, as the big cop stumbles into him and ends up crashing to the floor. "Goddammit!" Frank hollars — but look, here's Cassius' chance to boot it!


Cassius takes a moment to breath, looking at the downed cop. He draws his pistol, and he points it at Franklin….looks him right in the eyes as Frank is stunned…before Cassius says no. He's needed. He puts the gun away and he starts to run. Getting the hell out of dodge. Specifically in a Dodge Charger, driving away with screeching tire wheels long before help for the poor policeman ever arrives.

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