(2018-09-04) Not Quite Baked
Danny stumbles upon Briony after the weekend, or vice versa

Its tuesday, but labor day, its really just Monday in disguise. Despite Colorado law on herbal use, not everyone in Totally Baked is, or has been. Danny is just tired, no tell tale signs that he had munchies other than his desire to eat some breakfast. He is in work attire, green flight suit, the badge reads aerial firefighter. Tired and in need of coffee at least by the look of his face. Instead, looks like he's picking up a dozen or two for work. So he is completely in front of the display, going slowly. "One of those with the chocolate chips," he scoots down, not thinking he's in the next customers way at all, "And the pink swirl red velvet, yeah … that one, no, lets make it two." He decides as they fill his box. He seems to move in front of someone leaning over to make a selection and pulls an, "Excuse me." More like he's going to be in the way and its after the fact, that excuse me.

"Eh?" Briony is that someone leaning a tad closer to try and make a selection. There's a faint, faint sharp scent to carried with her. Almost, but not quite, masked by the sweet smell in the bakery— Booze of some sort. Wine perhaps. Though her eyes appear clear enough. Her blue gaze flickers up to Danny's face as she steps out of his way, "Oh, uh. You're that … guy?" It's an awkward question and she shifts a little further out of the way.

Turning at the sound, more at the later, he nods. "Three of those chocolate centers." The ones with frosting inside the cupcake too, he gets in the last of his so they can box and ring it up at least. Then he turns to face her blue eye, "Its me." He says, not sure, but recognition dawns, "Oh yeah, from the rodeo thing." Which would be, the rodeo. "Hey, how you doing? Have a day off?" Maybe he noted the hint of wine adrift in the wind, so just assumed. "I should have taken longer, but, I don't get a choice. I'm either on or off, just got lucky and had yesterday off, not my rotation." A slight scrunch of brows, why'd he explain that much. A slight shake to pass the thought on.

Awkward is as awkward does. Briony's got a bag over one shoulder and she yikes it upward a bit, knocking into someone who was walking past to try and get a look at the display case. "Oops, sorry." She shifts away and ends up a touch closer to Danny because of it— that bag of hers is awfully bulky…

She tilts her head toward Danny and says, "Off? Oh, yes, just got off a little while ago. Worked the holiday for the extra pay, and …" A wave of her hand toward the case, "Decided to get some cupcakes…"

His hand comes up just a little, about as fast as it did at the rodeo statuim; which is too late. As he moves that hand, he nods, "You good?" At least the hand moves towards the bulky bag side, like realizing its just too big, especially for the more 'dainty' feel of a cupcake shop, maybe. "That sounds like a good gig, we're just seasonal contract, no extra for certain days." Then again, probably more than enough to be an annual salary too, not that he clarifies so much. "It does seem like a good breakfast, I figure donut places would be busier after the holiday, so brining in some cupcakes. Random pick, first time here," he readily admits. "Any personal favorites? Poppyseed lemon looked good too, but I figure like lemon jelly donut thing, it'll be left over for me to eat at the end of the day or something."

Briony glances over at the cupcakes on display and then back toward Danny. She chews on her lower lip a moment as if giving suggestions on her personal favorite cupcake is VERY important. There's a small roll of her shoulders and she says, "Um, I really like the raspberry ones— they have a raspberry jelly inside, and come with a sweet but light frosting…" She edges to the side, turning to point at them and that bag is gonna swuuuuunnng…. right toward him.

"Rasberry filled, that does sound good." He agrees and looks it it, "Add a couple of those two." The counter worker was just taping the box closed too, the huff a little, but comply, it is their job after all. Then she's turning to point too, to help him look and see and he gets swung on. However, unlike Ludacris he does not get back. At best a hand comes up to blunt some of the contents within from hitting him too crazily. "Like three stooges, you got some boards in there?" Its certainly the bag's fault in his mind initially.

"Crap! Sorry." She turns back around and gives a little shake of her head. "So sorry about that." She rubs her fingers through her hair a moment and shifts her bag a bit more, trying to get it into a position where it's not going to hit anywhere. A shrug follows and she says, "Um, no… just you know, things and stuff."

Following suit, Danny shakes his head just barely too. "Nah, its all good, I should pay more attention." Of course he takes blame there, or he's just nice. "The getaway bag, just in case you need to get out of town for a weekend." Meant as a mild tease, he gives a pause. "I mean, not to be offensive. Just, that's what popped in there. Its your bag, things and all. I didn't mean to be rude." He inhales, steadies his thoughts, gets past it for the moment at least. "Crazy weekend, this was over at trauma right? Anything with the incidence at Slim's?"

Briony's about to say something when her phone goes off, beep beep beep. She winces a moment and pulls it out of her pocket. "Yeah, grandpa?" A slow blink of her eyes and a sigh, "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute. Just— don't do anything, okay? Stay where you are." She tucks her phone away and says, "Sorry— I gotta go." And then she's headed for the doors.

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