(2018-09-02) Bad Luck Brew
A night at the coffee shop ends in embarrassment, a date and a possible live in! Never boring!

Java Junction

With copper light hangings, it leaves a rustic feel to the entire room. A long bar with a cash register below a sign that says Order Here boasts a display of pastries, bagels, croissants and other foods for breakfast. Sandwiches and soups and salads for lunch and dinner. On a chalk bard in colorful writing is a list of the different beverages offered as well as the prices. Numbers are given on the receipts so when called, patrons can get their order at the opposite end of the bar from the register.

Tables dot the room, wooden with simple center pieces and wooden chairs around them. Also built into one leg of each table is an electrical outlet for laptops or phone chargers. In one corner is a bean bag area with several magazines and a small book swap shelf.

While music plays softly from surround sound speakers, it is usually tuned into one of the two radio stations in the town. The country or rock, depending on what the barista selects at the time.

Long weekends are a thing and Delilah is nursing a bit of a hangover from the celebrations of the night before. Nothing too terrible, she just has a slight headache if the bottle of Tylenol on the table in front of her says anything. A cup of coffee decorated with enough creamer to make it white and a club sandwich completes everything on the table. Everything is untouched. The music that plays is muted but it's something rock and occasionally announces the news such as the football team winning their game the previous night as well as some robberies happening out near Jacktown. The Rodeo is in town this weekend and thefts are on the rise. A newspaper rack is by the counter with the news splashed over the front page as well.
Lila looks towards the door every time it opens, just people watching for lack of anything better to do and occasionally she taps her fingers along to the music playing in the background.

It's been a long day for Vincent. The expression on his face shows that much. Not quite a scowl, but definitely not a happy look. His left arm comes up to push open the doors to the shop, and is boots make some slight high pitched squeeks here and there as he makes his way inside. Vincent's tired eyes flick over to Delilah, thinning slightly in appraisal- and then moving on to some of the other folks enjoying their drinks before he comes over to the counter.

"Hey can I get a uhhh…" There's a pause, Vince's voice trailing as he looks over the selection, Vincent's nose wrinkles for a second before he looks back and over his shoulder and his eyes fall onto Delilah, "Yo, you." he says, raising his voice a little bit to get her attention, "What's the cheapest thing here that tastes good?"

Katherine shoulders her way into the coffee shop, and on her way to the counter she turns a pirouette as she listens to the music. She pauses behind Vincent, letting him order as she taps her toes on the floor. She props her hands on her hips, and rises up on her tip toes waving towards one of the baristas who slings her a brief salute. She smiles in his direction and dances towards one of the tables, unshouldering her bag and setting it down on the table.

Pulling out her laptop she opens it up and claims a seat, crossing her legs as she gets comfortable. Propping her chin on her palm, she eyes Delilah and Vincent as they chat, waiting for her little machine to boot up.

Ryan Harper is still getting his bearings around Calaveras. It's a nice enough town; small-ish, like he grew up in. So while the streets and businesses are unfamiliar, the general 'feel' of Calaveras is like coming back home. Ryan is carrying his briefcase as he enters Java Junction, planning on getting a bit of work done while grabbing a bite to eat. He looks around the shop as he waits his turn in line, giving a little nod of greetin to those that look his way.

When it's his turn, he heads to the counter to order, paying with his credit card. While his coffee and club sandwich are being made, Ryan heads over to the tables, sitting down next to the table Katherine has claimed. "Hello," he says to her with a smile and a nod before setting his briefcase on the table and opening it up.

"Plain old boring black coffee. I at least recommend creamer and sugar substitute in it. And you're welcome to share this sandwich, because this thing is huge." A club sandwich, it's untouched still and looks plenty big. Because strangers share. At least this one does. Lila offers a tentative smile towards the man before checking out the other new arrivals so the guy can place his order. While the woman twirls around, she laughs to herself and offers a smiling nod of greeting towards the two who sit nearer each other.
Turning back, she looks towards Vincent again and tilts her head. "My name is Lila." A belated response to being called 'You'. Reaching for the aspirin she shakes a couple out in her hand and uses her coffee to chase them down.

There's a brief quirking of Vincent's brow, glancing over to Ryan as the man moves up behind him to wait for his own order. There's a moment where Vince's gaze lingers on Ryan, and then looks over towards Katherine before Delilah calls back his attention. When half of a sandwich is offered up, Vincent just stares at Delilah with as much caution as anyone would have from food offered by a stranger. But after a quick glance around the joint, the suspicion on his mug fades and he gives her a nod. "Yeah… Yeah sure, thanks." he says, looking back to the barista who had been not-so patiently waiting for him. "Yeah lemme just get a small black." he says, setting down a bill from his wallet and putting in its spot some change.

Vincent grabs his coffee as it's put down, nodding to the barista and heading over to sit across from Delilah. A slow sigh escapes him from between clenched teeth and he looks up to her, "Thanks for the food, Lila." he says, taking a sip from the plain coffee- his face scrunching a little before he grunts, smacking his lips before returning her introduction with one of his one. "Vincent." he says, briefly rubbing down his hand onto the front of his shirt before offering it over for a handshake. "Nice to meet you." he says, before glancing back to the other two sitting not too far away. There's another bit of staring and then Vince looks back, "You come to this place often? I don't remember this being around here last time I was in town."

Katherine smiles up as her mocha is delivered to her, and she sniffs it briefly before she hands the barista money. "Bless you, if I didn't get this I might kill someone." She wiggles her fingers towards Delilah and Vincent, tapping a password into her laptop. She smiles over at Ryan, giving the man a brief once over. "Hello, back at ya." She greets, shifting in her seat so she can put her feet up on another empty chair. She takes a deep drink from her mocha and makes a dramatic moaning noise. "Nectar from the bloody gods." She raises her chin and calls out towards the counter. "You're getting a huge honking tip when I'm done with my accounting! Especially if you bring me another mocha when this one is eeempttty!" She sing-songs the last few words, laughing softly at her own antics.

She sees Vince staring and she sticks her tongue out at him before starting on her work. Her fingers tap tap tap at the keys, bobbing her head to the music as she works.

Ryan looks back at Vincent; just observing and making sure the girl is safe after making her generous offer. He looks back at Katherine, smiling. "'Might kill someone?" he asks in an amused, joking tone. "Well, I'd say that qualifies as pre-meditation. Or depraved indifference." His coffee and food are delivered and the server gets a heartfelt "Thank you." While adding a bit of cream and sugar to his coffee, Ryan gives Katherine an apologetic smile. "Sorry. Legal humour isn't known for it's quality and wide appeal…"

The hesitance from her tablemate in accepting the offer of the sandwich only amuses Delilah. "I'm not contagious. Or last I checked, hangovers weren't." Her smile is lopsided when it comes and she tilts her head to the side waiting. As he agrees to it, she nods her approval and moves two quarters to a napkin and leaves them in front of herself while scooting the other two across the table for Vincent when he seats himself. "No problem."
Now it's her turn to be hesitant so that when he reaches out his hand after rubbing it on his shirt, she wipes her own on the skirt of her dress, but only after shaking his hand. Maybe she's a germophobe or something. Who knows? "Nice to meet you too, Vincent. And yeah, I come here pretty often. It's kind of close to the everything in town. Kinda centrally located." She checks her coffee, blows on it and watches steam drift up. Still too hot. She leaves it there for the moment. "How long has it been since you were in town?" She glances over to the others and laughs softly at the humor and comments. "I should have went into law or something."

Vince raises his own hand to give Katherine a small wave in return, though he wrinkles his brows as he watches the woman not too long after stick her tongue at him- giving her an odd look before the corner of his lip rises up slightly in a but of unsure amusement. "Goofy girl." he murmurs under his breath. Then Vincent looks over at Ryan for a bit of not enitrely subtle listening in.

Looking back over to Delilah after some more staring, Vincent idly adjusts himself in his seat- bringing up his left leg to rest the side of his foot on his right knee. When Delilah mentions being contagious, Vince cracks up a little- letting out a breathy chuckle. "Nah, it's just been a while since I've been given food… So thanks." his thanks a little bit quieter than the rest of his sentence, though still audible. Vincents brows lower thoughtfully at her question, and he looks aside. It seems like he's doing the work in his head to narrow down how long before he shrugs, "Years." he says, looking back to the girl. "A lot of years… I don't really know where anything is anymore, 'sides from the station and a few spots… How long you've been here?" he asks, flipping the question back onto her, his brow rising curiously. There's a moment where Vincent looks back from the corner of his eye at her comment, "I don't really get the joke." he admits with slightly pursed lips.

Katherine continues to tap on her laptop as she drinks, and she's close enough to the other table to follow their conversation, though she's not trying to. She doesn't interrupt their conversation, gazing towards Ryan as he settles down at his table. "Katherine Stone." She introduces herself, sticking out a free hand towards the man at the other table. "Pleased to meet you."

Ryan shakes the offered hand. "Ryan Harper. Brand new to Calaveras. Pleased to meet you as well." He settles back into his chair and turns to look at Dellilah, chuckling. "Well, miss, if you get into law, then you get to hear all kinds of other kinds of jokes as well. Like 'Why does California have all the lawyers and New Jersey have all the toxic waste dumps?'" He pauses a beat and takes a sip of his coffee. "New Jersey got first pick," he finishes the joke with a slight chuckle."

Turning his attention back to Katherine, he tilts his head slightly as he asks, "So, Ms. Stone. What do you do here in the hectic and harried city?" Ryan bites into his sandwich as he patiently listens to her answer. He also slides a tablet PC and a legal folder out from his briefcase.

The duo seated not so far away earn another look from her, especially at the tongue thing and Lila just laughs softly. "Goofy is a much better trait than being bitchy or something. Or so I hear." The joke from Ryan has her shaking her head, laughing. "That's awful. Maybe I don't want to be a lawyer after all." Amusement glitters in her eyes as she turns her gaze back to Vincent.
"Oh, well I could buy you a whole sandwich if you're really hungry." The sandwich is given a dubious look as if gauging it for a man instead of herself now. A little back and forth between him and the food before she slides that half of the sandwich closer to him and keeps her half in front of herself. "So yeah, welcome back to Calaveras then. I've lived here a good amount of time. Around twenty-one years. I like it though. There's so much to do around here. If you need any guidance or anything let me know. Do you live in the city or out in the boonies?"

Vincent's fingers wrapped around his cup of coffee, blowing at it a little uselessly for a second or two before he takes another long, slow sip. There's a brief licking of his lips and he nods back to Delilah as he listens. There's a look back towards Ryan as he listens to some more of the law jokes, which only serves for Vincent to look a little more confused. "Didn't know that about Jersey… Huh." he says, his open hand coming over to slowly rub his chin in a brief few seconds of contemplation.

Then Delilah's voice brings Vince back to reality and he peeks back over in her direction. "Oh.. I'm fine with half of this one, you don't gotta blow your money on me." he says, seeming a little bit uneasy with the idea of the young woman buying him food. When his half of the sandwich is slid over to him, he nods in thanks and picks it up to take a large bite out of it- chewing it down slowly. Listening again, Vincent nods- and once he's swallowed he speaks up again. "Yeah, I could use a little bit of guidance I think." There's a awkward pause when he's asked where he lives, and Vincent takes a good few seconds to think about it before he says, "I go back and forth, kinda… I'm uh, hopping between friends places right now. I'm staying in the city right now, though." he says, "So… What's it like for work here? I'm not really sure where to start in terms of it here."

Pushing her laptop away, Katherine aims a smile at Ryan, tapping her fingers idly on the table top. "I own Stone Bed and Breakfast over in Oak Ridge." She gestures to her laptop. "I'm attempting to get this month's finances in order so I can go grocery shopping. I have a new tenant in for a few days and they have a gluten allergy." She smirks and takes a drink from her cup. "Bloody unnatural if you ask me." She glances from his tablet to his folders, eyebrows raising as her eyes twinkle. "What's all that about." She asks, gesturing to his work. "Unless you're writing jokes because you're a stand up comedian." She signals for another mocha, winking in Ryan's direction. "I mean, the joke was decent enough."

She gazes towards the pair at the other table, and then holds up a finger in Ryan's direction. "You all are making me hungry. Screw the weekend diet." She pushes to her feet and makes her way to the counter, having a quiet conversation that ends with her bringing her own sandwich back to her table. She taps the computer mouse to keep it alive and on her google sheet, tapping in a few more numbers before she gazes back towards Ryan, waiting for an answer to her question.

"No, not a comedian," Ryan informs Katherine. "I'm the new Assistant District Attorney for Calaveras. And all this…" he gestures to the folder, files, and tablet, "is basicaly homework. Pending cases. Police operations. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Calaveras, as it were." He takes advantage of the woman getting a sandwich to feed himself some more. Ryan looks back at Delilah and Vincent, checking on things there, as it were.

After Katherine takes her seat, Ryan continues the conversation. "Bed & Breakfast owner, hmmm? Sounds like hard work, but at least your customer base is probably a little more polite and courteous than mine."

Lowering her voice a touch, Delilah tries to enlighten Vincent, in case he was serious, about misunderstanding the Jersey thing. "I think he's making jokes about lawyers. Sort of like what's the difference between a dead snake in the road and a dead lawyer? There's skid marks before the snake. Indicating at least the person tried to stop before rolling over them." She chuckles a little at the joke. "That was a Robin Williams one from the movie Hook."
Her own coffee is cooling off enough now, she lifts it and takes a short sip from it, a smile and contented sigh at the caffeine. "Sure!" Agreeing brightly. "I could show you around if you want. I don't mind at all." His hesitation brings a look of understanding. "Couch surfing. College students do that all the time. Take turns crashing over at friends places." Another sip of her coffee and the mug is replaced on the table as she regards him. "Work? Like, what are your qualifications? I know the ranches around town provide room and board, food and everything for ranch hands. Bunk houses and all. If you're needing somewhere to work and live." She hears the title of the lawyer man, surprise registering in the look even if she says nothing about it.

Catching the words Bed and Breakfast, Vincent looks over his shoulder to peek at Katherine. Vincent's right brow rises, a curious look in his eyes sent her way as he uncrosses one leg only to cross the other, taking another bite out of his half of the sandwich. When Katherine glances over to the table him and Lilah are at, Vince simply shoots her a lazy wink mid-chewing before he looks back over towards Delilah. "Mmh-" he lets out with his mouth full, swallowing. There's a slight chuckle at Delilah's joke, "I gotcha now… Never seen that movie, though. Yeah, after this I'd be down to look 'round. Way better than just getting lost on my own." he says with a slight smirk on his lips. "Yeah, though I guess students have better excuses than me." he says with a slight shrug of is shoulders. When she asks about what kind of work he'd be suitable for, Vincent pauses before answering, "I guess most things involving manual labor, honestly. But those ranch jobs sound pretty good, but I've never really worked with farm animals before so I dunno how well I'd be at that." he admits with a slight tilting of his head to the side. "And I kinda wanna stick closer to town. Those ranches are probably pretty far out, and I'm not trying to go in the negatives just by buying the gas I'd need to drive back and forth.".

Glancing over his shoulder to Ryan along with Delilah, his right brow rises as he hears the word Attorney. He's stares at the man thoughtfully for a second, then all of his belongings before he sniffles noisily and looks back to Delilah. "I honestly just wanna make money so I can get my own place, y'know? I'm getting tired of staying with others."

Katherine grins towards Ryan, nodding slowly as he talks about his homework. "Sounds pretty interesting, I don't get around certain parts of town very much, but I bet you see some shit." She tilts her head and shrugs towards Ryan. "It depends really, some people are really fun to have, and it's like a sleepover. Others, it's like you have kids and you have to cater to their every whim and wish." She gestures towards her laptop. "Like this gluten allergy that I.." She shakes her head, sighing. "I have no clue what that means, so I looked up it, found a decent recipe."

She turns back to look at the pair as Vincent winks, and her cheeks color, as a startled laugh escapes her lips. "Oh dear." Is all she says before she takes a bite of her own half of a sandwich. Delilah's joke makes her snort out a laugh so she pushes her sandwich aside, no sense in inhaling her food when she really just wants to chew it. She turns back to Ryan and aims a brilliant smile at him. "So, which side are you ..you know…" She waves her hands around as she tries to gather her words, failing for the moment. Her brow furrows and she huffs out a sigh. "Are you…a..district attorney? Am I using the right words? Crap."

Ryan smiles and nods to Katherine. "Well, I'm the assistant to the District Attorney. But you're basically right." He winks at her, nodding again. "I'm the lawyer that prosecutes criminals. Well, one of them, anyways. The District Attorney's office is responsible for prosecuting crimes; robberies, DUI's, assaults…and the crimes that are worse. I'm the assistant, which means, I'm usually the one that presents the case and tries it in court. Actually, I do the smaller cases so that the District Attorney has time to focus on anything big. It's only my second day here, so I haven't had any court action here yet. But, I need to know the local players and any trends in criminal activity in the area. So, if you had, say, an unruley guest that you had to call the police on, if they arrest him, I would be the one trying the case. Most likely." He pauses again and drinks more coffee. "Really, most of what I'll be doing at first is dealing with crimes like public disturbance, drunk driving, vandalism…crimes that most of the time just require plea barganing to close quickly and keep the justice system here moving."

In order to be sort of helpful, Delilah gives Katherine a tentative smile as she calls over softly. "If you want to save money, there are restaurants that sell things, like the bakery, that are gluten free. Since they have to cook in bulk, you may save money by buying limited amounts from them instead of making whole batches of it with a recipe." Just a mild suggestion, a shrug accompanies it. She does grin at the snort though, pleased she'd appreciated her pilfered joke.
"I wonder.." Lila muses momentarily. "I bet afterwards, she could show you her bed and breakfast, I bet you could even rent a room there if you wanted?" A look between the two, having caught the wink and the reaction. Matchmaking in progress folks. "I don't know about the ranches. I do know I see old pickups with cowboys coming into town on weekends and piling out. Mostly at bars or football games. Maybe they provide rides into town? I really don't know. Maybe it's not for you." She digs into her sandwich with obvious enjoyment, focusing on one quarter at a time. The first one. While she only looks back at Ryan long enough to catch the wink he also tosses to Katherine, she smiles to herself and just listens to his explanation while she eats, content to do just that for the moment.

Vincent's lips crack into a smile as he watches Katherine's reaction from afar, laughing quietly with a short huff of out of his nostrils and an amused shake of his head. Then he looks back over towards Ryan and an interested look comes over his face as he listens. When Vincent spots Ryan sending his own wink over to Katherine- he grins a little wider, glancing back and forth between the two with a thoroughly amused look on his face before he looks back over towards Lila. "Bed and breakfast… That would be nice, though it depends whether I can afford it or not." he says, shrugging and looking back over towards Katherine curiously.

When Lila mentions more about the ranch, Vince nods a little here and there- his gaze drifting aside as he begins to finish his small coffee and his half of the sandwich. He looks back afterwards, shrugging. "Getting rides wouldn't be all that bad I guess, but… I doubt they'd be able or even want to keep up with how much I wanna go out." he says with a shrug and a slight smile. "That, and I think I wouldn't get along with cowboys all that much. Don't seem like the crowd for me to fall in with." he adds with another amused look. "But… The ranch is better than nothing. You know any jobs that are downtown or near it? This place is big now, so there's gotta be people who need their shit hauled around, right?"

Katherine shakes her head at Ryan, a wide grin on her face. "No no no, you have to describe your job like it's the most amazing thing in the world." She gets to her feet, spreading her hands out a little ways from her face, framing it. "My job is the most amazing job you've ever heard of. I get to change sheets every day, wash them with towels every day and cook three meals!" She gets a mischievous look on her face as she continues. "I ride the lawn mower back and forth twice a week and every other day I scoop loads of shit out of the litter box." She leans in slightly, resting a hand on Ryan's table. "Doesn't that sound amazing?" She is nodding as she says it, helping him with the right answer.

She drifts toward Delilah's table, picking up her mocha on the way. "I'm going to take your advice and check the restaurants, because I'll end up screwing up and accidentally killing someone. I'm running out of room in the back yard for bodies, so I probably ought to be careful, right?"

"If you're looking for a place to stay, I've got an empty room for the foreseeable future, my little sister went back to school. You'd have to earn your keep though, and people who do dishes and help me drive the lawn mower get a discount." She raises her mocha and nods, setting a business card on the table. "Just give me a call when you decide." She turns back to walk to her table, taking a seat and sighing dramatically before she takes a drink of her coffee. She goes to set it back down on the table, not looking at where she places it, and it falls off the edge. Luckily for everyone, it was less than half full and only a few drops spilled out before she grabbed the cup up. "Damnit." She mutters under her breath.

Ryan laughs at Katherine's revised explanation of her job. "That does sound absolutely amazing," he agrees. "My whole life has been a lie; I should have become a bed and breakfast owner." He gives Katherine another playful wink before she moves to the table with the other two.

After Katherine returns to her seat, Ryan starts to say something. But the coffee cup falling off the table puts a stop to whatever he was going to say. He reacts too late as well, bending down to help retrieve the cup. "Oooops," he says as a bit of the mocha spalshes onto his shoe. "Here, let me help you with that…." and he hands Katherine a handful of knapkins, use a a few himself to clean his shoe. "So, I was wondering," he says to Katherine as the small spill is contained and mopped up. "I'm still new in town, and I'm looking for good restaurants, places to eat. My cooking skill pretty much extend to hot dogs and macaroni & cheese. Got any recommendations you could show me? My treat."

Finances, or worrying about them doesn't really be something Delilah concerns herself with, but as he mentions affording it she gives him a crooked smile. "Maybe you could plea to the charitable sensibilities of Ms. Stone there for someplace to stay." Having heard the introductions earlier, and the name of the B&B she'd passed by a hundred or more times, she just throws that out there. Coffee is given a bit more attention, a few sips here and there while she listens to Vincent.
There is a brief handwave about the ranches, it had just been an idea, she doesn't elaborate on it further. Instead, she adopts a contemplative expression. "There's a bar, but it's more on the edge of town. Johnny Slims Last Chance. The one that's more hip, that the cowboys don't go to is the 970 Club. Maybe there's a moving van company or something if you just wanted to haul something around." As Katherine goes into her spiel, she just gapes at her a moment, even quiet as she comes over to their table. Then the offer comes, she snaps and points a finger towards Vincent. "There, see? Saved from mindless ranch work just in time." Amusement written all over her features. "Just avoid the back yard." The last spoken in a dramatic mock aside to him, a reference to what Katherine had said. Hearing the splash, she turns to look, wincing. "Oops." Though the two seem to have it in hand. Then Ryan is totally asking out the lady and she shakes her head towards Vincent. "You better hurry, he's one-upping you." A grin given with the advice.

When the business card is set down, Vincent peers at it for a moment before he sets down his cup and reaches out to pick it up and peer it over. He stares at either side of the card before he sits up somewhat and reaches back, to slip out his wallet and fit it inside for safe keeping. "All that and I get a discount?" he asks her, glancing back up to her with a lopsided grin before he takes his own coffee and goes to take another sip- only to get little more than a droplet on his tongue. He peers into the empty cup for a second before he shrugs and sets it down onto the table again. "I'll give you a call when I have things in order." he offers to her with a small grin.

Then he looks back around over to Delilah. "The bar, the club, and van stuff… I think I could go and see if any of those will take me, yeah." he says with a slow nod of his head, though it's offset by an unsure expression on his face. There's a moment where he's rubbing his chin. Then Katherine is spilling her drink, and Vincent winces slightly as he watches it spill over a little bit. "I hope that stuff doesn't stain." he says with a brief blink, before he looks over to Ryan and smirks a bit. He gives the man a small thumbs up, before his attention is caught by Delilah. There's a rise of his brow at the young woman and Vincent grins back at her, "Didn't know I was competing." he offers with a little smirk, and then he shrugs, "I'm not one to rush anyways. And besides, I'd feel bad running off to chase tail and leaving a cute helpful gal like you behind all alone here." he says, pausing to tilt his head to the side and make an exaggerated glance off to the side. "Well. Maybe." he says with a shrug. There's a brief thought before he looks back over to Delilah, "What do you do to make money around here? You don't seem like the kinda chick to work on a ranch, or at a club or a bar."

An empty cup, as long as it's black coffee, has the barista coming over and refilling it. She pours the refill with a smile before walking around checking the levels of others and then heading back behind the counter.

"Hot dogs and macaroni? You poor man." Katherine murmurs as she takes the napkins and clears up the mess. She gets back in her seat, brows furrowed, before she aims a smile at Ryan. "I probably should offer to pay as I just assaulted you with my mocha." She gestures down towards the floor, a lopsided smile on her face. "Let's see…good places to eat. Well there are a few places downtown, like Wok This Way and the Corner Cafe. Both are pretty good, but I love Chinese food, so .." She closes her laptop before she turns back to her conversation. "There is also a place called Italian Affair, if you're into spaghetti and lasagna and the like." She looks amused as she eyes Ryan. "I usually cook for myself, and I don't go out much, so I haven't been to the Cafe or the Italian Affair for ages." She glances towards the other table for a moment, a thoughtful look on her face before she smiles back to Ryan. "You pick, and I'll happily show you around town if you'd like. Where was it that you said you came from again?"

Ryan smiles and waves off Katherine's offer of paying. "It's fine. No harm done, really. And I'm from Turner, originally. Town in the western part of the state, a little smaller than this. My family has a ranch out there." He finishes wiping off his shoes, and the comment from Delilah about there being a 'competition' gets him flustered in the cheeks for a moment. Ryan coughs, sits back up striaght, and places the dirty knapkin on the plate. "How about you, Ms. Stone? Are you a Calaveras native or a transplant? And the Itallian place sounds fine to me."

Ryan smiles and waves off Katherine's offer of paying. "It's fine. No harm done, really. And I'm from Turner, originally. Town in the western part of the state, a little smaller than this. My family has a ranch out there." He finishes wiping off his shoes, and the comment from Delilah about there being a 'competition' gets him flustered in the cheeks for a moment. Ryan coughs, sits back up striaght, and places the dirty knapkin on the plate. "How about you, Ms. Stone? Are you a Calaveras native or a transplant? And the Itallian place sounds fine to me."

It was the perfect time to concentrate on the second half of her half of a sandwich and with the toothpick removed, Delilah does that. Bacon first of course. A few bites and it's all gone and she uses one of the napkins to wipe her fingertips and her mouth before placing those to the side and giving her focus to her coffee. Until she hears the restaurants mention. She snickers, "Italian As Fuck." Then further explains. "The words Italian and AF are lit up. the FAIR at the end are burnt out. So we all just call it the Italian As Fuck restaurant." A light shrug. Maybe it's stupid, but she's amused.
"One bar, the 970, is near the university. The other is on the west side of town. The van company is nearer Smelter Street." Just trying to be helpful. "And don't feel bad," she laughs, "You do you. It's all good." After a sip of her coffee, she contemplates an answer to the question he asks of her before offering wryly. "I've been a lifeguard for five years both at the public pool and the country club." Then her voice takes a touch of a sarcastic tone. "And sometimes I can even take home good grades to mommy and daddy and get a super good allowance!" She rolls her eyes, all sense of teasing gone.
The foursome currently present are seated at three separate tables. Vincent is across from Delilah while Ryan and Katherine are seated at tables side by side each other. Everyone is interacting though.

Briony slides in quietly, her hands tucked into the pockets of her blue scrubs with cats on them. Her hair is put up in a messy bun, and she looks a touch disheveled. Like perhaps she just got off of a shift. Her blue eyes flicker over the interior peering at those who seem to be having a conversation from three different tables.

There's a quiet snicker as Vincent watches the back and forth between Ryan and Katherine before he looks back around to see that his coffee's been filled back up, his right brow rising. "Oh." he says with a blink, looking around for a second or two before he awkwardly raises a hand in thanks to the baristas. He begins sipping away again, and he's finishing off whatever's left of his sandwich with some slow chewing. He listens to her attentively as she goes over the businesses locations, and then he sets his coffee back down. "I'll have to check out that club near the university… And if that doesnt work I'll head over and peek at the van guys." he says.

There's a slight rise of his brow, "Country club?" he asks, tilting his head to the side, "Aren't those where wealthy old dudes go to hit little balls with clubs?" he asks with a devilish smirk. There's a snicker and he shrugs, "That's pretty cool though. Haven't really talked to any lifeguards before." he says before he let sout an amused huff at the mention of allowance. "You actually get an allowance? Jealous." he says sarcastically before he looks aside to peer at Briony as she enters the joint. He peers at her for a long moment or two before he looks around at everyone again carefully and then says, "Didn't realize that in all the years I've been gone everyone got good looking around here. Damn." he says, with a tilt of his head- resting his cheek against his palm. Then he looks back over to Lilah, "So what's being a lifeguard at a country club like?"

Katherine raises her eyebrows, setting her mocha more toward the center of the table. It's mostly empty at this point so she ignores it. "If you say so, I'm sorry I spilled the coffee." She says, going quiet for a moment afterward as Delilah speaks of the Italian restaurant. She tries not to laugh, glancing from the other woman toward Ryan, eventually stifling a giggle behind her hand. "I'm a native, Ryan, been here all my life. It's a nice little place to live, until someone assaults you with coffee." She waves to Briony, flashing a smile in her direction before she stuffs her laptop back into her bag. "So Ryan, when are we going to Italian As Fuck?" She asks, smirking over to his table before she picks up her bag and simply moves, tossing her empty cup into the trash before she settles down at Ryan's table.

Briony's neck prickles, someone's staring at her! She pivots away from the menu to flicker her gaze around and just catching the tail end of Vincent's stare. There's a little roll of her eyes when she overhears his comment. Briony turns back to the menu once more and steps up to place her order. "White chocolate mocha, extra sweet." Is what she ends up ordering, and a chocolate scone. Then it's heading off to find herself a table, crossing past the intersected tables… Her foot catches on one of the table legs as she navigates through and with a startled squeak she ends up tripping, headed straight for her knees not far from Katherine.

The appology makes Ryan chuckle good-naturedly. "Well, lucky for you, 'Assault with Coffee' ins't a crime. That's more of a civil litigation matter." He smiles and winks. "Really, it's fine. No harm done. And it's not the first time these shoes have had coffee spilled on them." Delilah's mention of the restaurant's nickname makes Ryan blush again, especially when Katherine repeats the nickname with her question. But, his cheeks soon return to normal and he chuckles. "Well…I suppose I'm down for Itallian As Fuck whenever you are, Ms. Stone. So, when would be a good time for you?"

Then, there's the tripping woman in scrubs, falling for their table. Ryan moves quickly and tries to catch the woman before she slams into the ground.

<FS3> Briony rolls Gymnastics: Failure. (3 3 4 2 2 5 6)

<FS3> Ryan rolls Athletics: Success. (5 7 4 3 4)

"The 970 is a really good place, loud music, dancing, real party atmosphere. Johnny Slims is more laid back, tear in my beer sort of bar. I bet you'd fit in well at the 970, so yeah, good choice." Lifting her shoulders in a light shrug, Delilah manages to look a little sheepish. "It's exactly like that, wearing a bathing suit at a country club. Exactly. Old dudes and balls and ew." Her nose crinkling as it's more a sexual thing the way she says it. "Married, bored, old dudes. The sooner I finish college the better, then I'm getting a real job. As for the allowance, my parents prefer to call it a stipend. Or whatever." Poor little rich girl.
Taking a moment, she looks around the room as if only just noticing, or checking. "I guess people around here are good looking." A glance to Ryan then back to Vincent. "Yeah, they are." There's even a smile given Vincent's way as she watches him watch the lady in scrubs. She glances along after the scrub lady and watches as she starts to trip. About to call out a warning to the others, she starts but stops, as she is too late. "Remind me never to sit at that table." The bad luck table.

"Definitely sounds like my kinda place. A lot of wasted folks and a lot bad decisions, doubt I'll be bored working over there." says Vincent, a short thoughtful hum following after his words before he snaps back to Delilah and listens. "Hmmh. Sounds like a pretty lousy ass job then." he says, adjusting himself in his seat again, "It's not like you can't find something else, right? It's a big place, like you said." he says with a shrug. There's a brief pause and then after a bit of sucking on his teeth he says, "If I come across any neat jobs that beat being oggled by geezers, I'll let you know if I bump into you." he says with another wink sent Lila's way this time. "Nothing worse than a shitty job."

There's got to be a curse here to have things and people fall in this shop. At least, that's the conclusion that Vincent's coming to when Briony is beginning to come falling down. Wincing, Vincent turns his head somewhat as he exxpects something to get knocked over and something to go flying- but then Ryan is shooting up and heading over to catch her like an absolute unit. Vince is even a little impressed, his brows rising somewhat as he watches him move in for the interception. "Holy shit. This guy's on fire."

Briony is caught by Ryan and she blinks a moment. "Oh, um, thank you! …" And then clearly mortified by her falling she disentangles herself and goes to hide until her stuff is ready, and then tries to sneak out. Like a weirdo.

Katherine smiles toward Ryan and is about to answer his question about Italian food when a trauma nurse comes flying in her general direction. She yelps, and indecision can be clearly seen on her face before Ryan moves to be a hero, that aids her decision to scoot her chair back. She watches quietly as Briony flees soon after, clearing her throat before she claps briefly toward Ryan. "Coffee shop hero." She notes, grinning a bit before she scoots back to the table, crossing her legs and settling in. "I'm open for dinner at the Italian place whenever it works for you." She pulls one of his napkins closer, pulling a pen out of her shoulder bag and jotting down her phone number. "Just give me a call, and we'll figure it out, yeah?" She pushes the napkin back to the attorney, stowing her pen. "Hopefully you won't get swamped with work before we manage to go have dinner."

Crisis averted and Ryan is about to check on the nurse, but then she runs off out of the coffee shop. "Guess she's okay…" he says as he watches her leave. Returning to his seat, Ryan readjusts his clothes while listening to Katherine. "Aw, shuck, ma'am. Twern't nothin' " he says in a cowboy drawl, smiling as she claps. After she writes on the napkin, Ryan pulls a pen out of his briefcase and jots down his own cell phone number on a napkin, sliding it to Katherine. "We should be able to figure it out. Just to be on the safe side, though, incase there's a sudden crime wve this week, how about we figure on Saturday? Say, 6:30? If you think your guests will be finished with their dinner by then."

"That should totally be their slogan. Wasted Folks and Bad Decisions." Delilah is amused by the tagline anyway. "The job isn't all that bad. The public pool is only during the summer since it's outside, and there are far more good looking and younger guys that go there." Finishing off her coffee, she slides it to the edge of the table and out of the way. "Sure, if you bump into me. If you get a job at the 970, I'm sure I'll see you there sometime."
As she watched the nurse, Lila is just as surprised at the speed in which Ryan moves to save the day. She grins in his direction. "Nicely done." A sympathetic look given towards the nurse as she heads back out again. Reaching for a small designer backpack on the back of her chair, she drags it to her lap and drops the bottle of Tylenol into it and takes out a five to leave on the table for a tip. Looks like she's preparing to leave.

Tilting his head to the side, there's a moment where Vincent looks back and forth between Katherine, Ryan, and Briony before he lets out a sigh as no one plummets into the floor. It's not like he was in any danger- he didn't even make an effort to get up. There's a moment where Vincent looks down across the floor, squinting at it. "Wonder if they need one of those slipping caution signs." he comments to no one in particular, looking back and forth around the coffee shop before he shrugs to himself and looks back.

Vince nods to Lila, "That should be any self respecting clubs slogan." he says, before there's a chuckle, "Thank god for that silver lining then. At least at the public one." he says, and then gives the uni student a thumbs up. "Sounds like a plan then, Lila. Just gotta hope I actually land the gig.". There's a look over his shoulder towards the entrance of the coffee shop, and then he looks back to Lila, "See you around then. Try not to slip on your way out, alright?" he says, holding out his left hand in a loose fist for her to dap.

"That sounds good." Katherine gets to her feet, picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. "You just give me a call a few days before, and I'll dig a dress or something out of my closet." She glances towards Delilah as he prepares to leave, waving a hand in her direction. "Have a good night!" She pulls some bills from her back pocket and sets them down on the table. "Well, it was nice to meet you Ryan, I look forward to the Italian food." She starts to walk through the shop, carefully keeping an eye on her feet as she makes her way towards the door. She waves at Vincent as well. "If you call me, I'll put you to work!" She says, sticking her tongue out again as she moves towards the door.

"Nice to meet you as well, Katherine," Ryan replies with a wave. "I'll give you a call later in the week, then." He sits back down to finish off his coffee, puling out a few bills to add to the tip. "And you two have a good night as well," he says to Delilah and Vincent, nodding at each in turn. A final wave, then he heads out of the shop as well.

"I'm sure you will get it." Delilah offers with encouragement. Getting to her feet, she slips a strap of her backpack over a shoulder. "Sure, see you around then." A smile to the passing Katherine, she's not too far behind her. "I guess maybe another time then," to show him around or whatever. She lifts a hand and waves to the two then catches up to Katherine. "So, do you like, rent rooms on prom night for the high schoolers?" The conversation fading as she heads out, whatever answer she was given likely unheard by those inside as the pair head out.

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