(2018-08-30) Developmental Meeting
Danny reports in to Chief Augustus on Professional Mentoring for a local high school student, the meeting progresses with Detective Ashlea

While more a seasonal member of the civil services of Calaveras and new at that, Danny is on the job so to speak. He arrives at the Police Station downtown wearing his green jump suit, with appropriate pins and badges indicated he's a flight officer in the seasonal (fire season) aerial firefighter program. It includes ranging into the San Juan Mountains with parks and services, but ultimately he's part of the city payroll. He'd voluntered for the youth career program and now, with a weeks worth of mentoring under his proverbial belt, he's in to report. He goes to the receptionist straight away of course, as he doesn't see himself as passing the line so to speak just yet without the head nod from whoever is there. A slight sheepish grin, he approaches, "Hey, I'm reporting for career mentoring thing. Do I just go find the chief, or some program officer?" FOr all he knows, the time is regular meeting and he reports in front of others. He's just here to report.

Roxy, the usual receptionist had gone to the restroom and sitting there in her place, just doing her a favor, is Ashlea. Not like she'd expected for anyone to come seeking advice out of the ordinary, the blonde detective looks up blankly towards the aerial firefighter. "I wasn't aware of the mentoring thing." A sheepish look and she gets to her feet. "I can uh.. take you to the Chief." She doesn't know about buzzing in ahead, or the phone lines, she just motions him on to follow her to head towards the office and gives it a quick tap on the glass. "Chief? Someone to see you."

Well…as soon as Danny and Ashlea approach the office, they can already here the clearly angry Scotsman having a shouting match with someone over the phone. Augustus Jeremiah 'AJ' McIntyre. Police chief. Looking hardened as ever as he glances to Ashlea, gesturing for them both to enter his office and wait a moment. "Oh really? Ya fockin' will? Ya must've been born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen! Now stop tryin' to be the man yer mum was and bother someone else!" he slams the phone back onto it's slot, effectively ending the call. He looks up to Ashlea and Danny, straightening out his sleeve cuffs. "Sorry 'bout that. Most annoyin' man in the world was callin' in a complaint on one of this Departments best cops." He straightens out, looking to Danny and Ash "What can I help ya with?" his accent was strong, but hey, at least when he insults people it's funny.

Moving with Ashlea, Danny nods pleasantly. "You should try it out. Its like an eye opener." A pause, "I mean, I don' tknow if you have family already, just for me, working with a kid. Not so scary as I thought." Then his' more quiet as she phones on up. Then follows her to the Chief's office. "Good morning, just wanted report in for the high school mentoring." A pause, "Seems I was assigned to the right kid, he has a passion for piloting and fire fighting it seems. I was curious, I," sheepish look to Ashlea too, then back to chief. "Want to cross the right i's dot the right t's, do my reporting correctly and all. Didn't know if I turned it in or presented it to you, sir."

"I got zero experience with kids. So far." Ashlea gives an odd look that is followed by a shrug, "But it sounds like something that'd be good for kids who need that sort of thing. I'm sure there's more kids than mentors. I'd definitely consider it." As she raps on the door, she realized the Chief was hollering into the phone. A smile is shared with Danny. "His bark is worse than his bite. I'm Detective Anderson. Ashlea." Leaving it at that then turning towards the Chief when he is off of the phone. "Yessir, Chief. I got Mr.." she checks the flight suit name label, Hamilton here that was needing to see you." She remains around though so she can also hear more about this mentoring thing.

Augustus stands up straight as Danny starts to speak about high school mentoring. "Alright, well, why dontcha do a bit o' both lad?" He smiles a bit and keeps his focus on Danny as he speaks, as if to showcase an approval before the man even speaks more. A glance to Anderson. Hamilton she said his name was? Noted. Eyes fall back to Danny. "Oh yea?" he strokes his beard just a little bit. "By all means, tell me more."

Thre is a nod, and as she gave his name, he fills out the rest after she introduces him to the chief. "Danny Hamilton .. or Daniel." He amends the formal name in present company, stepping more into the office and nearer the deac to continue to address the chief. "Ben Wyatt, off a local ranch. A little scuff with some other boys, the school thought he'd be good for the professional mentor thing. His mom signed off on the form to get him in the plane and up here. He's picking up on things, I figured he could tag along to Boulder, see how we interact professional with other towers and such." A shrug, he grins to Ashlea, "He can't come up during a fire, but a supply run is ideal for more experience in the air, out of the school environment I figure?" Eyes fall back to the chief, to see if he's on the right track with working with the youth, its Danny's first time trying a program like this out from the professionals standpoint.

It was certainly an interesting idea, taking the troubled youth and mentoring them in positions on the right side of the law. It has piqued the interest of the detective. The Chief is given a glance to try and get his take on it too, but for the moment she remains as unobtrusive and quiet as she can, mostly just listening. A quick peek out assures her Roxy is back in position at the reception desk, so the entirety of her attention can remain there on the two.

Augustus takes a breath as he listens to his words. "Well, judgin' from yer posture and such, you don't do this too often do ya? You got a record with this kind of stuff?" He asks Danny, not expecting an actual answer from him before he pinches his nose. "Alright, I'll sign off on it. If only to keep a kid out of trouble and maybe add a somewhat-potential-havin' pilot to the Mile High Club." a joke. "But you keep an eye on 'im. I don't want to be readin' in the papers that a plane with a firefighter and a wee lad crashed because of one's inexperience." he makes his point clear. "That said, I'll be signin'." He looks then to Anderson. "You got an Opinion detective? Or are ye waitin' for the slacker of a receptionist to get back?"

His mouth opens, just a little, that no actual answer question catches him and he starts preparing an answer in his mind. At least, Danny thinks if he has a record with this kind of stuff, his head shakes a negative. Or starts to before he catches on and shuts his yap. "Thanks Chief … sir." He has no military training, and civil service is limited to the piloting work most likely, not hard to deduce that for police/detectives. "The kid would be good, his heart is here, he'd be an asset if he follows the direction." Police, fire, civil service or not implied, just staying local. And he follows the look from Chief Augustus to Ashlea, he thought she was the receptionist and now learns otherwise. "Yeah," he says, grinning a little, as if accusing her of making him think she was something she was not, slight brow raising.

"Figured I'd listen and see what all this was about, see if I was interested in mentoring or not though right now I'm not sure I have the time, really. It's a good thing, I'd like to think that troubled kids have the law or others to turn to, to learn right from wrong. Especially if they aren't learning it at home." Ashlea gives a gesture towards the reception desk. "Looks like Roxy is back in place. I could see Mr. Hamilton out if you need." She catches the grin from Daniel and smirks in return, amused. "Detective Anderson." Nope, not the reception.

Augustus just nods to Danny. "Don't mention it. Just don't make me regret it lad, ya hear?" he nods lightly before he glances to Anderson. "Well look at you, lass, first ya tryin' to get wings (a Victoria's Secret joke they made theo ther day that may become a running gag) and now yer tryin' to make friends. You might be a good detective yet." he winks at her before he just nods. "Aye, aye, I agree. Well, if there's nothin' left to discuss, by all means, walk Mr. Hamilton out." he nods then before the phone rings, he picks it up. Telemarketer. "Eh? No pizza? Fock off." hangs up.

"Certainly won't, sir, I enjoy flying too much to leave any regrets," he says, then pauses, that sort of made sense in his mind, but he even ponders that one. Danny gives half a second to that though, and is his usual self fairly quickly. Not getting the full joke, Danny picks up on friends. "Ah, there is hope for me then too." He will step back to be seen out, asking Ashlea more directly. "Is there some police - fire fighter bowling league or horse shoes in town, the aerial fire fighters weren't sure or not." A pause, "Maybe that's a regular receptionist question though?" He will only leave if she does, he's compliant that way.

"I can sport the wings," Ashlea teases back with laughter in her voice, grinning as she steps back sort of out of the office with the door open still. A glance back to the chief. "The Corner Cafe beats Pizza any day." A look between the fire fighter and the Chief. "Don't really know if there's a bowling league, but if there isn't there should be. Maybe we can start something up?" She reaches into a pocket of her blazer and offers him a card. "Maybe we can get something set up. You interested Chief?" Including him with a look and a question.

The Chief nods lightly to Danny. "Atta boy, lad. I'll be payin' attention to the reports." he grins lightly, before he tilts his head. "Bowlin' league? The hell ya talkin' about?" before he looks to Ashlea with a smile. "Askin' me out on a date detective? Ballsy." he's just messing with her. "Well, if ya insist, I'll come on down. I'm actually pretty hungry. What bout you?" he then looks between the two. "I guess we're startin' a bowling league. Might as well get in on it."

Far be it for Danny to get between the banter at play, he nods about the reports. The question seems directed at both of them, but he seems taken for the moment. "Bowling or food? Unless there is some other mingle. Sounds like that Corner Cafe is where some of the others go for lunch, but less formal. I was heading that way next, try to meet a few new faces and spring the bowling league down there too." Or find out if some of the others had one. "I'd throw in for a kitty, unless I'm violating some gambling law." Pilot, fire fight, water, his area, the actual law, not so much. "I heard its pretty good, you two regulars there?" The Corner Cafe that is.

"I like bowling as much as the next guy, I'm down with it." Definitely interested, Ashlea volunteers. At the turn around of her mentioning the Cafe, she laughs, "I'll donate for the three of us to lunch together, but I'm not paying for it all. I know how much guys eat. My guy does anyway." Ashlea finally stops blocking the door, "I just have to stop by the desk a moment and close things down, I'll meet you down there in a few minutes."

Augustus looks to Danny for a moment. "Definitely food." he smiles then a bit before he looks at Ashlea. "Hah! I doubt your man, son or boyfriend oh whatever, doesn't eat as much as me. So get ready to pay a big bill." he teases. "I tease lass. We'll go dutch." divide the bill into thirds. That said, he shrugs as he grabs his blazer. "Sounds good detective. I'll drive us." he looks over to Danny. "Eh, I think Anderson goes there more than I, but I go there occasionally. not enough to be a regular."

There is a little relief as both agree on food, he wasn't ready to bowl today, at least by his expression. Danny nods, "I'm sure I'd easily be beaten in that regards. Food I like, but I have my limits." He turns to head for the front, she can take care of computer and all, but before parting, "Then Detectice Anderson can recommend something, I haven't tried the food there yet." The chief offers to drive, it sounds good, and maybe for someone that important, taking his vehicle there is good. Its not far down the street though either, "You two drive over when ready, I'll go grab us a table now." He doesn't need to check out, set messages on phones or anything of the sort. He has the time now and makes use of it, a nod and wave, "See you two in a few then." And he's out the door, to the Corner Cafe.

Hopefully by the time Ashlea was ready to go, she had talked the chief into walking over. It really wasn't far. She'd walk unless the chief insisted of course, then she'd ride. "Dutch it is. I'm new here still, I've not worked up into a higher pay rate yet so my income all goes to the house I just started buying." Once they are all there and accounted for, she heads for the table Danny had gotten in advance for them and seats herself at one side so the men can sit across from one another. "I recommend the loaded burger and fries and shake. Unless you prefer steak a chicken fry. Then those are good too. The pie is great too." She loves food, apparently.

Thankfully, Ashlea's more up front and intelligent nature does change the Chief's mind when it comes to going to get food. It was just a short walk, how bad could it be? He does smile a bit as they enjoyed a rather pleasant conversation with each other, since Danny left a few minutes ahead of them. Either way, he smiles a little. "Well I'm-" he pauses, not wanting to reveal that quite yet. "Ah've got a stable bank account, so don't worry." he smiles as they make it to a table taht Danny had reserved and he sits by Ashlea by default. He smiles. "Burgers eh? What, no guinnes?" he looks upset by that for a moment.

Danny got there, waited for a nice booth rather than the long dinner bar there. A wave and all, he lets them pick seats as he gets up, and rejoins at the table. "I'll start with the loaded burger and fries, maybe a shake. A good old vanilla one." He grins and looks to the chief who asks about guiness, though not surprised either with the man's accent, a little chuckle even. "A few places closer tothe college would be a better bet, I imagine." A pause, "I live near there, surprised how much of a night life there was here." He wrote Calaveras off as smaller than it was it seems. "So, how soon is it gonna snow here, should I be prepared for this starting next month?" Which was tomorrow, he'll lift a hand to get a wait staff - which is probably not needed at all, but he does it, habit like.

Ashlea had joined where Daniel had reserved and once they are settled in comfortably, she glances over the menu she doesn't quite have memorized yet. Even as she does, she places her order, making one small change in her own recommendations. "A loaded burger and fried green tomatoes." As for a drink, she goes for a shake too. "I want strawberry. Malt though, not a shake." Now that was settled, she gives the chief a curious look, he had started to say something before then changed it. She's a detective, she notices these things! She doesn't press, but the look she gives hints that she hadn't missed it. "I'm not sure if they have it. They may. I only come here during lunch breaks and since I don't drink on the job, I've never ordered it." Great answer to give to a chief right? A smile to Daniel. "I'm new here myself. About four months or so. I'm sort of looking forward to the first snow while dreading it too. Chief? Do you have any ideas?"

Chief sat down and he actually orders the steakburger and a simple sprite for the drink. Looking to Danny with a tilt of his head. "Eh, probably within the next month or so maybe. Snow loves Colorado for some bloody reason." he shrugs though at the question. "Heh, I only drink very little on the job. Mainly when I talk to the Mayor." he shrugs then. "Nah, we were mates back in High School, so he pisses me off but we have a fun jab." he looks then to Ashlea. "I personally like the snow. It's a pretty sight. Though I get pissed off if we get too much." because then patrolls can be stopped or slowed down.

"Same, but no tomatoes, burger, fries and vanilla shake. OH, and a glass of water." Can't just have shake for the only drink, Danny kicks in the water last second when he orders. He sticks to shake himself, not malt, reverse of the only regular amongst them at the cafe here. "I could imagine a little drink to deal with the political side." He doesn't comment if he drinks or not on the job though, maybe choosing to ignore it. "I'm in for some snow, but too much signals end of wild fire season. I'm gauging if I should get a second job or see if wages carry me through til next season." By wages, he means salary. "Funny thing, I might try skiing this year. I came here from Canada and all the time up there, I never once tried. Sort of feel silly admitting it, but I guess its not for everyone."

"I think I read this becomes a super tourist town in the winter. Population increase and everything?" Ashlea scowls a little, it meant more work of course but that doesn't seem to bother her. "Sometimes I just don't understand people." She kicks back, extending her legs a little, away from Daniel of course, not wanting to kick him. "I agree, snow is pretty," smirking towards Daniel, "I've never went snow skiing, but I have on the water. I'd say if you were any good at it, you could be an instructor as a second job, but not if you 're all new." With another look towards the chief, she tilts her head a little. "So you and the mayor are close?"

"No focking kidding…" Augustus jokes about how rough politics can be. 'Focus there, please don't arrest my nephew, avoid things that make you look racist' etc. he gets run through the ringer more than a few times by Senators trying to protect their careers and the mayor, who tries to get re-elected. "Eh, stick with firefighting. just because there's no wildfires doesn't mean there won't be any other fires that you'll be needed for. besides, not like it snows 24/7" The chief then looks to Ashlea with a smile. Skiing is fun, yea. aaand if you call close bein' a passionately verbal discussion about why I hate his suit, sure." he winks

A slight brow raise at growing town for tourists. He figured there would be some, but Danny didn't know it was noticeable size increase. More popular than he realized here. "I may take that up, work out the year on-call even if far less fires." Not less fires, just less needing a water bomb. "Is there water skiing here too?" He knows the river is a little rough, and seems his thoughts go to skiing on the river, and he's not seeing it. "Closer than me," concurs Danny with a grin for the mayor, "I wouldn't get close enough to deicde if I like it or not, let alone to let him know I hate it. Probably why I'm better flying than down on the ground with the fires. I think if I plan to stay around Calaveras, skiing might be the thing to learn first. Finally." A grin to Ashlea, "Then I'll know, should I keep doing it and teach down the road, when I'm too old to fly."

"Yeah that's a great idea. Just keep doing what you're doing and work for the regular department in the off season for your usual. And some skiing in the off months. Maybe you can even take your kid there, that one you mentor, depending on how long you've got him for." Ashlea gives a shake of her head, "Not that I know of, unless out on that lake. Silver Lake? I haven't lived here too long, I've been skiing where I lived before." Not that she is forthcoming on that so much. "I agree, I'm not so into politics. I'd never make a good chief. I'm glad we've got you in that position to worry about all that stuff." A grin to her boss. "So, we're all in for this bowling league. We should try and find some others to recruit too."

The chief seems to chuckle a bit between Ashlea and Daniel, shrugging a bit."If ya say so." he replies to Dan, "But yer doin' a good thing for this kid. keep him pointed in the right direction and he'll be fine." eyes shift to Ashlea now. "Heh, yeah thanks lass. happy I get to deal with political shite too. but ya never know, you could be chief one day." then back to bowling . "Sure, we can do it."

"Yeah," he agrees with both, "I'll see if he even skiis, maybe no time for that on his family's ranch." Danny shrugs, takes shake and other food as delivered, drinking from the shake first. His eyes close, he mmmms at the flavor. Not quite Travolta at Jack Rabbit Slims, but Danny likes it fair enough. "No one wants it, someone has to do it." Political stuff, being Chief and doing paperwork, all of it maybe. The chief takes a call and Danny watches him go but turns back to Ashlea. "Okay, recruit some members, I'll recruit team wild fire. You recruit team investigate. If we get more interest for other teams, they make up their own team names."

the food gets delivered about the time the Chief takes the call and has to leave so it's taken to go. As for Ashlea, her full focus goes to her food for a moment as she does some sort of ritual. She peppers the tomatoes on her burger and picks off most of the lettuce before reclosing her bun and then cutting the burger in half. Then she peppers the fried green tomatoes before cutting one of those in half and dipping it into the ranch dressing that came with it. A bite is taken even if it's hotter than lava. She manages to chew and swallow before giving him a grin. "I had assumed you meant make one team. You're talking a cop team and a fire fighter team. I get it. A little competition with bragging rights." She watches to make sure the chief had gone before she confesses. "I can only do it a couple of a few more months. Got my first kid on the way." A pat to her belly. "And I'll be needing to probably not be bowling that close to when its born."

He watches her ritual, probably wondering why she didn't order it close to what she wanted like no lettuce and such. Then again, Danny doesn't question it either, he takes what they give him, and bites into the burger first. Then puts it down to focus on some fries, getting a little of everything going to decide what he likes most of all. He focuses on her eating the fried tomato bite right off the bat no matter how hot it was. Grinning but shaking his head. "I mean, sound natural, just, if its a league, needs a few teams. Competition and bragging rights. Not just playing together or against each other individually. I've never done a bowling league though, just thining I could rock a bowling team shirt. Could be fun names, like Out of the Frying Pin." Instead of pan, cause bowling. "Really, congrats, that's cool. No kids here, that I know of." The last bit a joke, he's pretty darn sure tehre are no kids he knows of, just one of those things a guy can kid about even if its not that funny after a while. "We could do a four week leauge, knock it out, build interest for spring or whenever you can bowl again?"

Feeling his eyes on her, Ashlea looks up with a wry expression and takes another bite of the fried tomato. "If you've never tried one, I recommend it." She motions towards her small hill of them, willing to share. "THat's a thought. I think I can bowl a few more months. I have a doc appointment soon, I'll find out for sure." Once she'd polished off two tomatoes she reaches for half of her burger and takes a good, greasy bite and follows it with a drink of her malt. "Yeah same for me," she grins, wiping her fingers on a napkin. "No other kids than this one. That I know of anyway."

Offered, Danny looks at the stack and considers, then finally reaches for one. He'll dip it too if using ranch is the thing to do with these tomatoes of hers. Carefully he tastes it, with a good sized bite at least. Then nods, swallows most of it, "Yeah, this isn't bad." A slow bob of his head that is like a nod yes, he bends it to his shake straw for a sip to wash it all down even, then back to his plate withhis finers and food. "If you can't bowl too much, then we just ask around between now and spring or whatever." He wouldn't start to press the idea witout a partner in crime it seems, or he's kind enough to wait. "Good good, Detective, we both made it out of our less wise younger years in a sensible fashion." Not with a kid that is. "Do you know like boy or girl, or is that next appointment?"

Watching him sample the tomato, Ashlea grins and gives a nod when he approves of it. "These are my favorite." Of course whether she realized it or not, here lately everything was becoming her favorite. "Oh I don't mind sitting on the sidelines, I'm not one that has to be involved in everything in a hands on way. So yeah, go right on ahead even if I'm unable. I'll jump in when I can." Another few bites later and she lifts her malt to clink her glass with his, "Here's to condoms in our early years." A drink later, she replaces it on the table. "I don't know the gender yet or when they do that stuff. I've not even been to the doctor yet."

"I'll try them when I see them offered for sure," on his enjoyed list, not a favorite must have if he sees them list. Danny eats a few fries, dipped in ketchup. "Yeah, but if you're sidelined, its all on me alone to like organize something like that. I want to play, but figuring out reserving lanes, scheduling, registering, and how to figure teams and points for it. Maybe it just needs to be bowling night out?" That could be better, save league for a more motivated soul. He lifts his water for the drink, "Condoms and finding the right partner," he snuck in, or added. "Oh, really new then. Maybe you don't want to know. I'm so far behind on that one. I thought I'd always wanted a kid some day, but, you know, need the other parts in place." Maybe not something to talk about randomly with new acquiantence/stranger. "You're new'ish too, can I ask where you're from?"

"Oh you leave that to the folks at the bowling alley, I'd assume. Just join a team with the existing league, if there is one. I'm pretty sure almost all bowling alleys have leagues." Or something similar. Ashlea smiles, "Besides, I can still help you out though, even sidelined. I'll still have some time." Her head tilts and even she manages to look relieved. "Yes, that may be best. A bowling night out, rent the lanes or something, drink beer, hang out. That'd be for the best." She eats a few bites in between talking and her present state she doesn't seem to mind talking about. "I'm not sure if I want to know or not. Joseph and I haven't really talked about that yet." Or much of anything. "It's not too late, you could still find someone and have a kid. Or quit being so careful with the condoms and have a whole slew," she grins. Until he asks about her past. "Ah, I don't really talk about my past much. I've lived in a few places though."

There is a nod, realization hitting him. Danny agrees, "Oh yeah, join a league, I get it now." Where she was coming from at least. "I'll print up a flier thing, see who's interested. Post at your station, one at the fire station, give one to the rangers even." He worked more with them, though still a Calaveras fire fighter. "Play it by ear." He takes more shake now, some fries left on his plate, he slows his eating roll down. "Heh, no, one or two is enough, I don't live in a shoe." The ideal place to reaise so many kids one doesn't know what to do. "Fair enough, I won't ask then. You're here now, you and this Joseph character are embarking on this new adventure. Nuff said Guvner." The last bit in an accent, its probably not the best accent. "But I'll say it, I'm from Rhode Island, Providence, a New England Kid, just not the area with the goofy accents."

"Just know that a bowling night sounds just as fun to me as a league. Maybe even cheaper and definitely less structured and rulesy." Ashlea finishes off the pile of tomatoes then focuses on the malt leaving half of the burger. She snickers at the living in a shoe comment. "Thanks for not asking. Maybe sometime I can talk more about it, but not right now." She smiles when he does his accent and then mentiones not having one. "New England. I hear that and I think fall leaves and seafood. Do you miss home?"

He nods too, "Probably better." Danny leans forward just a little, "DOn't know if you noticed, but some of our uniformed friends are pretty damn competitive. Night of fun does sound better." Then he leans back, picks up his shake to slowly finish that as they talk. "Maybe, but you're solid Zero Cool. You do you." He won't ask about it, then nods. More lazily pondering, "I do miss it yeah, can't do what I do there, not a big fire season. I don't want to be a fire fighter, I want to fly too. If I go there, its commercial work, fly around the country and overseas, delivering people to vacation or businesses. Not doing much but pushing buttons, they could nearly automate flights. I do miss seafood and leaves, and our winters which aren't bad but deep snow. Cooler summers. I should go back at some time, maybe after wildfire season when the snows start to come."

"Oh yeah I noticed the competitiveness." Ashlea smiles after finishing most of her shake and declaring herself finished. She even asks the waitress to wrap up the rest of her burger for her to take home with her. Turning back to Dan, she listens, curious. "So to fly, you fight fires. Have you ever considered working at a helicopter tour place in the off season? I think they have those over the mountains. Or even the medi-flight pilots. Even a news station has pilots to help cover the news quicker. You don't have to fly commercial planes and deliver the rich and shameless to their exotic locations. There are options." She doesn't mention anything about herself going home. "If you miss home, nothing wrong with going there for a visit."

A nod, the waitress can take his stuff, not enough to take home for him. "I'd have to study up on flying a helicopter. But maybe they have those bush tours or drop offs. Like I could fly out campers to some remote mountain lake, pick them up a week later." Which curiously sounds like a good start to a horror show, but is probably more common. "If not, I should start something up. More spring time, when the snow melts, before fire season begins. When I can land on lakes and such. That I could do." He grins, liking it even if only a thought while they finish lunch. "Or just explore the city more during off season, city and the region. I could settle here, its not Rhode Island, but it has wild fires. I don't think I want to do much else but that." The other stuff is more bonus income something to do, but the draw is aerial fire fighting for him being here it would seem.

As the table is cleaned off and hers wrapped and placed in a box for later, Ashlea focuses on him, listening to his ideas as well. "That sounds like something fun, going out and finding your way back. I'd do that." Then she remembers. A kid. "Or I guess I won't be doing that for about eighteen years." Mixed emotions there on her features as she begins realizing her freedom is getting seriously compromised. "I think this place is a good one to settle in. There's a western town just outside of town I've explored a little. Cooperstown. Same side of town as the lake. There's a race track, demo derby I hear tell about, swimming in the river. It's worth exploring. Especially if you had someone to explore it with. I recommend someone not carrying a baby. Someone you can enjoy all of the physical activities with."

Listening, Danny gives a slight pause, "18 years? Nah, when the kids old enough, you take them up there. Teach them what you know, share the experience. Like, family-style." That's his take at least. A kid is freedom and sharing in a way. "Someone to explore with, then kid down the road, depending on how fun the adventures are?" He ponders to her take on it there. "Then adventures with a kid." Nodding as he concludes that. "Do they have like try out a race car day, I don't mind watching a race I think, but I'd more want to try the racing part. Sounds like a lot to do here. More than I thought." He says more quietly, "When I took the job, I didn't see much. I just thought it was s sprawl of homebodies, some podunk town where the only thing to do was go ride a mechanical bull in a bar or something. I'm actually surprised here."

"Hm, that's a thought at least, taking a kid on adventures. Sounds like several dry years in there though beforehand. Before the kid is old enough to actually do things. I'll see what happens, maybe. I'm not even sure what Joseph thinks really, either. I guess there are things we should talk about. I mean.. we're not together, together, Joseph and I. Not in a steady sort of way. We just eat and sleep together more often than not." Or something like that. "He drives a car, I can see what he can set up, or if there's a try a race car day or something. I'm really not sure." A smile curves though and she realizes her lunch break is over. "I'm glad you've got more to do than you imagined. You've got my card if you need a friend or a tourguide or anything any time." Collecting her to-go box, she drops cash on the table but it's just enough for hers and a tip. Right now she can't afford to be generous and spring for his too.

Danny returns as they prepare to go, "Eating and sleeping together sounds like, together. Does it need one of you to ask the other one for a promise ring?" He doesn't know Joseph, he barely knows her. "It is what it is. You should talk to him though, he may not want to talk but it will be better." His thoughts at least. A chuckle then, "Yeah, if he could do something, that would be awesome, otherwise, no big deal. I'll check out racing too, as I get to know town." He pays, covers chiefs if necessary, leaves a decent tip. Then he moves to stand to leave, "I do have your number, I'll take it up on that. Heard there was some mean mini-golf in these parts from a new friend. I should go search try to find them actually." Turning to face the door more, he grins, "Glad to meet you, I'll let you know what happens on my end with bowling too, get us all out for .. a night out."

"Heh, you'd think eating and sleeping together meant together, but I think we're both gunshy. Relationship shy?" Again, Ashlea places a hand on her belly but more to the side this time. A place where a long jagged scar is, if he could see beneath her clothing. "Last boyfriend I had stabbed me and left me for dead." Another grin as she drops a bomb about her past. "Hard to find trust again after that. I kind of prefer some day to day like we've got it. For now. This kid complicates things though." She glances at the time and nods, "You do that, check the racing and all. We'll talk again soon, get things worked out for bowling. I'd promise to bring cupcakes or cookies, but they'd have to be store bought. I don't cook. I'll see you later though."

A solemn look about last boyfriend, Danny doesn't ask for more information, but instead. "You two do you two, Detective. Just open I guess, don't avoid the kid topic, that could be complicated. Don't push it either." He shrugs though, who knows what that even means. A grin, he starts stepping towards the door. "Oh, that's a thought, pot luck for bowling night, saves paying for bowling food, which is ridiculous and that's mostly like frozen meal stuff they give you even. Take care, see you when I see you."

The advice was a little roundabout, don't avoid it, don't push it. Ashlea nods in response. "So do what I'm doing. If if comes up, I talk. Mostly it doesn't come up at all." Following him, she carries her leftovers, and at the door they part ways, just outside it. "See you, Mr. Hamilton. Take care."

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