(2018-08-29) Victoria's Secret
Cop Talk

Things are settling in since Ashlea had turned in her application for the position she was ultimately hired for and now she was settled into a routine. Mostly, she worked days and was off weekends and nights, in a perfect world. Unless there was a pressing case she was working on. With the festivities in town this weekend, it drew all sorts of crowds. Crowds drew money usually. And trouble. There's a file in her hand she'd just requested and she tucks it beneath an arm before turning to head towards a desk. Any empty desk would do. Preferably one with a computer and a phone.

Well…at least it started off quiet. A police officer practically sped-walk out of the Chief's office. "-and if you evah let a thief escape with a purse 'cus you were too busy eatin' Fockin donuts, I'll knock yer bloody teeth so far down yer throat you'll have to shove a tooth brush up yer arse to brush 'em!" Augustus Jeremiah 'AJ' McIntyre. Police chief. Hardened as they come with a terrible temper to boot. Least his accent makes it funny. He was there everyday. Though his eyes eventually comes across Ashlea. "Detective!" Suddenly friendly AJ is here. "How are ye settlin' in? Gettin' yer resources that you should be gettin' an' all that?" A wise man might assume a harsh response was coming BUT! She was relatively new, and he doesn't chew someone out until they do something stupid.

The booming voice catches her oddly off guard. Ashlea had almost trained herself to expect it so she'd stop getting startled from it. Only she hadn't done a well enough job of that yet and as soon as she hears it she physically jumps almost out of her seat. As she listens, she lifts her eyes to watch the departing officer who may just be missing half of his backside in the chewing out. At least his attention wasn't focused on.. Again she jumps when he addresses her and she gets to her feet to offer a salute. "Settling in well, Chief, thank you . I think I've got the basics covered, the car for work, the badge and gun and vest." She didn't have to specify what sort of vest. "Everyone has made me feel really welcome."

Honestly, even seasoned officers jump when they hear the angry voice of the Chief. many jokes are made behind his back about his fiery Scottish temper. But he crosses his arms as he nods to Ashlea when she salutes and goes to her feet. "Good, good lass. You be sure to 'ave the gun 'n badge on ya at all times. It'll save yer life more than once." he looks happy to hear she's been welcomed to the force with open arms. "Fan-bloody-tastic. your record is too good to not be accepted instantly. Anyway, Pickup any interestin' cases Anderson?" He looks over at the police officers who move to and fro. Always something going on.

A half smile lifts one corner of her mouth and Ashlea lifts the folder up and taps it, to draw his attention to it at least. "Looks like we've got someone in town making the tourists and locals feel not so welcome. Small robberies, nuisances really, no one has gotten hurt yet, but you know how these things can escalate. And this weekends festivities promise to be pretty big. You know how random shooters are always drawn to things like this. I'm already on for working the entire weekend for that very reason."

AJ seems to smile a little bit as Ashlea gives him this information, his attetion shifting to the folder that she shows to him. Well, not really shows, but brings his attention to. "Oh aye, I heard word that a few robbers were gettin' lucky. But nothing out of the mill. I planned on upping security for the festivities this weekend…perfect place for some focker to act really bloody stupid." He shrugs then, cracking his neck. "Alright, you want the hours, you're on it. See what all you can find out and get that info to me ASAP." He turns his head briefly to see the fat cop he was chewing out look over to see if he was watchin.

"The Fock you lookin' at?! Get yer Arse to work! This ain't a Victoria's Secret show." A groan before AJ starts to roll a coin expertly between his knuckles. Caaaalllmmmm dooowwwwwn.

"I only just got handed the case and was about to do some researching here first before I beat feet and start talking to the victims to see what they remember. I've got the statements to read too and I am going to even run the victims names through NCIC to see if there's any common factors there too." Ashlea tucks the folder back under her arm. "I'll make sure to let you know as soon as I find out anything." When he glances over, she does too and she smirks at the Victoria's Secret comment. "I don't know, Chief, you might look good with some of those wings."

Even as she spoke, Augustus turned his head to look back at Ashlea. "Good." Though the Victoria's Secret comment, he cannot help but just smile at her. "Bullshite, you just wanna see me in me small clothes." he says that in a hushed tone as he starts off towards his office laughing. "YOU might look good with wings lass!" he tosses the comment back at her. Charismatic guy.

With the plans passed along, Ashlea glances towards the desk with the computer and the phone before looking back to her boss. His comment brings a laugh as he walks towards his office again and she to the desk. "Maybe, but I'm no angel." She concludes her part with that comment as she takes a seat and opens the folder.

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