(2018-11-19) Her Sister's Keeper
Eve arrives to live with her sister. Lord help them both.

Uma hasn't been in town for too long and she's already taken on patients. Which means that she hasn't completely unpacked. About thirty per cent done…okay…twenty. The practice is in the house she has bought - though she only owns about ten percent of that. The main hall leads to the consulting room/surgery at the back, taking up what would be the main bedroom. The study being used for the waiting room/reception. Eventually, access will be through the rear of the house, but for now everyone traipses through from the front, and past all the packing boxes.

Uma is never prepared to see her baby sister. Eve is way too erratic for such things. So she is carrying on like it is just another day. Which involves unpacking boxes. She is rummaging around in one box, packing material flying everywhere, until there is a triumphant "A-ha!" She pulls out a CD - a-ha's Greatest Hits. "I knew you were in there."

Isn't it a problem when the clinic is also the home? Who needs sick strangers just waltzing in all the time? It's positively unhygienic!

That is no doubt what Eve is thinking as she enters the house, decked in a neon pink snow jacket, loud white tight pants with big black alphabet prints, boots and knit cap that is worn more for style than comfort. She's got one carry-on-sized bag in one hand and a backpack on her other shoulder, and she stops briefly at the front door to gawk at the amount of unopened boxes laying around. Fortunately, she quickly spots Uma rummaging through a box, and with a big grin on her lips, Eve skips towards her big sister. "Hey, break out the champagne cuz it looks like it's an early Christmas for you!" With that, bag and backpack are flung aside so she can spread her arms for a hug.

"It's only a CD. Don't think we need to celebrate that much" Uma replies as she looks over her shoulder, even holding up said CD to prove its insignificance. "Oh…you mean you." A teasing smile before she stands, dusts off her slacks, and treads barefoot over the wooden floor to get into some hugging action. A firm, and fond, squeeze for her littlest of sisters; the result of a parental anniversary trip to Paris. Completely unexpected - which is odd since you'd think their parents would know about the birds and bees by then.

Uma steps back to look over Eve, smiling warmly at the woman, and curiously at the sartorial elegance on display. "You're looking great. So good to have you here. We're going to have such fun together." Maintain a positive attitude - Uma learned that in the Army.

The returned hug is not only firm and fond, but outright enthusiastic before letting go. "Calamityas totes needs someone like moi to brighten it up! I drove through so much dirt and mud on the way in, I thought it was a Donald Trump hallucination." Reaching up, she pulls the knit cap off to peer around the room. "So, how's the shop going?" She eyes the boxes meaningfully. "Man, there are so many! Already hiding the bodies of your patients? Good thing I brought a year's supply of Febreze." Teasing, of course. And she makes it clear by leaning over and knocking one shoulder against Uma's side.

"I learned early on to never kill a patient in the first week. Too suspicious. And, seriously, leave the parts in boxes around the house? I think I am smarter than that." Uma feels the mature need to poke her tongue out at Eve before a fond smile. "You would make San Francisco brighter. Calaveras…not Calamityas. That second one is a social disease" she deadpans. "I guess I should show you your room. And then you can help me unpack."

Eve abruptly makes a pained face, complete with a wince. "Yeah, about that." She holds up her hands and looks, then offers them towards Uma… shaking exaggeratedly. "I'm allergic to that. Unpackinitis. Look at my hands shake. I think I'm getting a bit light-headed too." That doesn't stop her from scooping up her dropped bags though. "But let's go see my roooooom! By the way, I have three suitcases in the car. You're a strong girl, right, sis? What with all the grenade-lobbing and spear-throwing in the Army. Should be a total piece of Harissa cake for you, huh?"

Uma really should have expected this. It doesn't stop her sighing at her sister's selfishness though. And a bit of a giggle and shake of her head at the allergy. "I think I have shots for that allergy" she considers, brow furrowed in thought. "Yeah, it needs the really big needle stuck into your bones, and it will hurt like hell for a week, but we can fix that for you." She gestures down the hall. "This way."

Eve will get the bedroom furthest from the surgery…for everyone's sake. It has a single bed and a dresser but that is it. "You do know I was in the medical corp, right? We didn't use spears." She is trying to make light of it, but her time in the Army has never been something Uma was keen to discuss. "I'll go get your suitcases then." She holds out her hand for the car keys. "What are you driving these days?"

Even with lugging a bag and backpack, Eve still manages to dig into a pocket to fetch the car keys. "Mom's old station wagon. Remember the old clunker? Gosh, /I/ am newer than it, and I guzzle less." She deadpans, along with a dramatic sigh. She stops to peer down the hall, in the direction of the bedroom, and begins to head that way. "You /do/ know that impaling someone with a spear is pretty much the same thing as poking someone with a big bone-snapping needle, right? I'm pretty sure it's illegal in most of Colorado."

"Doctors have exceptions. We're allowed to maim for the good of all" Uma smiles, tossing the keys in her hand for a moment. "Seriously? The wagon? The one with wooden sides?" A shake of her head. "I never understood the need for a car to look like a carriage." With Eve on her way to her room, Uma heads out to get the bags. Muttering under her breath. "You can do this. You've been in a war. This will be nothing." She doesn't sound convincing. No doubt the cases are massive and filled with bricks.

"Carriage? Or coffin on wheels?" Eve calls back aloud as Uma heads for the door, and she heads for the bedroom. Of course, once she gets there, she takes a few moments to check her new crashpad, dumping her luggage on the floor to… is there a closet there? Hopefully, because that's the first place she examines, gauging how much storage space she has. And then it's on to the bed, using both hands to test the mattress before she flops bodily on to it. She then reaches over to the wall and raps on it with her knuckles, then calls out, "Hey, are these walls sound-proof, neighbor? If you can hear me, rap back!"

Yup, Eve talks to herself. Surprise.

Meanwhile, the old clunker wagon is just outside the house, and does indeed store three big suitcases. If Uma gets to them —- well, the fortunate thing is they are not filled with bricks, so they're not super heavy. But there are also several stuffed animals scattered among the luggage, who are just waiting to be brought into their new home.

Uma brings in the suitcases, dropping them in the entryway rather than carrying them all the way to the bedroom. And then it is back to get all the stuffed animals. She does her best to carefully place them rather than throw them to the ground. Uma had stuffed animals once, she knows to take care of them. Maybe not when she was eighteen…

"Room good enough!" Uma calls out after locking the car and returning to the house. "It's the only one I have" she quickly adds before there are complaints. "You hungry?"

Eve pushes herself up by the elbows when she hears Uma's call. "Mmmmm." She ponders the question, and after a moment's consideration she calls back. "I have a hankering for some good-ol'-fashioned American homemade Shawarma." Suuuure, a town in Colorado… why wouldn't it have middle-eastern cuisine? Scrambling off the bed, Eve exits the bedroom to rejoin Uma. "Actually, I wouldn't mind some genuine Colorado ribs. That's a nice room, by the way… but just so I'm forewarned, I won't be hearing any screaming of crying babies, dying patients, or sex noises, right?" Beat. "Hey! Speaking of which, have you checked out the local bar scene and found dates yet?"

"I have no babies. I sedate the dying. And sex…is a long-forgotten dream. You'll be fine. Umm…I will get to avoid the same from you, right?" Uma replies since her baby sister is still a virgin and shall remain so forever! "I went to an old-style diner the other night and learned of a bar called 'Alibi'. It has a mechanical bull apparently. Which reminds us how we're in the country now" she smirks. "But…umm…you're a bit young to go to bars, Eve." Uma has her phone out, looking for a delivery place that does ribs. It is easier to find a Shawarma place. "I don't really go out at night" she adds softly.

Eve stops to stare at Uma, with an exaggerated look of disbelief. "You've got to be kidding." She pauses for effect. "A bar called Alibi with a mechanical bull? That sounds like a mecca for sexual revolution!" Leaping to Uma's side, Eve deftly loops an arm in big sis', with a winning smile on her face while she attempts to brush aside Uma's phone. Pffft, food deliveries. "I'm not THAT young, y'know. I'm eighteen; in India I could be a mother of four and running my own laundromat. And look at you! Why should you give up on sex? Campbell girls are hot stuff; all you need is some professional accessorizing, and you'll be all ready to heat up the town! Ooooo, hot." She even pokes a finger at Uma's cheek, and pretends to be burnt after making a "Pssssst" sound.

"Yes, you're eighteen, which means no going to bars" Uma points out in her best 'serious' tone. "If you want to change that, then move to India." She is trying to hide her laughter at the comments, though. Badly. "Mecca for sexual revolution? Well…you're not a Muslim either, so no going to Mecca. And I haven't given up on sex, it's given up on me." A frown as her phone is swatted away…and a roll of her eyes at the 'hot' sounds. "Does this mean we're going out to get a meal? Should I put shoes on? And if you've burned your finger touching me, make sure you put it under cold water."

"Sex hasn't given up on you. It's out there waiting for you, probably wearing tight pants and flexing his muscles right now!" Eve encourages, giving Uma's arm a tug or two. "But you won't find it if you lock yourself up at home! C'mon, go get your shoes. Put on your party clothes! I'll even drive." Beat. "They drive on the same side of the road here, right?" The younger Campbell girl briefly flashes a grin. "And don't worry, I promise I won't hit up this bar with the mechanical toy… till later."

"Yes, until three years later" Uma tries her stern voice again but even she isn't convinced. "Tight pants and flexing muscles? Oh God. I'm a wrestling fan, sure, but I don't know if I'd want to have sex with any of them." A pause. "Most of them." A sigh before she wanders off to get her shoes. Just shoes, no party clothes. Nothing wrong with slacks and sweater! Could she drag her bare feet anymore? "Yes, they drive on the same side of the road." It only takes a couple of minutes to slip on a pair of slip-ons…and brush her hair a little. Though the brushing is ruined by the application of a beanie onto her head and tugged down. "Let's go then." The things you do for perky sisters.

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