There are no factions in opposition on Calaveras, rather these represent groups of social RP and focus. Joining a group one is likely to find like minded individuals for social and action plots. Joining a group doesn't not pigeon hole anyone into sticking with that group, there is room where they do bleed over, but joining a group (by adding them as a +faction) will give access to channel and bboards associated with these groups.


Responders include members of Fire Department, Police Department, EMT Groups and others likely to respond to emergencies in the area. They do not have to be first responders. This would include members of various medical professions and those most likely to work with these civil services individuals most likely to deal with emergencies, crime and other areas of necessity.

Player Characters: Responders

abby arturo ashlea bianca cash cj cole danny erik franklin joss julian kris laura mustang oliver olivia tessa uma


If you have Responders/White Hats, then you need your foils. The mischief and mayhem makers that have found their way to Calaveras and use the town for their own means, whether their activities are legal or not.

Player Characters: Crime

andre anthony declan henry isaac maggie marcus natalya pate randi rory solo ty vincent


Locals represent that group of really dedicated citizens of Calaveras. They go to local bars, support local music, go to opening events (art shows, heritage museums, etc.). The will participate in local bowling leagues or sand volley ball leagues. They don't just live in Calaveras, but Calaveras is a way of life, an attitude. They've embraced it, from white water kayaking to local brewers only when selecting their draft beer. Calaveras or nothing.

Player Characters: Locals

abby aidan austin becca calvin declan esme ethan everett frank heather holly isabella joseph julian kris kyrie luke maia pepper samantha sammy sarah tessa ty vic vincent willow yazmin zoraida


One of the larger sports of Calaveras is the Rodeo. From ranchers outside the city to local high schoolers participating in the NHSRA. Hats and buckles, boots and trucks. They embrace the rodeo as a way of life; cowboys, honky tonks, rural-urbanites.

Player Characters: Rodeo

cj claire holly katya samantha


Government employees and those concerned with the politics of Calaveras, both in civil service and concerned civilian alike. From mayor's office to prosecutors, to public defendants and political activists.

Player Characters: Politics

becca caroline evan nolan


Whether professer, student or supporter, UCC (University Colorado - Calaveras) dominates everything. From that sticker on the back of the car, to t-shirts. When everyone else is going out on Saturday, these individuals are more concerned about the score and who UCC is beating in various events. Whatever standing UCC has, these are the people that think the programs are top notch regardless. They'll go to the local games, they tend to only go to a few choice locations in town that broadcast the games.

Player Characters: University

aidan alison brendan calvin carsyn eve everett noah sawyer sevin yazmin


The Small Business heart of Calaveras. Fighting the chains from taking over by breathing capital into local businesses, most of which is owned by this group.

Player Characters: Entrepreneur

anthony baby calvin declan devi ethan heather isaac isabella jemma joseph layla lewin lucky luke maia marcus miles nora pepper prisha sammy solo victor zoraida


The 8-5 crew, business casual to formal business attire 5 days a week. Working for the weekend, but the movers of money in Calaveras just the same.

Player Characters: Corporate

nina xavier
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