(2018-10-23) Dance With the Devil
Belle visits Natalya to apologize for beating up one of the latter's goons.

Belle has finally agreed a night for those amend drinks and a black SUV with tinted windows was sent to collect her. The driver, one of those suited goons, stayed silent on the drive. Another silent goon was in the passenger seat.

The vehicle heads up into the part of town where a mansion is considered small - where else would Natalya live? Iron gates swing open and they drive past a manned gatehouse and staring openly armed goons, up the gravel path, before pulling up in front of the mansion door. There, Belle will be checked for a weapon, which will be held in safekeeping for her, before she is allowed access to the ridiculously grand lobby. There she will be asked to wait, a guard standing silently to one side behind her - out of reach of a flying kick.

Belle isn't dressed for a fight, she's wearing a black dress and heels. Her hair is pulled up in a chignon, and she might even have a swipe or two of makeup. She glances around the mansion as she's walked inside, surrendering her pistol without any kind of fuss. Now she stands, hands folded behind her back as she waits quietly. Her eyes move around, looking for clues that might give an idea who Natalya really is.

"Well…look at you." It is Natalya, descending the staircase in scarlet high heels and dress; the latter clinging to her curves in scandalous ways. "Very nice. I am honored that you went to such effort." The appreciative smile wide and genuine. Her heels clicking over the marble floor as she sashays over, stopping to greet with a kiss to each cheek. "Belladonna…never has a woman been so well-named. Please, come inside." She gestures towards the dining room and the huge table inside…as well as a bar in one corner. "What can I make you?" she asks brightly.

Natalya hasn't been residing here for long, so the furnishings are rented…or came with the house. What is personal are what look like family photos lining the mantelpiece in the dining room. The young woman, sometimes girl, in most of them certainly looks like Natalya. Another odd decoration is a huge painting of the Joker and Harley Quinn that looms over the dining table.

Belle gives Natalya the proper attention as she descends the stairs, keeping her eyes on the other woman, her expression its usual blankness. When she reaches the bottom though, Belle favors her with a smile, turning her head to receive each kiss, but not returning it as grandly. "Rosabella, actually, but the last person who called me that took a knee to the nose, he didn't speak properly for a while after." She follows Natalya into the dining room, pulling a seat out and dropping into it, crossing her legs. "I'll take a martini, suppose I should actually drink. Lew is gonna be pissed when he realized that I slipped out to come over here."

"I will not call you that name then. I value my nose" Natalya teases as she makes her way behind the bar. "I will assume a vodka martini. Shaken or stirred? Pissed? He will be drunk?" Natalya replies, a little confused about the idiom. "How is 'Lew'?" She decides she will use this abbreviation too. "Has he thought any further about my offer of partnership?" She frowns. "Why are we talking about business? I want to talk about you."

"I would never hit a lady who didn't raise a hand to me first. It's rude." Belle responds, leaning an elbow against the table as she watches Natalya. "Vodka, yes, stirred please." She shakes her head, brushing back an errant lock of hair that escapes its capture. "He will be angry, and worried. He's doing okay." She sits up straighter, an eyebrow quirked as a grin tugs at her lips. "He might think more about it if ..there were more details." A sigh escapes her lips and she slips off the heels, leaving them under the table as she walks toward the bar. "Me? Why? I'm nobody."

"Why would he be angry and worried?" smirks Natalya before gesturing to herself. "Do I look dangerous? You have nothing to fear from me. Neither does he." A slight tilt of her head. "Details? Please don't tell me has sent you as an intermediary…a negotiator. That would be so disappointing. Aren't you here to make amends about…" A wave of her hand. "Something." The martini is placed, complete with olive, on the bar as Belle nears. "You are not nobody. You are somebody." A deep breath as she looks over strong woman in the black dress. "/Very/ somebody. Why don't you tell me about yourself?" Natalya pours herself a tequila.

"Lew, deep down, is a cushy teddy bear. He wants to keep people safe, even people who don't need him to worry." Belle gestures to herself, allowing a soft chuckle to escape her lips. "I imagine he's more worried about the goons, than you personally and no. He didn't send me as a negotiator." She leans against the bar, arms folded in front of her. "I came here to make amends for punching one of your employees in the jaw. I felt bad." She reaches for the drink, snagging the olive to pop it into her mouth. "Moved around a lot my whole life, loved it. Went to college, and then when I came home a few years ago, the farm where my parents settled was razed and they were dead." She leaves the martini on the bar, takes a step back and holds out her arms. "That's what makes Belle. A lot of anger, a lack of forgiveness and sometimes…" She twiddles her fingers at her temple. "…a lack of compassion and sanity."

"The 'goons' as you put it, work for me. They obey me. They are an extension of my will. If I will not hurt you, neither will they" Natalya explains with a smile. "If you had to punch that man, then they were not doing what I wished them to do. And that means that he owes /you/ an apology. And me. I should be making amends to you…though I am very glad that you came to visit looking so lovely." A sip of her drink as she listens to Belle's brief version of her life story. "That is terrible" she frowns about the dead parents - she is sincere as she can be but empathy is not one of her strong points. "Was it an accident? The fire." A smirk at what makes up Belle. "Don't forget sugar and spice and all things nice. Sanity is overrated." She downs the rest of her drink in one gulp. "Would you like to dance?"

"They'll keep you safe, Princess. It's their job." Belle walks back to the bar, drinking down her martini in one swallow. "Lew isn't going to be lulled by hearing that, by the by." She shakes her head at Natalya, exhaling out a soft swear word. "No, there is another cartel working in the city. My father owed them money. He couldn't pay, they broke my mother's fingers and her wrist. He still couldn't pay.." She lofts her eyebrows briefly and shrugs. She narrows a gaze at Natalya, before she laughs, the sound sharp and loud. "Dance? You're serious, aren't you?"

"/Another/ cartel?" Natalya seems bemused. "Strange phrasing. It almost sounded like you thought I worked for a different cartel, yet I am simply a vacuous party girl. At least that is what my father calls me. Do you have any details about this cartel?" She screws up her nose in frustration. "It is because I am Mexican, si? Everyone will think I am a criminal. That is sad. The people who hurt your parents are animals, and if there is anything I can do to help you get vengeance, then I will do so." Her light smile soon returns. "Though I am only a vacuous party girl." Natalya ignores the laugh as she nods, staring into Belle's eyes. "Very serious." She steps out from behind the bar and offers her hand. "Do you know how to tango?"

"You have to forgive me Princess, I've got instincts, and you seem to be trodding all over them." Belle laughs at the party girl talk, nodding at Natalya. "Lots of it, it's why I started to work at Eternity. I heard a rumor that Lew was involved with them. Saw them coming in and out once a month. Collecting." She turns to lean against the bar, her back to Natalya. "I am working on that, but then more trouble walked into that strip club and now I've got more shit on my plate." She turns her head to watch Natalya, catching her gaze. "I do know the tango, yes."

"I like when you call me Princess" Natalya blushes before an obvious interest in cartel talk. "It certainly sounds like Lew is involved with them. Voluntarily? It sounds like he could do with a much nicer partner like me. He should talk to me." A quirk of an eyebrow. "More trouble? Oh dear. I can help clean your plate" she smiles before adding, "The price will be a tango." Questioning eyebrows rise, her hand still held out for Belle. "Is that a terrible price?"

"It's an apt nick name." Belle responds, taking Natalya's hand and stepping closer to her, a crooked smile on her lips. "It's more, they pushed him into working with them, and he can't find an easy way out. He should talk to you, if nothing else, so he doesn't worry about you doing something to me." She lets out a laugh, raising both eyebrows slightly. "Just a tango? Seems tame, I'll take it, and then we'll figure out the rest later." She steps closer, leaving very little space between them. "Watch your hands, Princess."

"It's not my hands I am interested in watching" Natalya teases. "Tell Lew that I am an easy way out" she purrs, face close to Belle's, breathing in the other woman. "Oh…but I /do/ want to do something to you. But it is nice." A slight step back so she can call out. "Circe. Tango." A smile for Belle. "Let us hope I never meet anyone called Circe." Tango music fills the room as Natalya resumes a position up close and personal, one hand in Bella's, the other lightly on her back. "You can lead."

"If we are going to eventually work together, in any capacity, I won't be involved with you." Belle lays it out on the line, a brief nod at the comment about Lew, tilting her head up as Natalya leans in to catch her scent. "I'm sure it is, but you should know. I've…never really been in a relationship until recently. I'm bad at it, you can ask the other side of things. He thinks I'm going to shoot him, probably on accident. Maybe on purpose." Belle slides an arm around Natalya's waist, raising her chin and turning her head as the music starts. It's clear, as soon as the first step is taken, Belle has danced before. She isn't sinuous or fluid in her movements, they're regimented and strict, each step placed where she feels it's meant to go. The hand at Natalya's back holds her close, their bodies pressed together.

"Oh…you are in a relationship?" Natalya asks as they start to stride to the music, her movements sinuous and loose, though she will keep up with Belle's lead. "I am not the kind to steal…people" she smiles before being dipped to the music, looking up at Belle with desire…and more than a hint of crazy…in her eyes. Then she is back up to resume their rhythmic stalking across the dining room floor. It is a very big room. "Though if the choice is to work together or be…involved. Why do you make it so hard?"

"I think so, I'm not…" Belle looks lost for a moment, her bottom lip poking out as she tries to find her words. "Listen, Natalya.. Princess.. I'm not exactly the kind of person that most people want around. I could pop off at any moment and shoot someone." She sees the crazy, and it doesn't bother her, she has her own kind of crazy. Like recognizes like. She leads in a commanding way, and despite the situation, she is smiling, until Natalya calls her statement into question. "Maybe it's my way to get you out of Eternity. Maybe I'm trying to spare you, though I'm not sure why. I think the world might be better off without both of us, and we're likely to take each other out if we were to get involved." She looks slightly amused by this for a moment before she wills her face to go blank. "You barely know me, Princess."

"You would be involved with me if I left Eternity alone?" Natalya muses, hips twisting back and forth as they dance. "But it sounds like Lew needs my help." The help of a vacuous party girl is a very powerful thing. "I think you have made my decision anyway, si? You have someone." The thought of them both going out in a blaze of self-destruction actually has the Latina smiling. "Passion is a wonderful thing, is it not?" That's how she interpreted it at least. "I am trying to get to know you, Bello. Have you not noticed?" Another dip. "Spare me? You wish to spare me from happiness? That is not very nice of you." She rises again, and this time presses her lips to Bella's. A slow, tender kiss…for as long as she can get away with. When it breaks she asks, "Was that so bad? Nobody exploded. At least not yet."

"I'm new to this relationship thing, if I were only meant to be with one person, someone would mention it." Belle teases, is she serious? Who knows. "Lew needs help, but I have it handled. We had a plan to take out the people already involved in his business. It was going to be messy, and dangerous, but sometimes this business is both of those things." She lets out a short laugh, watching Natalya as a shrug rolls her shoulders. "I have Lew. I think he's insane for wanting me. He's seen the other side." She spins Natalya away from her, bringing her back gently into her arms. "You're trying to get to know me, because you want something. Seems opportunistic, Princess." She blinks as Natalya kisses her, but doesn't pull away, she leans into it for a moment. A taste, and then she realizes what she's doing, pulling back as she blinks. "You don't have explosives in this house, it's not safe." She takes a step back, her brow furrowed as she walks back toward the bar.

Natalya runs her tongue over her lips, tasting Belle once more as she watches the woman walk away; gaze hungry for the muscled woman in the lovely dress. "All I want is for us to be friends." She saunters back to the bar, slipping behind it. "Another drink? Lucky Lew. I hope you both survive whatever it is you have planned. It is nice to kill bad guys." A pause before she adds. "At least it sounds like it is. You would make a fearsome opponent…a nemesis. A yin to someone's yang." She sucks on her lower lip for a moment. "Are you Batman?" she asks with excitement.

"We can be friends, if you continue to stay friendly." Belle makes sure that she makes a face, a stern one at Natalya. "Just a shot this time, what kind of vodka are you pouring?" She takes a seat, crossing her legs and wrinkling her nose. "Lew is not lucky, if anything, his luck is pretty shit at the moment. It's not nice to kill anyone but sometimes it's necessary." She spits out a giggle, eyebrows raised at Natalya. "I would make a bad nemesis. Three reasons. First, in the stories the nemesis and the good guy always live, to clash another day. I tend to end a problem when it gets out of hand. Second. You might end up being my nemesis, and it would make me sad. Last, I'm pretty sure Lew would explode, and not in a good way." There is a startled look at the Princess before she shakes her head slowly back and forth. "Sorry, not rich enough. I barely scrape by paycheck to paycheck."

"I want to be very friendly. I promise" Natalya grins in reply to the stern face before grabbing a bottle of vodka to pour a shot. She shows of the glittering vessel to her guest. "Oval. Embedded with Swarovski crystals." A shrug as she adds, "Seven thousand dollars." She pushes over the shot glass. "Si, they must always survive to fight another day, though the good girl always wins. You are the good girl…I could be the bad girl. Don't you think that would be fun?" A frown prevents her smile for a moment. "But not if you want to kill me at the first meeting…as nemesis. Not the first meeting of drinking and dancing." A laugh at the thought of a Poverty Row Batman. "Daredevil then. Luke Cage? I would like to spar with you sometime, Bello." She prefers the Spanish for 'beautiful' rather than Belle's name. "All sweaty and tangled up." A long sigh. "Si, Lew is very lucky."

"Mmm, we'll see. You should come to the club tomorrow. Talk to him. Figure out the shit." Belle watches the grin with a little bit of a smile, can't help herself. She drinks down the vodka, letting out a slow breath that ends in a whistle. "Probably the only time I'll taste something that expensive." She props her chin on her palm, watching Natalya try to work out a nemesis connection. "I was disarmed when I came in here, if you remember, and I also told you I wouldn't strike a woman who didn't strike me first. You're safe." She snorts out a laugh, shaking her head back and forth. "Maybe Jessica Jones, depending, and yeah. One day we can spar, you can come out to the farm." Her cheeks get red and she averts her gaze, lips pursed. "You keep saying that, trust me, it's not true!"

"Maybe I will drop by" Natalya shrugs about the strip club before giggling about the expensive drink. "Oh, I think you could taste something worth a lot more any time you wanted to" she purrs, idly caressing the arm tha supports Belle's chin. "I think you could kill me with your bare hands" she snorts, "But, yes, you promised not to strike me first. A woman of honor…like a superhero. Si, Jessica Jones. This suits you. The farm? Your parent's farm? Of you could come to my gym here…once it is finished. Builders are liars." A smirk at the blushing cheeks. "I think you want it to be true. Maybe it is? Maybe…there is a light at the end of the tunnel of this life of vengeance you are devoted to?"

Belle reaches out to twine her fingers with Natalya briefly, getting to her feet shortly after. She hooks her heels in one hand and sighs. "Unfortunately, Princess, I don't expect I'm going to survive this life. I might want him to be the light at the end of my tunnel, but honestly? I think he'll just end up standing over my headstone with regrets." She bows toward the bar as she takes a few steps backwards to the foyer. "Not the life I wanted for him, but he thinks he can keep me alive, and safe…and sane."

Natalya squeezes those fingers before following Belle out. "Make peace with the thought you may die" she offers, "But do everything to prevent it. That is my philosophy." The life of a vacuous party girl must be tough. She places a consoling arm around Belle's waist as they walk for the door. "You never know, Bello. Maybe you have a guardian angel who very much wants to see you stay alive. Even if that life is spent with Lew." The front door is opened by one of the goons as Natalya stops and takes Belle's hands in hers. "Thank you for coming. It has been both pleasant and illuminating. Take care of yourself. Death without reason is pointless and will change nothing. A life with a reason, changes everything." She will try for a quick peck on Belle's lips before having her driven home.

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