Be aware we use the FS3 System (Faraday's Simple Skill System). This is pre-AresMUSH, please find documentation for this game Here

Once you +accept remember to @set me=color

Character Generation

Step 1: If this character is an alt please register it with +alts/register <alt name>


Step 2:

+fullname <full name>
+age <age>
@sex me=<male or female>
+faction <faction> (See +factions)
+position <position> (See +positions)
+org <organization> (see +orgs)
&rank me= <rank> (see +ranks - Police, Fireman only)
+actor/set <name>


While everyone will most likely fit into more than one faction, just choose the one that you think you fit best in for now. If it changes in the future, it can be changed on your sheet.



Freeform. This will be the main occupation or descriptor of your character, please click HERE for a few ideas.


Mostly this is for where your character lives and is most likely to spend their time on the map. (Where your home is.)

Willow Heights ($)
Eastern section of downtown, these are housing projects and rundown homes. One of the lowest places one could live. Poverty stricken.

Ash Park ($)
Northwest edge of town, as one starts to see more land, there is a living area that is mostly a trailer park. There are a few small businesses for residents out here.

Cedar Pines ($$)
On the edge between downtown and surburbia, Cedar Pines is a mix of family homes and smaller businesses in strip malls.

Oak Ridge ($$$)
East, and north, edges of town, as one heads nearer the mountains to the north.

Birchwood Estates ($$$$)
Near the university on the southside of Calaveras is the gated community known as Birchwood Estates.

Downtown ($$ - $$$)
There are mixed living areas, from homes near downtown to condos on Smelter Street.

Rural ($ - $$$$)
This is anything outside of Calaveras, it can include small homes to large scale ranches.

NOTE: Orgs tie in directly to the Resources stat, an action skill for Calaveras, as follows:

Org Needed Resources Reside Here
Willow Heights 1 to 3 dots
Ash Park 1 to 3 dots
Cedar Pines 4 to 6 dots
Oak Ridge 7 to 9 dots
Birchwood Estates 10 to 12 dots
Downtown 4 to 12 dots
Rural Any, appropriate by location

This chart is a guideline. Explain in your background the relation between your Org (where you live and spend time, as an RP aid) and your Resources (explained below). You could live in Willow Heights while having more resources, as you own your house there and spend resources on other things like hobbies or your business. You could live in Birchwood estates with only 9 dots resources, scraping what you have together to front that you're more wealthy than you actually are.


&rank me=<rank>


01 - Deputy
02 - Detective
03 - Sergeant
04 - Lieutenant
05 - Asst. Chief
06 - Chief of Police


01 - Probie
02 - Driver
03 - Lieutenant
04 - Asst. Chief
05 - Chief

Actor Command
+actor/set <name>



First, type +reset to reset your sheet and assign a base language and to set your body, mind, presence and reaction at 2 each.

Once there's complete, raise your body, mind, presence or reaction until a total of 12 points is spent on the attributes. The command is +raise mind (etc)

Body|Physical fitness Strength, Constitution and Agility
Mind|Mental Fitness Intelligence and Creativity
Presence|Personality Charisma and Will
Reaction|Reflexes Dexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination and Wits

A note on Skills: A skill ranked 4 is professional. This is enough for an individual to make a living income off of this skill alone. Characters should only have a handful at 4 or higher related to their primary profession, and then a bigger mix of skills at 3 or less similar to regular people (MrCalaveras may have administration at 6+, with Art at 4+, but he can drive a vehicle at 2-3, sneak at 1-2, is alert some days at 1-2, can play chess at 2-3, has been known to skateboard at 2, etc.)

Action Skills

Next, type +abilities to list main/action skills
Between Action and Background Skills, you can only have 7+ @'s in 3 skills.
PLEASE be mindful of your characters age and what would be appropriate for skills and skill levels for them.

Alertness Noticing things and being aware of your surroundings.
Athletics Physical sports and games.
Demolitions Blowing crap up.
Firearms Shooting pistols, rifles and personal guns.
First Aid Basic first aid/paramedic medicine. Use Medicine for docs.
Leadership Number of individuals one can influence, whether employees or socially.
Medicine Doctor skills. Use First Aid for first aid.
Melee Fighting with fists, knives, and hand to hand weapons.
Piloting Flying planes and other airborne vehicles.
Repair Fixing things using mechanics or electronics.
Resources Reflects assets and how much money one has available.
Stealth Being sneaky.
Vehicles Operating ground vehicles and watercraft.

You can spend a maximum of 32 action skills. There is no minimum.

Leadership and Resources: These are added for our game. Both represent the amount of bodies or resources one can quickly leverage. To live day to day or run an entity on the grid, there is no need to roll for these. But when needed, these are reflective of one's abilities.
Note: You must take Resources, 0 dots in resources means you have 0 income and are most likely homeless. It ties into your style of living, as noted in Orgs above

  • Leadership:
    • 1-3 (Rookie): you run a small shop or are general the one deciding what to do among friends. In a pinch/on a success you can round up 4 bodies to help.
    • 4-6 (Pro): You run a small business of up to a dozen or so workers placed in variable shifts. In a pinch you can round up 12 bodies to help.
    • 7-9 (Veteran): You run a medium scale business of no more than 100 employees. In a pinch you can round up 5 dozen bodies to help.
    • 10-12 (Expert): You run a large business (> 100). You can readily round up 200 souls to pitch in for some task or another.
  • Resources:
    • 1-3 (Rookie): You make income that is not/barely enough to support yourself. You might make minimum wage but live below the Federal Poverty Level. On a success you might round up enough money to eat comfortably for the day.
    • 4-6 (Pro): You make enough money to support yourself; if you live with someone, you both need to work. On a success you can spend enough money to eat luxuriously for one day, or go out and do some fun activity (amusement park for the day, including side expenses associated with such a venture).
    • 7-9 (Veteran): You make enough money to easily support a family comfortably, your house has extra rooms that you may not know what do to with (storage). In short turn around, you can manage a vacation or two in a matter of 6 months to a year without much saving or planning, to most parts continental, or 1 such trip to an exotic or foreign location for you and up to 6 people.
    • 10-12 (Expert): You are wealthy, your house is big enough to get lost in, your car is the envy of others. You can go any where you want in the world. You could, with little planning or saving, buy entire businesses, expending upwards of 6 figures without it having any affect on your style of life.

Background Skills:

While these are freeform, you are welcome to type +abilities2 for different ideas in regards to background skills. Here is the list:

A science astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, etc.
A humanity history, literature, psychology, philosophy, poetry, etc.
A profession or trade cook, waitress, bartender, accountant, programmer, carpenter, brewer, blacksmith, etc.
A game chess, roleplaying, poker, etc.
An art sculpting, painting, sketching, photography, etc.
A form of expression acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, writing
A sport baseball, football, gymnastics, etc.
A craft or hobby gardening, basketweaving, knitting, etc.
An unusual interest detective novels, game show hosts, etc.


Languages are either you know it or you don't.
To add a language use the command +lang/add Spanish
Or the desired language.
The cost for each additional language outside of English is 2 per.




These are different tendencies your character has such as adventurous, inquisitive, chain smoker, surly.
These are also freeform and the command to add them is +quirk/add <quirk>
There is a requirement of at least 2 and a maximum of 4.


This is the room where you set up your character's backstory, or background. Make sure that your background matches your character's skills and other information. Backgrounds are required and need to explain where your three skills at 7+ were obtained as well as what brought you to Calaveras, CO and any interesting tidbits about your character.

Your background is just another MUSH attribute on yourself, like your description. You can set it by typing &bg me=<your background text>. You can use the built-in MUSH editing commands (@edit, @dec, etc.) to edit it.


&BG1 me=This is my bg.

Before you submit please be sure your @desc is set.
The police and fire department have preset descs in our multidescer.
Also remember to set your short desc before submitting. &shortdesc me=<text here>

Finally, the command to submit your application:

The +bg command will let you view your background. Use +bg/submit to submit it when you've finished.

Should you find yourself wanting or needing to make changes before approval, simply +bg/unsubmit and freely go to the different chargen rooms.

Once ready, just +bg/submit once again to submit your character application.

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