Calaveras is a small city with a permanent population of about 25,000. With a University of Colorado campus in the city and its appeal as a tourist draw during colder months, this can swell to over 40,000+ during peak season. Even during summer months when most of school is out, the town can easily have 30 to 35 thousand inhabitants, with the extras from tourism and college being a big draw to the booming small businesses in the city itself.

There are a number of areas and neighborhoods in Calaveras. These represent the most common, by resource/value, and are the ones utilized on the game.

Please note that the following map only represents large areas and main streets of the city.


Willow Heights ($)

South western section of downtown, these are housing projects and rundown homes. One of the lowest places one could live. Poverty stricken.


109 Willow Lane Willow Heights Single Family (Joseph)
110 Willow Lane Willow Single Family (Ashlea)
Willow Heights Housing Willow Heights Low-income apts

Player Characters from Willow Heights

ashlea august everett hunter indigo joseph laura misfit randi vic vincent willow

Ash Park ($)

Northwest edge of town, across the Saminaw River. Here one starts to see more land, there is a living area that is mostly a trailer park. There are a few small businesses for residents out here.


  • Ash Park Trailer Court

Player Characters from Ash Park

briony cj frank joss katya marcus maxon sammy solo yazmin

Cedar Pines ($$)

On the edge between downtown and suburbia, northeast of downtown mostly, Cedar Pines is a mix of family homes and smaller businesses in strip malls.


108 N Cedar St Cedar Pines Single Family (Genevieve)
  • Saminaw Row (Townhomes)

Player Characters from Cedar Pines

cash cole eve franklin mustang pate uma

Oak Ridge ($$$)

East, and north, edges of town, as one heads nearer the mountains to the north.


Player Characters from Oak Ridge

anthony erik noah sarah

Birchwood Estates ($$$$)

Near the university on the southside of Calaveras is the gated community known as Birchwood Estates.


Player Characters from Birchwood Estates


Downtown ($$ - $$$$)

Mostly commercial areas and civic center of Calaveras, includes a growing trendy area along Smelter Street with a few residences, tucked between downtown proper, the University Campus and the Saminaw River


Saminaw Row Downtown - Smelter Street Rehab Townhomes
The Biscuit Lofts Downtown Apartments

Player Characters from Downtown

abby aidan alison andre arturo ashlea austin baby bianca brendan carsyn cassidy claire danny devi edgar esme ethan franklin heather ianthe isaac isabella kyrie layla lourdes luke maggie maia miles nadiya nina nolan oliver pepper prisha salem sawyer stan vincent xavier

Areas Around Calaveras


Granja Basin

Granja Basin is a verdant location northwest of Calaveras, just beneath the larger portions of the foothills of the San Juan Mountains. Ranches and farms dominate the area, supporting the local agro-economy.

Pecos Ranch Granja Basin Working Ranch (Holly)

Player Characters from or likely to visit Granja Basin


Hamrock Hills

Southwest of town, Hamrock Hills surrounds the more rocky terrain surrounding Fall Canyon and marks the start of canyon country which leads further west towards the Grand Canyon itself. Less trees and green space, the roads are dusty and the environment is too.

Player Characters from or likely to visit Hamrock Hills

joseph lucky olivia

Mesa Dorado

The area southeast of town is known as Mesa Dorado, a few lower lying hills and plateaus marking the transition from Colorado into New Mexico

Blackmore Homestead Mesa Dorado Single Family (Wren)

Player Characters from or likely to visit Mesa Dorado

San Juan Mountains

While comprising an area mostly north of the city, the area referred to by locals as the San Juan Mountains is northeast of town and is a prime tourist location from hiking trails and recreational lacks to the location of the ski resorts on the south faces of the mountains themselves.

Player Characters from or likely to visit San Juan Mountains

becca danny julian kris
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