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This is a list of businesses and locations within the various areas of Calaveras.

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The central small city in the region, boasting a regular population of about 25,000 which nearly doubles during winter months which tourist season near the San Juan Mountains in this region.

Businesses of Calaveras are further divided by neighborhoods:

Ash Park

Eternity Exotic Dance Club
KYSS Radio Channel
Smokin' Barrel Sports Bar, Music
The Alibi Bar & Grill

Birchwood Estates

Cedar Pines

A Cut Above Hair Salon
Bo Peep And The Sheep Childrens Wear/Maternity
Clay Cairn Pottery Shop
Fiesta Bowling Entertainment
Fortunate Finds Used Bookstore
Italian Affair Restaurant
La Casa Cielo Hotel & Lounge
Legends Of Old Entertainment
Paws and Claws Vet Animal Hospital
Peak Physique Gym/Fitness
Pine Crest School Education
Top Notch Boutique


Centered around Main and Route 10, slightly heavier following Main street south

Corner Cafe Restaurant
Emerson Drug Drugstore, Soda Fountain
Food4Less Grocery Store
Footloose Moose Specialty
Kcc1 Tv Independent Television Channel
KROQ Radio Channel
Petal Pushers Florist Flower Shop
Skate Date Entertainment
The New Era Newspaper
Totally Baked Bakery
Wok This Way Restaurant/Buffet

Oak Ridge

Powell Park Sport and Recreation
Stone Bed And Breakfast Bed and Breakfast


The area on University Way near campus, on either side of Main Street.

Java Junction Coffee House with deli and pastries

Willow Heights

Grey Investigations Private Detective Agency
Mad Tatter Body Art
Merrimack Homeless Shelter Homeless Shelter
Suds N Duds Laundromat

Granja Basin

Granja Basin is a verdant location northwest of Calaveras, just beneath the larger portions of the foothills of the San Juan Mountains.

Blackwall Vineyard Agriculture
Pecos Ranch Ranch
Union Orchard Agriculture

Hamrock Hills

Southwest of town, Hamrock Hills surrounds the more rocky terrain surrounding Fall Canyon and marks the start of canyon country which leads further west towards the Grand Canyon itself. Less trees and green space, the roads are dusty and the environment is too.

Suncrest Speedway Entertainment

Mesa Dorado

The area southeast of town is known as Mesa Dorado, a few lower lying hills and plateaus marking the transition from Colorado into New Mexico

Cooperstown Entertainment

San Juan Mountains

While comprising an area mostly north of the city, the area referred to by locals as the San Juan Mountains is northeast of town and is a prime tourist location from hiking trails and recreational lacks to the location of the ski resorts on the south faces of the mountains themselves.

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