University Of Colorado At Calaveras
Location: University, north of Downtown
Type of Business: College
Owner: State Operated School
Description of Services: Large, regional college with traditional degrees. A wealth of graduate courses, there is a strong focus on geology and related fields.
Price Range: $$$

The Calaveras campus of the University of Colorado is nearly 100 years old. It has long served families in the region, many which have come and grown around it, creating a wealth of donors and sponsors for new projects on the campus. Many of the regional family names dot the sides of buildings with pride. This is an NCAA Division II athletic school as well. There is great pride by locals in the teams and unlike some Division II schools in larger cities, the turnout for UCC games is high regardless of sport.

Campus is divided by University Way, with North Campus housing traditional administrative buildings along with arts, humanities and social oriented schools and programs. STEM programs have slowly migrated to South Campus, nearer downtown, over the years. The last STEM school to migrate was Mathematics Department itself.



School Colors: Red and Gold

Sports Mascot: Roughnecks

Mascot Logo:

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