Trina's Trinkets
Trina's Trinkets
Location: Old Spanish Fort
Type of Business: Jeweler
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Jeweler and other whimsical items
Price Range: $$$

A quaint little shop with all sorts of items from whimsical jewelry to wind chimes. Inside is a peaked roof with what Christmas lights hanging down at varying heights.

The items are in sleek glass and wooden cabinets, some with glass fronts and locked, the ones of more value. Others are in display cases that turn while yet others are on wooden shelves lining the walls or hanging from other places. (Such as the windchimes.) Silver, gold, black hills gold, white gold, all are used in the designs, yet very rarely are there gemstones, though it's not unheard of completely. Many a wedding or engagement and even promise ring have been purchased in here, as well as purity rings and mothers rings.

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