Totally Baked
Totally Baked
Location: Downtown
Type of Business: Bakery
Owner: Faith
Description of Services: Bakery
Price Range: $$

CUPCAKES GONE WILD! The display cases are filled with a vast array of cupcakes in all sorts of flavors. The frostings are different also, from buttercream to whipped and all varieties in between.

The aroma is welcoming, fresh baked goods, and a cookie jar stands on the counter near the register, offering free cookies to youngsters there shopping with their parents. A sign behind the register advertises the sale of soft serve ice cream in cones and cups of varied sizes.

The floor is tiled with simple white and gray tiles while the walls boast a deep pink. The word C U P C A K E S is spelled out on the wall in letters that look like they've been frosted and decorated with sprinkles. The lighting is recessed. A few wrought iron tables and chairs are placed about just outside the doors and inside are plain white tables with seats around them.

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