The Bone Yard
The Bone Yard
Location: Downtown
Type of Business: Exotic Dance Club
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Male Strip Club
Price Range: $-$$$$

Non-descript from the outside, with absolutely no windows and only a small sign above the door, 'The Bone Yard' is created from the bones of what was once a historical theater. Some of the classical features remain, like the crown molding and the tall columns, not to mention an intricately detailed ceiling painted in Renaissance style with the images of the Greek Gods. The remainder of the space is retrofitted for its new purpose: the hottest (and currently only) all nude, all male review in Calaveras.

The stage takes center, with several poles in key positions and billowing royal purple curtains that can be adjusted as needed. Three catwalks extend and each of them lead to a smaller centralized stage in the middle of the room. Comfortably plush chairs line the stages and catwalks, allowing customers to get 'up close and personal' with whoever is dancing. Beyond, black glass tables lit beneath with glowing neon lights dot the room. A polished bar extends to the right of the room, a stark modern style to the traditional classic around it. The sky-blue glowing backsplash is made up of tinted glass shelves in every color of the rainbow which hold many bottles of liquor.

Curtains at the back of the room lead to smaller, private dance rooms. Some of the dance rooms have chairs, but many of them have beds as well. Bouncers are commonly seen around the dance rooms as well as the front door.

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