The Camassia Lodge
The Camassia Lodge,
Location: Mt. Baker - Washington
Type of Business: Chalet
Owner: Owner
Description of Services: Rooms
Price Range: $$$$ - Luxury

The Camassia Lodge, is a luxury chalet in Deming, Washington at the summit of Mt. Baker.

The rooms are posh and room service is offered around the clock. Rather than numbered rooms, they are distinguished by Metals, except for the penthouse, which is named that and located at the peak of the chalet.

Gold Room
Platinum Room
Silver Room
Iron Room
Copper Room
Bronze Room

On Offer:
Room Service
Chalet Dining (Buffet)
Wake 'n Bakery (Breakfast)

Ski Lift
Zip Lining
Snowmobile Rentals
Van/Small Bus Tours
Ice Fishing

Put on your snowshoes and come hike the winter trails and see the majestic scenery of harbor meadow and Nooksak Falls.

Enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Shuksan.

Ski on the magnificent slopes of the Mt. Baker ski area located just three miles from the chalet. (Van delivers)

Sled to the village below with the trail just steps outside the chalet.

Baker Village: (Fictional)

Located at the bottom of the mountain in the valley and accessible from the chalet by hiking, snowmobile, sledding, skiing and zip lining.

Watch and participate in taffy making at Arctic Ripple and bring home all varieties of flavors.

Boutiques and Unique Shops and Souvenirs.

Taste all of the flavors, if you can, at the Chocolate Haus. Fudge, candies, everything chocolate.

Chair 9 Woodstone Pizza and Bar

North Peak Brewery (Beer, Wine and Steins)

Tamarind Tea House (All varieties of tea)

Copper Cove Smokehouse

Outdoor park with ice skating on the frozen pond.

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