The Alibi
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Location: Ash
Type of Business: Bar & Grill
Owner: Sammy
Description of Services: Cheap drinks, moderately decent food, occasionally friendly service and a mechanical bull. What more does a bar-goer need?
Price Range: $ - $$

Near Route 10 on Ash Way, The Alibi hopes to become the staple that it's Johnny Slim's was before…only with a little better a reputation. On the edges of town just before it opens up into the countryside, the building is a bastion of the city of Calaveras. A lone brick building by day, surrounded by a recently-weedy, now slightly less weedy parking lot, its alive at night with lights, trucks, and people.

The drinks are cheap and while the service could be better the owner seems to at least be trying to better the business, and by extension, the community in general. There' new owner has made no secret about his stance and happily goes on record stating that he has no intention in patching anymore bullet holes any time soon.

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