Suds N Duds
Suds N Duds Laundry
Location: Neighborhood
Type of Business: Laundromat
Owner: Owner
Description of Services: Self serve, coin operated laundry
Price Range: $

Glass, double doors allow entry and machines almost as old as the building itself line the outer walls, mustard yellow whether with time or that's the color they started out no one knows quite for sure. The dryers are industrial sized and have a slot for quarters on the top by the knob and the red start button.

In a row in the center of the room, back to back are somewhat newer washing machines, off-white in color, with eight slots open for quarters. In two corners of the room are scarred wooden tables for folding clothes and three rolling baskets are haphazardly around the room for the transferring of the clothing from one machine to the other.

Overhead, fluorescent lights line the ceiling, a few here and there flickering in the ballast creating an almost eerie effect in the evening. Underfoot, the floor is an industrial gray concrete with small divots chunked out here and there that sometimes almost overturn the rolling baskets.

In the back corner is a room that holds vending machines. A dispenser selling soap, stain remover, fabric softener and color safe bleach. Along with a bulletin board with different business cards tacked on as well as other small advertisements from individuals. Adjacent to it are a quarter machine, snack machine and drink machine. Yellow metal chairs are connected and line every blank space of wall.

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