Skate Date
Skate Date
Location: Cedar
Type of Business: Entertainment
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Skating and Skate rental. Birthday party rental. Live DJ. Hokey Pokey. Limbo.
Price Range: $

First things first, a long counter that takes up a corner space is for renting skates. The wheels have either orange or lime green wheels, depending on if regular skates (orange) and roller blades (green). The upper parts are a variety of colors matching the tie dye colors of the outer building. Prices are above the shelves for skate rental and cost of skating.

Next to the skate rental is the snack bar offering nachos and other goodies and candy as well as soft drinks.

It looks to be decorated with a cosmic theme, planets all over the interior. A many colored disco ball is in the center over the skate floor as is a mirrored ball and music comes from a dj booth at the end of the snack bar.

Carpeting lines the changing of shoes area and there are baskets for checking in shoes into small cubby type lockers for safety. A stainless steel bar lines around the skating rink and restrooms are in one corner. There are a few arcade games but nothing new or popular.

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