Powell Park
Powell Park and Sports Complex
Location: Oak Ridge
Type of Business: Sport and Recreation
Owner: Owner
Description of Services: A public park that includes sports fields for baseball, football and soccer.
Price Range: Public Park

Powell Park is a large field in the area of Oak Ridge dedicated to local sports, from youth leagues to adult teams. The primary complex serves two baseball fields complete with facilities for announcers and dignitaries to view the game, with covered bleachers and dug in dugouts.

There is field space for football and soccer. Depending on the season, the city will install goalposts as appropriate to the sport; football posts in fall and soccer goalposts in spring.

Field maintenance technicians will chalk these fields once per week. The baseball fields will be chalked routinely before city organized league sporting events. Other sports leagues can request rental and utilization of chalking equipment to accommodate football and soccer leagues outside of regularly maintenance.

Note: North Field 1 will be chained while not in use, this field is reserve only.

North Field 2 will serve as the designated off season field for the Calaveras Corporate Snow Ball league.

League and sporting events should be scheduled with the city. Field precedence is given to any individual that has reserved the field for organized play.

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