Pine Crest School
Pine Crest School
Location: Cedar Pines, South
Type of Business: Education
Owner: Public School
Description of Services: Providing education, K-8
Price Range: Civil Service

The primary school in Calaveras, a public school run by the city.

The main entrance leads immediately into the hallway with the dreaded 'office' immediately through a door on the left.

Gunmetal gray lockers line the walls for the older level kids, secured with combination locks where in between classes the students amass to change books for next hour or to go home. There is a top and a bottom row and the top remain the most sought after.

The flooring is squeaky when walked on due to the high polish by the janitor and the ceiling is lit mostly by skylights interspersed with fluorescent lighting. Doors further down lead to the Cafeteria and classrooms while a door straight ahead leads to the playground.

[CL] Classroom - Elem.
With a desk for the teacher and individual one armed desks for the students, this is a classroom for the elementary. Props for teaching are decorating the walls and there is a black chalkboard behind the teacher's desk. Windows that open inwards are kept open for the breeze on the nice weather days and offer a view of the playground outside.

[LU] Lunchroom - Elem.
Tables connect to the benches for the students. At the back of the room students are able to choose white or chocolate milk then as they go through the line the food is added to the trays. Silverware is added at the end and the student can leave that area with their tray for the tables.

To the immediate right is a rectangle cut out window where the students dump the trays after eating.

[PL] Playground - Elem.
The playground is a fun mass of green in the summer except where swings, slides, seesaws and other playground equipment are. Beneath each of those are rubber chips to cushion any falls that may accidentally occur.

While all of the equipment is popular, it's the jungle gym with the covered tower that is the most popular. It looks much like Bowser's Castle and the bulk of the kids find their way up by crossing bridges, hazarding steps and tunnels before triumphantly reaching the top.

There is always a teacher or more out here watching out for the children at play during the staggered recess times.

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