Pecos Ranch
Pecos Ranch
Location: Granja Basin
Type of Business: Ranch
Owner: Holly
Description of Services: Wheat, pasture rental for stock (Both winter and summer pastures), horse riding lessons, stud fees (cattle and horse) Horse trail and more.
Price Range: $$$

Long whitewashed fencing announces the ranch long before one ever gets to the cattle grated gate with the logo over on an arch over the entrance. The combined PR is a trademark and also the brand for the cattle raised here on the ranch. There are fields of wheat and fields where hay will be baled and both summer and winter fields for the cattle. The driveway is long and with the occasional bump of the potholes. Once the ranch house comes into sight, it's easy to see the sprawling manor of all one level while the adjacent barn and animal working areas as well as the outlying buildings are more than double in size.

Holly Wyatt
Ben Wyatt - age 13 (NPC)

Ranch Foreman:
Frank Simon (NPC)

Ranch Hands:
Several NPC

Trail/Bunkhouse Cook:
Cookie - Cowboy Bill (NPC)
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