Peak Physique
Peak Physique
Location: Cedar
Type of Business: Gym/Fitness
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Fitness Center for the entire family.
Price Range: $$$

The interior is massive in size, dark blue serviceable carpeting throughout. The membership prices are posted above the desk right beside the front doors. There is a variety of weight machines in a glass fronted room immediately in front of the desk while further along is a room for cardio. In one corner of this main room is set up with vitamin water and coconut milk and other general nutritional products as well as a small variety of workout gear, sweat bands and other miscellaneous items available for purchase.

A sign directs the way to the racquetball court, sparring mats and punching bags and then the indoor pool, sauna and hot tub. Another sign points to the unisex locker room and showers.

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