Paws and Claws Vet
Paws and Claws
Location: Cedar
Type of Business: Animal Hospital
Owner: Luke
Description of Services: Any animal, great or small, household or exotic, cows and horses. Boarding.
Price Range: $$$

A sign beneath Paws and Claws Vet declares that

'Dinosaurs never went to the vet and look what happened!'

Paws and Claws is an animal hospital and while the front entrance is for the smaller animals ranging from cats, dogs and other household pets, the back is for the larger animals such as horses and cows for when the vet isn't making house calls that day.

The area is pet friendly with a scratching post for cats and a lounging bed and a few oversize chew bones that are shaped like shoes. The counter is for checking in and when called one can be led through the doors towards one of the examination rooms. There is also a boarding area for vacationing owners.

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