Old Spanish Fort
Old Spanish Fort
Location: Cedar
Type of Business: Mall
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: High end specialty mall, creature comforts
Price Range: $$$ - $$$$

Built as an homage to the influence in the area, designed to look like an old fort from the days of Spanish Colonization, Old Spanish Fort is a high end specialty mall. It include high end boutiques and spas, art studios and galleries, and a few misc. shops that have found a home in the community of Old Spanish Fort.

The walls house the shops and the central courtyard of the fort serves as seating and food court.

Desc: From the entrance, one files a mosaic cobble walkway between buildings to come out in a quaint open-air court. At its center is an old Spanish fountain with chairs and tables about it. This is lowered and accessed by steps from around this courtyard. It appears as a small inner courtyard of a Spanish fort. The buildings around the outside and against the wall are shops ranging from salons and boutiques to art galleries. Included is an old used book store, a music shop and a couple of pricey cafes or bistros.

The overhang of the buildings cover the walkways around the courtyard, each is orange brick lined maintaining that Spanish feel, along with colorful inlaid mosaic images sporadically around the outer edge of the courtyard. Each shop has a small wrought iron sign hanging over its entryway, with open doors and wooden shutters as if in an old Spanish village during the colonial era of Calaveras. It is a cozy, closed space despite seeming open. Desert plants line the inner courtyard, and other small water features keep the calming sound of trickling water alive for visitors.

Shops in Old Spanish Fort

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A Cut Above Hair Salon
Bo Peep And The Sheep Childrens Wear/Maternity
Clay Cairn Pottery Shop
Fortunate Finds Used Bookstore
Top Notch Boutique
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