Mad Tatter
The Mad Tatter
Location: Willow
Type of Business: Body Art
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Body art and piercings
Price Range: $, $$, $$$

The huge front window is handpainted with expressive lettering reading THE MAD TATTER over an image of a massive top hat in purple neon. A hand holding a tattoo machine is lit up in green neon, three sculpted sets of tubes set up in a descending motion. Every few seconds the hand either rises one, two, three steps or descends, as if inking the hat to the window. At night, the window throws cheerful purple & green light across passersby, lighting up the snow when it falls too.

Inside, there's a counter across from the door, surface a mirror-shine black, uprights in brushed metal inlaid with green and purple enamel diamond shapes. A computer rests atop the counter, and a huge, old fashioned booking tome rests open along the table, filled out in pencil with the days appointments. There's a jug labeled Swear Jaw on the counter, a stack of black t-shirts with the shop logo and EAT ME along the back, and, keeping with the theme, a huge, handcarved wooden sign reading EAT ME is bolted to the back wall.

The floors are checked with black and white tile in reception, a cluster of oversize (and a few tiny) wingback chairs are upholstered in rich crushed velvet. The little coffee tables between them feature piles of tattoo magazines and a couple of small tablets featuring digital portfolios of the artists.

In the rear, a series of tattoo and piercing stations are clean and prepared for use. Large mirrors front the stations. There are two stations in the back featuring privacy curtains for the more intimate tattoos or shy customers. Along the walls are framed sheets of numbered flash for tattoo ideas, as well as several framed photos of finished custom pieces, mostly by the owner, but a few notables by current and past artists and guest artists. While tattoos are the bread and butter of the shop, piercings are also on offer. A small, sterile case of handmade jewelry is situated beside the front counter. Music pipes in from speakers wired above, though the selection is somewhat eclectic, often based on who most recently won a bet.

(Shop Owner: TBD)


August Lexington
august Employed at the Mad Tatter since mid-November 2018. August did a 6-week guest spot and is hanging around a bit longer, now renting the front station and spending some of her time organizing the books. She prefers large custom work, but does a few walks-ins a week. Her specialties are American Traditional and black & grey realism.

NPC Employees:

Jasper - a tall, musclebound man with dark hair. Laconic, smirky. Often in the back station silently tattooing other enormous men. Jasper often does winged skulls, daggers, and a generally metal eclectic style of tattoo, but also happens to be trained in Japanese Traditional. He'll tattoo almost anything on almost anyone for the right price. And he will judge them the whole time.

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