Mad Tatter
The Mad Tatter
Location: Willow
Type of Business: Body Art
Owner: Employee Union
Description of Services: Body art and piercings
Price Range: $, $$, $$$



The Mad Tatter is the most reputable (disregard the fact that it is the only) tattoo studio in the greater Calaveras area. A well to do studio that deals in both custom, one of a kind tattoos as well as late night bad decision-making flash art. Despite being a relatively small and unquestionable 'local' studio, the shop employs a handful of extremely talented professionals who are not only experienced in the art of tattooing but a handful of various creative arts. The shop has grown in its renown by the way it has cleverly utilized pop culture references and the stylized artistic design of their merchandise, the most famous of which proudly displays the phrase 'EAT ME' in relation to the studio's namesake.

Though believed to have been under a clear path of ownership at one time, The Mad Tatter has, of recent, become more of a collective employee's union ran studio, with each artist receiving the dedicated income of their particular chair and then pooling the funds to distribute and dilute the overall overhead operational requirements that running a professional tattoo and piercing shop has.

Along with the unique way of handling the shop's management, the presence of the occasional contractor coming and going from the shop at hours prior to their official opening has began to circulate rumors that the studio may be getting something of a face lift. While it has not been officially confirmed by those working at The Mad Tatter, a few large decals of a logo redesign have been seen printed on large vinyl sheets in the back.

"Drink Me, Eat Me, Ink Me"


August Lexington
august Employed at the Mad Tatter since mid-November 2018. August did a 6-week guest spot and is hanging around a bit longer, now renting the front station and spending some of her time organizing the books. She prefers large custom work, but does a few walks-ins a week. Her specialties are American Traditional and black & grey realism.
Jasper Kapua
jasper Laconic, smirky. Often in the back station silently tattooing other enormous men. Jasper often does winged skulls, daggers, and a generally metal eclectic style of tattoo, but also happens to be trained in Japanese Traditional. He'll tattoo almost anything on almost anyone for the right price. And he will judge them the whole time. Maybe.
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