Legends Of Old
Legends of Old
Location: Cedar
Type of Business: Entertainment
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Themed amusement - go-karts, minigolf and batting cages
Price Range: $$

Themed around the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, Legends of Old capitalizes on the town's main tourist season being the winter months. When the sun sets early and the lights go before most evenings are done.

Desc: Off the parking lot, a small building here serves as the entryway into Legends of Old. A small room, cool in summer and warm in winter, has a counter to sell individual passes, combined passes and even all day passes to the activities in this small entertainment center. There are various products offered as well, including shirts, mugs, key chains and standard tourist offerings. The detail indicates they may have secured a license to use the product in this fashion and may, in part, be a licensed chain store.

[BC] Halloween Town Bat Cages
While a few Halloween Town regulars show up in wooden cutouts outside of the cages, the theme cuts off once inside a cage. The archway opens up down the circular center of the cages, with 16 cages facing outward from the center here. Several racks of bats are kept for adults, teens and children alike here, along with required batting helmets of various sizes. Two cages opposite the archway are indicated as fast pitch baseball, while a cage in the middle of each side is labeled for fast pitch softball. The area stays well lit for night. This changes in winter, when the lighting is more festive, the balls are orange and a couple extra workers are around on snowy days to deal with snow issues and shoveling.

[CT] Christmas Town Raceway
The go-kart track at Legends of Old is themed as Christmas Town, so even during the summer, the white astroturf in the center and the lighting give this track a rather festive feel. The track itself remains a black asphalt in color to help traction of the cars. Signs indicate the track may close in winter during snow storms for safety reasons, concluding 'If we can't keep up with the snow, we can't let you out on the tracks.' The go karts are designed with a medium speed in mind and surrounded by bumpers.

As the track winds around the miniature golf course and batting cages, it includes a tunnel in one part with a spinning starry cylinder to imitate the holiday tree tunnel that lead Jack to Halloween Town. Like a motion disorienting tunnel, but either end is not sealed off. It can confuse just enough, hence the bumpers on the cars. There are small buildings just taller than child sized in the center like those of Christmas Town. This is also part of the party room, there is a bridge between batting cages and the start of the go-kart track to allow families to cross over the track to get there.

[HD] Holiday Miniature Golf
There are two courses at Legends of Old, both branch off from a starting point that looks like the Holiday Doors from the movie. One side is specifically Halloween and Christmas with iconic image from the movies. From water hazards with green lighting like the fountain in Halloween Town to a spinning hazard in Christmas Town like the children's carousel. There are various mixed elevation holes, fun hazards, pipes and slides even scattered throughout both courses and well maintained. Nothing is too delicate to allow for snow removal as needed during winter months. To help accommodate this, there are a series of large pools to allow canvas like roofing to be unfurled during the winter months.

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