La Casa Cielo
La Casa Cielo
Location: Cedar Pines
Type of Business: Hotel & Lounge
Owner: Anthony Malone
Description of Services:
Short term stay and luxury accommodations for a discerning palette.
Price Range: $$-$$$

La Casa Cielo, a name which pays homage to its Italian heritage where it translates to 'The Heaven House' is an upscale Hotel that has been freshly constructed in the comfortable location of Cedar Pines, opposite to the impressive display of modern medicine which is The Powell-Braxton Medical Center it is nestled conveniently between the heart of downtown and the quiet of the Calaveras suburbs. A complementary shuttle service is provided to those who book lodging in advance and state their need for transport to and from the nearest airport.

Being a newly built hotel, the La Casa Cielo offers the comfortable modern amenities one would come to expect from any hotel, though goes above and beyond to exceed those expectations, sporting a handful of services designed to be picked and chosen from at the guests convenience and desired expense level. These services include transport to and from the Ski Lodge, a concierge service, and a sound peace of mind that guests will have the utmost privacy and discretion to their every need.

Founded by a transplant to the Calaveras locale, L.C.C offers comparable pricing arrangements to those newly arrived persons who are in limbo while awaiting the finalization of the construction of, or closing, of their new homes. Despite the vast number of rooms the hotel boasts, a special section has been set aside to particularly cater to these persons and should the desire to partake in these particular services arise, please direct all professional inquiries to the hotel's owner and operator, Anthony Malone


anthony_icon.jpg Owner & Operator Mr. Malone has been operating in a professional financial and investment sector for the greater part of twenty years. A native to New York, he has sat on the board of directors of a Fortune 500 investment firm for the last fifteen where he is the Chief Financial Officer of the Investment Opportunities Unlimited group. Upon moving to Calaveras, he noted the distinct lack of accommodation for those of a more discerning palette and set to work in the design and construction of the La Casa Cielo. Now considering himself to be somewhat of a 'Calaveras Transplant', Mr. Malone resides in his house in Oak Ridge with his wife and dog, Jackson.
noicon.jpg Safety & Security The position as the director of Safety and Security of La Casa Cielo has yet to be publicly announced, as such, interviews will likely be held for the position shortly and someone will be formally added to staff.
noicon.jpg Lounge Manager The position of Lounge Manager has yet to be publicly announced, though as the formal lounge and cigar bar are a staple of the establishment, interviews will likely be ongoing and available.


Lobby.jpg LOBBY A regally decorated hotel lobby, the walls are all the placid off-white of roman architecture long past and sport an high lacunar ceiling. A polished marble floor of midnight black has been inlayed with a white and gold marbled square accent stripe, all polished to a near mirror finish, and reflects the bright white light of the overhead chandelier. Directly opposite the rotating and traditional entryways, and recessed slightly into the wall, is a black glass-top counter which reads 'Lobby Services,' and bares the gilded crest of the establishment. Flanking either side of the lobby are couches upholstered in a pale orange fabric and vases of fresh seasonal flowers, the pairs framing large, black lacquered exits to both the left and right. Elegant signage reads: 'Elevators' and 'Lounge' respectively.
Hallway.jpg UPPER FLOORS A small lobby unto itself, the romanesque design features of the hotel retain their presence by the large white archways which exit in either direction. The white marbled floor is edged by running stripes of golden color. A large compass rose has been inlayed into the center of the elevator lobby, insuring all occupants are always oriented. Pale ecru walls are affixed with gilded sconces every few feet on alternating sides of the hallway, providing a clear and well-lit path, which is simultaneously unobtrusive. Large, black lacquered doors are spaced graciously far apart and labeled with small black marbled placards inlayed with gold numbering and, for long-term residents, the name of the occupant.
Rooms.jpg ROOMS A heavy black lacquered door opens into what is less of a hotel room and more of a small studio suite. Smooth, cherry wood flooring covers the entirety of the entryway, which opens into a large open lounge area set with a chocolate sectional framing a plush cream colored rug and coffee table, while a sturdy square office desk rests below the large flatscreen mounted against the wall. A short four-person dining table rests in the transition between lounge and bedroom where the room shifts to soft, cream-colored carpet and sliding wooden slats, which provide the opportunity for privacy from the living area. An offshoot alcove from the main room opens to a tiled bathroom featuring a frosted walk-in shower and jacuzzi tub. A small metallic plaque posted outside of the bathroom lists instruction for using the laundry services.
Lounge.jpg LOUNGE Set aside and away from the main lobby is the social and relaxation lounge. Past the frosted glass doors, which read 'Lounge & Cigar Bar,' the room immediately plunges into a darker, more intimate setting. The floors here are a deep ebony wood and reflect the twinkling light provided a wall of artistically placed artificial candelight. An array of small marble-topped tables are positioned about the floor and surrounded by comfortable lounge seating. Against the side wall is a tall glass-shelved wall of various spirits behind a lengthy marble-top bar and neat, high-backed leather stools. Beside the bar is a wide archway that is sectioned off by classic swinging, saloon-style doors, and a black metallic plaque reading 'Members Only,' as well as a small smoking symbol inlayed in gold which leads to the coveted cigar bar. The private cigar bar sports its own exclusive glass-walled humidor, dry bar, and secluded wingback leather upholstered booths for quiet conversation.
Cigarbar.jpg CIGAR BAR The cigar bar is situated and included in a side room adjacent to the formal Lounge, though is private and by membership only. It is sectioned off by saloon-style doors and has a variety of tobacco on reserve and kept in a small walk-in humidor. There is also a small bar serving the guests of this area, should they choose not to exit and drink in the formal Lounge.


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