Johnny Slim's Last Chance
Johnny Slim's Last Chance
Location: Ash
Type of Business: Sports Bar
Owner: Contact: Sammy or Stevie
Description of Services: Johnny Slim's was renamed the Smokin' Barrel for a while before it was purchased by a new owner and named The Alibi.
Price Range: $ - $$

Near Route 10 on Ash Way, Johnny Slim's is a staple. On the edges of town just before it opens up into the countryside, the building is a bastion of the city of Calaveras. A lone brick building by day, surrounded by a weedy parking lot, its alive at night with lights, trucks, and people.

Outside Desc: As the houses give way to more open space, there is a lone bar in a lone lot on the way towards Ash Park to the north. Johnny Slim's. Not even a large sign in the parking lot, its only in neon words on the building itself that the name for this business is shown. The parking lot has bad fluorescent lighting, and at night, the area nearer the building is dark except for the neon lighting of the sign itself. During the day it appears far more deserted save a few trucks parked in the lot to quench some daytime thirst.

Inside Desc: A mix of neon beer signs and wood panelling, Johnny Slim's caters to its rural clientele. Or at least those with a rural nature in mind. The music is either from a live DJ or a juke box but definitely all has a country twang. Some contemporary and a few classics mixed in. Entering past a bouncer, to one side is a long bar with a low overhang making it feel more secluded than it is when sitting there. Opposite that are a few tables in a dark part of the room. It seems red solo cups are not for when they run out of glasses to draw pints, but an option made to remove all glass for beer and serve this way. They are scattered along the bar and among the tables. A few glasses remain for serving various liquors with higher alcohol contents.

Along the bar are several bull skulls and/or horns, catching the beer signs lightning beneath them. Straight ahead between tables and bar is a dance floor. Wooden and open for line dancing as needed, there is a small stage for the occasional live performance at Johnny Slim's. Opposite the bar, past the tables in the center, is a mechanical bull pit. It is near the restrooms, one can stop and watch a rider on the bull or stop on their way back from the restroom to add their name to the lineup to give it a chance.

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