Grey Investigations
Grey Investigations
Location: Willow Heights
Type of Business: Private Detective Agency
Owner: Vic Grey
Description of Services:
Legal Photos
Missing Persons
Paternity Issues
Cold Cases
Price Range: $-$$

Grey Investigations has a reputation for being willing to take the cases no one else will; the ones the police don't have time or resources for, and the ones that other agencies won't bother with because the clients don't have much to pay with.


gi-vic.jpg Vic Grey Licensed Private Investigator. Owner.
gi-willow.jpg Willow Banks Receptionist/Clerk
gi-francis.jpg Francis The Prayer Plant gifted by Calvin #popeplant


This spartan office is wedged in-between a Bail Bondsman and a CPA. From the outside it has barred windows and a barred gate to pull across the door. "Grey Investigations" is painted in gold on the windows, which have dark curtains hanging over them to shield the owner from any errant sunshine on hangover mornings.

There is an old-school metal desk near the back of the space, with a new-looking laptop, some paper trays, and a smattering of office supplies on top of it in no discernible order. One wall is lined with filing cabinets which stand nearly five feet high, a fax and printer perched on top of them. Another wall has some beat-up but comfy -looking chairs for those waiting to talk with the Private Investigator. There is a battered console table with a coffee maker and paper cups, stir sticks, and those generic brand creamer and sugar containers. The walls are mostly the exterior brick which has been whitewashed. The single wall that isn't, is painted a somber grey, and looks like a few patch jobs were done to the drywall. A door leads to a stairway to the apartment upstairs, but remains locked at all times.


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