Fortunate Finds
Fortunate Finds
Location: Old Spanish Fort
Type of Business: Used Bookstore
Owner: Homer Grady (NPC)
Description of Services: Buy/Sell/Trade Used books
Price Range: $ - $$$ depending on value

A small bookstore that has very few of the new best sellers on the market. Instead, they deal in everything old and used. As well as selling, they do a book exchange, with folks trading in books for credit towards books they want to purchase.

The building is small, slightly dusty and while well enough lit, it still always seems a little dim in the evenings once the sun as set. The front windows are kept clear except a small display like a bedroom with a bookshelf beside a tiny kids bed and a bed folded upside down on the small bed.

The owner is up in his years and has a cat that roams the bookstore too. A small sitting area off to one side has a place for one to research or even read part of the books should they wish.

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