Fiesta Bowling
Fiesta Bowling
Location: Cedar
Type of Business: Entertainment
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Bowling, Pro Shop, Snack Bar, Mini-Arcade, Birthday party packages.
Price Range: $$

Fiesta Bowling used to be called Fiesta de Bolos though no one recognized exactly what it meant without speaking Spanish. So the name was changed to Fiesta Bowling and is advertised on the sign as such. The building is large and mostly red with some triangles of yellow painted along the sides. There is plenty of parking for the 16 lane facility. League play is advertised for certain nights a week for those interested.

Utilitarian carpeting throughout in a deep red color with fluorescent lighting as well. The snack bar is at the left end and serves lots of fried foods and burgers as well as soda and beer by the pitcher. No glass bottles.

Centrally located is the shoe and lane rental where bowling lanes are rented in advance. Above the shoe shelving is a sign with price per game and shoe rental. A large can of Lysol is on the counter, an invitation for spraying the shoes before using them.

Each lane is numbered 1-16 and there are a number of balls on shelving behind each. At each lane there is a monitor and a keyboard to type in names for the automated bowling.

At the opposite end there is a pro shop and nearby it is a small arcade framed out and boasting old games from the 80s and 90s. Restrooms are located beside the arcade.

Signs up on the walls advertise black-out bowling on Friday nights, where black lights are the only lights on, making for an interesting night.

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