Ewan Powell Memorial Library
Public Library
Location: University
Type of Business: Public Library
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Loaning of books and videos, research assistance, card catalogs, internet and computers, selling used books on occasion.
Price Range: Free - $

A commemorative statue depicting Ewan Powell stands silent sentry outside the library. A memorial plaque beneath the statue tells of how his family discovered large amounts of gold in some of the outer caves in the San Juan mountains and they founded the first library in the town. The old building is still in existence, but it is now used as a gas station on the edge of town. The library moved to its current location in 1999, a large sized two story building with a few books dating back over a century

A large sized two story building with steps leading up into the entrance and double doors to allow entry. Once through the doors, it opens up in a vast expanse of stacks. A desk at the front left provides a place to check out, either with a barcode or with the librarian. Through a glass door beside the desk, between that and the card catalogs that have been moved to a computer at a station beside the desk, is a room with the older books, kept safe from theft and children.

Further down from that is a room of computers where one checks in and logs on with their library card for internet access. The rest of the lower floor is dedicated to a reading area for children and scads of youth books. A teen section boasts magazines and comics as well as teen books.

Up a wide staircase to the second floor are more books. Fiction, non fiction, thrillers, autobiographies and any other numerous books that can be checked out. Stacks and stacks and rows and rows of books on any subject with a couch for reading as well as a table and chairs for studying and research.

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