Location: Ash
Type of Business: Exotic Dance Club
Owner: Lewin
Description of Services: Strip Club
Price Range: $$ - $$$

Outside desc: Music emanates from the inside to the outside as it thumps an introduction to Eternity. The name is written in hot pink both on the sign in the air on a pole and above the door. Beneath the name are the words, Exotic Dancers. There are no windows and no other introductions to the all black building.

Inside desc: The entry way is all black, including the black light. A scantily clad woman behind a window takes a cover charge from all who enter after she checks their ID then buzzes them through.

Once through the doors it's a display of different neon lights as well as other signs. A bar faces the dance floor where three poles are placed in a triangle for the dancers. Around the edges of the stage are lights to add to the 'super star' effect and they sometimes blink along with the thump of the music. A live DJ runs the music from a booth and he controls the lights also, as well as smoke and sometimes bubbles, just to add to the effects.

There are chairs surrounding the stage but they are much lower as not to interrupt the view. In the darker corners of the room are the places for lap dances, should one wish to pay for such things.

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