Bo Peep And The Sheep
Bo Peep and the Sheep
Location: Old Spanish Fort
Type of Business: Childrens Wear/Maternity
Owner: TBD
Description of Services: Childrens clothing, furniture, toy store as well as maternity clothing for the mother to be,
Price Range: $$$

From the entry way with three cash registers to the very back where the restrooms are, this place is filled with ALL THINGS KID! Clothing, shoes, toys, diapers, furniture and more! Everything a child will need from before birth to teendom. Some has to be ordered from catalogs, the larger furniture pieces, but there are smaller displays available for design looks. Everything is arranged mostly by age group, though some is out of place. All lined up nice and neatly, it is mostly easy to find items needed here.

In addition to kids, there is a section of maternity clothes, stylish, fun and seasonal, for the mommy to be.

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