Abandoned Gas Station
Abandoned Gas Station
Location: Willow
Type of Business: Abandoned
Owner: Unknown
(OOC: Maggie)
Description of Services: None
Price Range: N/A

A six-foot high fence topped with razor wire surrounds a gas station that's been out of business for as long as anyone can remember. The property is reportedly contaminated by an underground tank leak, and the cost of environmental remediation is enough that no one's keen to build here anytime soon. So the fence seems a little excessive, as do the signs saying "KEEP OUT" and "DANGER: ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD" stuck to the fence. The fence surrounds the parking lot and the little mart in the middle, with its windows boarded up.

From the outside, with its boarded windows and door, the place looks completely abandoned. Inside, the place is obviously being used to some extent. The door is boarded and reinforced, heavily pad-locked, and it opens into what used to be a Circle K. The shelves are mostly gone, leaving the center of the mart for a second-hand sofa and coffee table, a beat-up old chair, crappy pillows and blankets. (Homeless people, maybe?) The store's safe is still bolted to the floor behind the counter.

Interestingly, the electricity is still running, and one of the soda coolers is still running. There are perfectly aligned Coke bottles on one shelf, some take-out Chinese on another, and a few bottles of Michelob on the bottom shelf. Both restrooms are clean and in working order, so that's good. But yeah, it's weird in here.

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