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June 2020: Note, Jack and Sally are rebooting Calaveras, new start. It will have less combatants, ex military, Federal agents, former marines, criminal drug lords and world class assassins. It will be more focused on local drama and story. It's wiki is: http://granja.wikidot.com/cgen

Calaveras is a fictional city located in Southwestern Colorado. With a rough population of about 25,000 that swells to, sometimes, double this during Ski season, this city still remains on the border of the wilds. With a white river running its length, it serves as a location for outdoor enthusiasts year round. Fall is a popular time for locals with seasonal high school and college sports and rooting for the local team while spring gears up with a local rodeo that serves as a qualifier to Colorado PBR events.


This site is dedicated theme to an adult drama oriented MUSH. We are focused on adult oriented RolePlay with a more direct focus centered around town members. The intention is to include an inordinate amount of drama with Calaveras as the central point of activity. This is meant to be similar to most adult television dramas. What we may see as an abnormal amount of activity involving police, rescue, fire, criminal activity, drug activity and the like is simply everyday life for citizens of Calaveras. It seems a surmountable endeavor, but they juggle these events along with their personal drama.

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